Econobum Full Kit

Econobum Full Kit

Econobum is the cloth diaper solution for every budget! Save money while making the environmentally-friendly choice to cloth diaper your little one’s bum.

Main features

  • The one-size cover and prefold adjusts to grow along with your little one.
  • U.S. & International Patents Pending.

Verified reviews


Great product, not sized for newborn / small infant.

My husband is a huge fan of the Ecnobum system for cost reasons. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to use it yet due to the sizing. Our son is now 6 weeks old and just over 10.5lbs. The system is too big for him to wear. The prefolds are extremely bulky for an infant this size, and the cover is too big on it’s smallest size. Even if I were to substitute a different insert, the cover is too wide between the legs and hangs to his knees at the smallest setting. It will be a few more weeks before we’re able to use these.After trying out other diapers with velcro closure, I would much rather deal with velcros than snaps.

Kimberley Saco, ME

Great way to get into cloth diapering

The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because this package does not save money over the one cover and prefolds package, and the included wet bag is not great.As a diapering system, I have found the covers are completely adjustable (I use them on a one year old fulltime, and a three year old at night), the prefolds very absorbent, and both hold up great in the wash. I ended up needing 5 covers to make it work for me, and that is in addition to some other bits and pieces of different cloth systems that I also use to fill in the gaps. I use them for overnights as well, and with a soaker and a fleece liner, the covers rarely leak, and my one year old sleeps for twelve hours.This is a great, inexpensive way to get your feet wet with cloth diapering, and a great value. In order to keep the covers lasting longer, I have been washing them separately either warm or cold with my whites and line drying them, but even with the occassional hot wash, they are weathering just fine.Update: The one year old is now 2 and potty trained (he still wears diapers at night) and I have been using them on our newest baby since she was about 3 months old (now 5 months). The covers had held up great with little or no staining. They are super adjustable regardless of the baby’s build and have gotten more use than any of our other cloth diapering products.

Kathryn Lissie, TX

Get something else

Overall, we were pretty happy with this at first and our opinion has just gone down from there.Pros: We were given this pack just as our son was growing out of the smaller size prefolds and didn’t quite fit in the larger size prefolds, and these were a great in-between sizeWe also liked the size of the coversCons: The prefolds are the same lesser absorbency overall, there is no thicker part in the middle because they’re meant to fold in different ways.This is why the 2 stars: We have had this pack for four months and NEVER put the covers in the dryer. The PUL is already starting to crack and leak, making the covers useless. I am very disappointed in the quality.

Kris Adrian, MO

from the makers of BumGenius..what’s not to love

First-time mom new to cloth diapering and found this package perfect. The prefolds are nicely sized and soo soft (compared to OsoCozy Indian cotton prefolds) but both are equally durable. My baby was 6-14oz at birth, so I had to get really creative with folding, but I was able to use these from the first week. The covers are wonderful (almost similar in style to the Flip), and while the wet bag isn’t ideal on-the-go, I use it as Baby’s personal laundry hamper since she sleeps in our room and it helps keep her clothes/socks/blankets separate from the rest. So, all in all, the entire package is extremely functional and versatile. I primarily use this system during the day and various AIOs at night. And if this helps anyone, because there are 12 prefolds, I only bought about 12 AIOs (to keep the 24 quantity average for cloth users).

Myrtle Topsham, ME

Great for the cost

Obviously the plain white shells aren’t as fancy in color as many other diaper covers, but they do serve their purpose well. The wetbag that came with the kit doesn’t let the smell out (unless, obviously, the bag has been left sitting out for a couple days). The inserts are quite bulky though, so I mainly use them for nighttime. During the day I like to use the Gerber 5-ply prefolds since they aren’t as bulky and don’t take up as much room in the diaper bag. Overall, though, I am very satisfied with this product. My baby has been able to grow with these, they don’t stain very easily, and all the snaps are holding up really well. I would recommend this line of cloth diapers to anyone looking to switch over to the cloth world.

Winifred Rosalia, WA

Had to purchase separate inserts

I used all different types of diapers on my first then decided to use these on my twins. The inserts are way too bulky so far. My boys are now 12 and 10 lbs and I ended up trying some newborn sized prefolds I had on hand in the covers for testing purposes cause I’m tired of waiting for these to fit. The smaller prefolds work so I just purchased a bunch of infant sized ones. Hopefully the ones that come with this system can be used soon.

Pansy Ozona, TX

Great starter pack

It’s a great starter pack but it is just a starter pack. 2 boxes would work great for one baby and have your washing about every 1 1/2 days. The prefolds are my all time fav diaper and the covers are my second fav covers. In 5 months of using I have had them leak 3 times and that was my fault. The white does stay white as well. The only reason for a 4 star is because the wet bag is horrible!!! I very rarely use it because it will not close all the way. I end up taking with me a plastic bag to use instead.

Emma Flatgap, KY

Best keep diapering secret

I recently decided with a growing family and the impending “three kids in diapers” that I would switch to cloth. We didn’t want to spend a lot of money, and pocket diapers just seemed to be to much expense and would take a while to dry. I didn’t buy them on here, but got two cases and two trial packs. I figured this seemed sufficent for my two toddler boys. I am thrilled with the quality of them. They are very sturdy, and absorbant. I wash them by hand right now (we live in an apartment with no washer/dryer) but I just ordered a Wonder Wash today and hopefully that will cut my wash time! In any case… They wash up wonderfully, so far no poo stain has been made while lots of poo has :PI do recommend if you are getting this for a larger child you get a few gerber birdseye flats from Walmart (cheapest I’ve found) to put the prefold on so that you can snappi the thing into place. I was having the hardest time with that as my boys are non stop movers. The prefolds were about an inch to two inchs shy of overlapping on them (31 and 35 lbs) so I lay the prefold on a flat, and wrap the prefold base (front of the diaper) then do a V fold and wrap the gerber flats back corners around their hips and snappi. Its really made a HUGE difference and the prefolds stay put! Obviously on a smaller child this won’t be an issue.Also they say on the tag of the prefold to warm dry, you don’t have too. I’ve line dried mine every single wash except ONE, at the end of the “prep” phase.

Ladonna Edgewood, IA

Good kit to get used to cloth diapers

These are a good product to get started for those parents who want to try cloth diapers, but aren’t sure where to start. I got these for my son and found them to be a good choice. In the beginning, they were very bulky. you have to give an extra fold along the edge in order to make them fit a newborn, which I found annoying at first. I thought they made my baby’s bottom look huge. But I got over that and found them to be easy to use. I suggest getting some snappies to hold them in place. I snapped the covers to the right size and washed them as is. I put the diapers and covers in the washer and just the diapers in the dryer. Some people say you have to line dry them to make them last, but I really didn’t have time for all that. I have been using these diapers for 11 months now. Yes, they have shrank some and they are just about to go into the next baby pile, but I think all in all they were a good choice. I did however switch over to the thirsties covers (they are simply easier with the velcro), but still use these as the back-ups.

Madge Mesa Verde National Park, CO


Just like many others, I too was very skeptical on getting these based on the price, but thanks to the positive reviews, I decided to order these diapers. I didn’t have a lot to spend, so getting ones like bumgenious and gdiapers, was out of the question! I have been very skeptical about switching to cloth in the first place, but I have to say I 100% absolutely LOVE these diapers and have completely fallen in love with cloth diapering. I wish I would have found these a long time ago. I bought 2 of these boxes and have more than enough for at home, and then to keep it easier on the sitter, I bought some kushies all in ones. I have to say I much prefer the econobums, they dry and clean easy and fast! My all in ones, take FOREVER to dry. THe only thing I disliked about these is that they only came in white.. I was hopeing to get some colored ones and printed ones. But they work great, no leaks, and were affordable to me, and the other choices where not.

Agnes Waco, KY

love love love!!

I was skeptical at first- but I am so glad I tried this kit!The pre folds are nice and thick- the quality is better than I was expectingThe covers fit our daughter so well. They have never leaked!!The covers aren’t anything fancy- just plain white.. but they have become my favorite covers!!I never would have thought I would find a cover I like more than Thirsties but econobum wins!The wet bag that comes with the kit- is very tiny and pretty useless.If you have a newborn- or smaller infant, I don’t see these working right away. The prefolds & covers are too big and there is not cut out for the umbilical cord. They work amazing for older babies though! Our daughter is 4 months and 12 lbs!

Marguerite Odin, MN


I have 4 different kinds of cloth diaper kits these are bulky the biggest ones we own hardly use, least favorite but they never leaked or any surprises out the sides. Good diaper just bulky

Lila Jemez Pueblo, NM


These work great. Very absorbent and the covers are so easy to use. This is a good starter pack and would make a great gift.

Tanisha Hayfield, MN

Great economical choice!

I really like these diapers and they work very well. I use these on both my 34 lb toddler and my 13 lb 3 month old and they fit both well. To fit a younger baby you fold the diaper in thirds short ways and for older babies you fold long ways. The cover has three settings that you snap and unsnap to make fit whatever size child you have. The econobum prefolds also work great with my Flip diapers and I’m able to mix and match both systems together. I’ve also never had any leaks with either of my children and I’d say the econobum prefolds keep breastmilk poo off the covers better than the flip inserts(the flips inserts hold less pee too and leak with my toddler). Overall I’m really happy with this system.

Maura Bickleton, WA

Great starter kit but helps fill out my stash too

We decided to cloth diaper our daughter for a combination of the environmental impact and cost savings. We got one of these kits to start as well as some hybrids.This kits has become a versatile part of out stash. We can use the inserts in our other diapers (hybrids, AIOs, etc.) we also use the covers as extra covers when she is I between sizes for the AIOs to prevent leaks.The quality of the inserts has surpassed any others I have tied. They are very easy to wash and dry quicker than other inserts without giving up absorbency.

Willie King Cove, AK

BEST Prefolds but HUGE.

I cut the prefolds into thirds and serged the edges so that I could use just 2 at a time. When I try to use the entire prefold it makes the diaper a mile thick. I like to use a microfiber insert on top as a quick absorber and then back it with 1 or 2 of the econobum pieces I made. It is really super absorbant and does not suffer compression leaks like microfiber alone does. Putting them together is a great combo.

Joan Clinton Township, MI

Works great!

These diapers work very well. We have not had any accidents yet! I bought them for night-time use. So far so good.

Jennie Olanta, PA


I bought this kit as a test run on my venture into cloth diapering. This is bare basic and TWO, yes, only two, of these kits can easily take you through all your babys dipering needs. I only use Econobum prefolds although I have gotten a few other brands covers.You must prep these!!! Wash, dry, repeat SIX TIMES to get them to their full absorbency. This is with any cloth diaper not just this product. If you have leaky issues it’s probably because they werent prepped correctly.The covers only need to be washed and dried once before first use.

Desiree Glen Dale, WV


We used disposable diapers for the first month and then, per our plan, switched to cloth diapering. I got these from my registry and while I think I will like them when he’s a bigger, they are NOT for newborns! I just want others to know as I read the reviews but didn’t notice until after the fact that people had mentioned this! Of course they are washed and ready for when he can wear them, so I’m keeping them, I’ll update when that day comes.

Valeria West Union, IL

Update of my review

At first I wasn’t a fan of this kit at all. I have to retract my previous review, though. The prefolds are definitely meant to be trifolded only, not any other folds. Once my baby was a little bigger I really liked this, and the prefolds/covers fit much better. They wash and dry great, and never leak except random jumperoo poos.My statement that the wetbag is pretty useless still stands. I have a different one that I prefer to use. The one in this kit has a draw string that doesn’t work. Otherwise, it’s a good deal.

Shelia Destrehan, LA


This kit is awesome. I just started cloth diapering and for the price you can’t go wrong. The shells are thin but they still feel really durable, I don’t feel like they will tear. The inserts are great..they are prefolds and are great for absorbing. I think this will be a great start off kit for my cloth diaper Endeavour.

Polly Farnham, VA