Econobum Individual

Econobum Individual

Econobum is the cloth diaper solution for every budget! Save money while making the environmentally-friendly choice to cloth diaper your little one’s bum.

Main features

  • The one-size cover and prefold adjusts to grow along with your little one.
  • U.S. & International Patents Pending.

Verified reviews


Buy flip instead

At first glance these seem like a good deal, but the quality just isn’t there. The PUL is really thin, they don’t fit well, the prefold insert is really bulky, and they leak really badly. The design is similar to the flip diaper coves made by the same people, but for an extra $7, go with one that will last and won’t leak. The econobums only have 1 row of snaps, they dont have the stretchy waist tabs, they dont have the flaps to hold the insert in, and the PUL feels like it might rip in your hand.

Brigitte Wilmington, VT

less expensive for a reason

Definitely lower quality. The fabric felt like it would tear easily, so when I undid snaps, I would pull very carefully and very near each snap. The diaper that comes with it is very thick and bulky on my nearly 6 month old. It is sewn in 9 blocks, so it’s very different from the prefolds I’m used to. these may be cheaper in price, but save your time, money, and frustration and go with the more expensive brands. For an inexpensive cover, go with Dappi. They are not one size fits all, but they’re only $5.

Vickie Voltaire, ND

Great economical way to diaper your baby!

I have tried every diaper on the market, practically, and wasn’t really sure if I even wanted to try this since I’m not a fan of prefolds. I bought one thinking, geez, its under $10, why not give it a shot and love it! When my LO grows out of some of her small diapers I won’t be sizing up, I’m just going to get more of these. The covers work well for other prefolds and fitteds and the prefold for this system is very soft and absorbent. My little one had a massive poo the first time she wore this and there was barely anything on the cover, the PF held it all! I was definitely impressed. If you follow the wash instructions this diaper would last you a long time and for those wanting to CD to save money, you could get away with using these for $100 for 2 years and save a ton! I love these!

Josephine Coolville, OH

Even better than expected!

I bought Econobums covers and prefolds, some Indian cotton prefolds, and some Thirsties covers. Overall, I like the Econobums covers better than the Thirsties, but the Econobum prefolds are too big for my newborn. I snappi a prefold on my baby instead of just laying the folded prefold in the cover (I feel like messes are contained better with snappi’d diapers).Pros:- They fit my 6 week old son really well, but just barely. I waited til he was a month old to start CDing because even the Thirsties XS covers were too big. I consider this a pro, because for the price, they fit a tiny baby pretty well and will last a long time.- They are thin, yes, but I LOVE that. They seem more comfortable on him and can be stretched to fit around him better. They still keep in messy newborn poo’s and keep his clothes dry even when his diaper is super soggy.- The snaps feel super sturdy. I thought they’d feel cheap, but they snap up tight every time.- I like the plain-ness of these. I don’t need printed/cute covers, because they will be hidden under clothes anyway (never understood that).- They wash pretty well. Stains stay on the leg elastic a little, but not on the outside of the cover.Cons:- The leg openings are a bit weird… since the material is so stretchy, you have to really fold the sides in before you snap it or else the leg openings won’t be tight enough.- No leg gussets. It hasn’t been a problem yet, really, but it would be nice to have the extra protection. Not really a con, but they would just be a little bit better with the gussets. :PSO happy with my purchase.

Reba Trafford, AL

Easier than I expected- great value

This is a great value for the price! I never thought I would like this type of diaper, but I’ve grown to be much more fond of them, and they really are easier than expected. Neither the inside or outside of this diaper have stained, odor is washed out easily as well. I will buy more next time around!

Denice New Bern, NC

great cloth diaper

I am first time mom and want to give cloth diaper a shot. I bought this one just because it is cheap so I would not waste too much money if it does not work out. And it is one size fit all, so I do not need to worry about upgrade. I am very happy to find out it is great product. My babe is preemie so he is small. But the diaper fit him just fine. Very easy to put on and clean up. The diaper was thick and soft. I did not give it 5 stars just because I wish they have cute designs for the cover.

Marquita Hull, IL

Love them

Easy to use and clean. Holds everything in and keeps white. This is my second fav diaper/diaper cover and tell anyone who wants to start useing cloth diapers to check these out. Great price for good diaper.

Kathy Jefferson City, MT

great prefolds, crappy diaper cover

I got a buy-one-get-one-free deal from another website. The prefold is gigantic – my one year old is small and looks like she is “well-diapered” but it is a nice cloth diaper, very soft and absorbent.The cover left a lot to be desired, however. It’s definitely “econo” and it’s obvious (I also have the flips and flip covers, which have been doing pretty well after a year) but one of my econobums started to disintegrate after a month and a half and yeah, I do know how to take care of them.Points for the prefold, strikes for the cover. But the prefolds are too big to fit into my now-favorite covers by a company called Imagine. They do work great in the flip covers tho. 🙂

Marjorie Minto, ND


These are perfect for those who want to start cloth diapers on a budget. Paired with the prefold or even old receiving blankets, the covers are great and work perfectly.

Maxine West Falls, NY

Trusty standby, most economical

I bought one of these, and though I did not choose Econobum for my primary diaper cover, it still gets circulated. The cover is thin and it’s very big on my two month old, but the elastic is so gentle on my her skin. It doesn’t absorb that urine smell when in use. I just wipe it out and use it all day. To me, the prefold is the best part. It is bulky, but it is very soft and highly absorbent. If you are just trying different brands to see whose covers are your favorite, I recommend buying the trial pack of one cover and three prefolds (it’s only $2 or $3 more). That way, you get more prefolds out of the deal even if you don’t end up using the cover. Clearly, you save plenty of money cloth diapering in the first place, but if you want the most frugal and economical diaper system then you definitely want these diapers! They are worth it in value and quality.

Herminia Morganfield, KY

Cheap diaper and difficult to put together.

I used prefolds and covers a lot, but this one tended to move every time. Couldn’t keep the prefold in straight and so then we would have to change entire ensemble every time. One of the reasons I liked prefolds and covers was the ability to change the prefold and use the cover several times. Not the case with this one. Had to change cover every time.

Margot Henryville, PA

Great diaper for the price.

I have been cloth diapering for about three months now and I have learned that it’s all about personal preference and trial and error. I first started with pocket diapers and then I got some hand-me-down prefolds and flats….That’s when I started to love cloth diapering! I quickly ordered different types of covers, this being one of the first. It is a wonderful cover for the price, and the diaper that comes with it is one of the most absorbent that I have. I love how you are able to wipe it out and just put a new diaper in. The reason for 4 stars is because I wish it had gussets. I have learned that for long, skinny babies (at nine months, my daughter is 19lbs and 30in long) you really need gussets even to contain pee sometimes. Great diaper cover for the price though!

Maggie Firestone, CO

Surprisingly Good and Easy

I am new to cloth diapering and I was horrified when I saw that most cloth diapers cost like $14-$20 for ONE cover and ONE insert. I discovered that I already had a bunch of prefolds that were given to me as burp clothes so I figured, trying cloth diapers would be easy to just stay with prefolds. So I bought 2 econobum sets and a set of pins. (actual diaper pins). My daughter is 6 mths (about 15 lbs). I found that the cover was thin enough with the insert prefold being thick enough to stop most leaks. I haven’t had any leak issues EXCEPT at night where she is laying down and doesn’t tell me that she’s pee peed. (night time diapers get super full). I like that I can use this cover more than once (as long as its not a poo diaper) with any prefold or flat diaper. I don’t see a point in making cloth diapering more expensive or complicated than it has to be. I can buy disposable diapers for 19 cents a piece so I figure out how many times I have to use cloth diapers in order for it to “pay for itself” and commited myself to using it at least that many times. Oh yeah, and the snaps are easy and adjustable.

Aline Roderfield, WV

Great Diaper Cover

I love econobum covers. They work great. Only a few leaks when the prefold was sticking out (operator error). My now 8 month old 65th for height and 60th for weight fits with 2 snaps left in the center and on the middle rise option. These will fit for a long time. The covers wash well. The pul is standing up to daily use and even accidental dryer cycles. As I have gotten better at cloth diapering I rarely have a mess on the cover. If it’s just wet I can wipe it out and let one dry and use another and then switch, so 2 covers will get me through a whole day or 2. I have 4 covers and never need all of them before washing my prefold/flats. These are making cloth diapering easy. I recommend the covers, not the prefolds or the “kit” of 12 prefolds and 3 covers with a “free” wetbag. It is actually more expensive. The prefolds are so thick they make it almost impossible to use. I “modified” them to be contours and they work a little better, but still not my first choice.

Deanne Franklin Lakes, NJ

simple and easy to use

I bought these to go over the diaper service prefold diapers (the diaper service sells covers but they are stiff and plastic-y and cost just as much as these). So far they work great. I started using them when my son was about 8lbs, so they will fit a larger newborn. I fold the prefold into thirds, stick it inside the Econobum cover, and snap it on the baby. It’s actually quicker and easier than using disposables. I have fewer leaks with these than I did with disposables. Occasionally we’ll have a poop blow-out but on the whole, these covers contain the poop pretty well. The large prefold diapers that come with these make great burp rags/spit up absorbers as well.

Jennie Fillmore, UT

works well

I have used this for 2 kids now and it still holds up. Good value, and its great to throw in a prefold or a flip insert. I like the snaps as well.

Morgan Peru, NY


WE LOVE THESE COVERS AND PREFOLDS.i used thirsties and kushies covers along with these and transitioned to these completely.the prefolds are absorbent beyond believe and this is the ONLY pul cover that has some stretch to it!it amazing . dont hesitate and dont be scared because they dont cost much! they r great for you and your wallet!!

Lilian Highland Park, MI

Recommended at the price

Found a black friday “buy one get one” sale on these so thought I’d give them a go.I LOVE the Flips covers as covers but am not a fan of the Flips system as a whole – they systems are similar, bear with me. 🙂 First, I prefer to pin, vs. lay the diaper in the wrap. Second, while the organic Flips insert holds a lot of pee, the “stay dry” insert was not too impressive in my opinion (though it’s GREAT as a night time doubler). I have also used the econobum prefolds with Flips, so I already had experience with those – my experience is they hold more than the stay dry, but less than the organic, and are prone to become more bunchy than either. Kind of the middle of the road choice with the system, they work but nothing spectacular, and I prefer regular old prefolds such as I already had. (If you have the dark green serged infant sized prefolds, the econobums prefolds are very close to the same size – so there is no real advantage to using these over what you have)So I have been using the Flips covers with pinned prefolds and love the fit. I needed a few more covers and thought I would try these as well since they were cheap cheap cheap.They are no Flips, but they’re not bad. They are a little thinner but still work fine. They don’t have flaps for tucking in the folded dipes but since I pin that doesn’t matter to me. The fit seems a little less perfect to me as the snaps are in line with each other vs. one above the other – I feel like it makes for a thinner line of tight around the baby’s waist, vs. a broader band of less tight, if that makes sense, but the fit is still good. As a bonus, IMO they’re *really* cute, with the contrasting trim (I got a blue/white and a green/white)I’m not a fan of how the system works, what with laying in the dipe and there being no flaps to hold it, but it is totally do-able if you want to use it that way. (In my experience though you end up with more poo on the covers though and need more covers if you do that way) For the price it’s a great way to snag yourself a few more pretty decent covers so you can make do with fewer covers you really like. Prior to these or Flips my favorite cover was the nylon pull-on pant which is dirt cheap and super trim – but annoying to pull down over feet and can be outgrown. Either option here is super trim and super adjustable so you will get a LOT of use for your money – it ends up being cheaper than pull-on pants. I love that there is no velcro which makes for a stiffer fit in my experience as well as sticks to everything under the sun.I do have some concerns that the edging will wick moisture if you go too long without changing but so far it has not been an issue. These covers also lack a reinforcing layer of material where the snaps are attached which raises some concerns about durability. I will update if these prove to be a flop over time but the Flips and Bumgenuis I have have held up great and are on their third kid so I am pretty confident in the quality of the brand (and the customer service to back it up, should there be an issue)Basically a couple of these, a few more Flips covers, a bunch of prefolds,and some pins, and you have yourself an affordable option that holds a ton of pee and fits great. Go with the inserts these systems are supposed to use, it will cost a little more, hold a little less, still be pretty good. (I have a bunch of Bum Genius 4.0 which I used with my older girls as well but I find on my baby, they are more trouble than they are worth. The cover/prefold option is easier for me when they are small.)

Kari Carlinville, IL

Good for the price

These aren’t the best diaper covers in the world, but they are good and, for the price, definitely worth having in your stash. They do the job and getting some extra prefolds is never a bad thing.

Dale Clayton, NJ

A great deal. Great dipaer cover. The prefold is bulky.

The Econobum diaper cover is the less-expensive version of the Flip diaper. It is built cheaper in a few ways, of which I do not think it affects the effectiveness of the product: there are one row of straps (instead of two), the PUL seems thinner, and it doesn’t have the flaps to hold the liner in place (although, I don’t find this particularly useful).When I use the diaper covers, I fold a flat, prefold, or fitter diaper, and secure it with a Snappi. Then, I place the diaper cover on top. I think this actually is nicer than the Flip diapers for placing over a thicker diaper. I have been using this set-up for a little over three months, and I have bought a number of different brands of diaper covers (Thirsties, Dappi, Flip, Kushies, FuzzyBums, and Happy Heinies), and these are some of the better ones, especially since they are cheaper than some other brands.Overall, the cover is great. It fits well on the baby, and over the various diapers that I use. It holds everything in well, and has held-up in the wash.One of the main differences in covers I have seen is, the covers with some soft fabric between the baby and the PUL, and the covers that are just PUL. For the most part, I like the ones with no extra fabric, since the covers can be wiped-off and reused, when needed. This is one of those.The prefold that comes with it is very thick, and could definitely be used on an older child. Just, it seems rather large for a small baby. Also, it is intended to be folded up and used more like an insert, than a prefold. That is, the wait it is sewn is not to be folded around the baby and secured with a pin or snappi. It is meant to be folded in thirds and placed inside of the cover. I use it, sometimes. I only have one prefold, so it comes up in the pile once in a while. I usually use it as a pad for under her during "diaper-free time".Over all, a great deal.

Tammi Smithfield, VA

My favorites

I’ve used several types and brands of diapers and these are the ones I come back to every time. They are simple, good quality and you can’t beat the price. I reach for these prefolds and covers first. The cover fits trim, is soft, pliable and thin so it is not as hot in warmer weather as others. When baby gets older, you fold the prefold long ways and it is skinnier through the legs making walking and getting around easier without bulk. They absorb very well. I wish I’d bought these first instead of spending money on other, more expensive systems. LOVE THESE!

Kim Matador, TX

Does the job

I bought two of the Econobums because I wanted to expand my diaper cover stash, while doing it economically.I’m pleased with the covers and the prefolds. The front of the cover doesn’t lay flat when on the baby because of the two adjacent from snaps (as opposed to the top and bottom snaps on the Flip and BumGenius), but that’s a minor aesthetic issue that doesn’t have effects on comfort or function.Overall, this is a thrifty and good way to either start or expand a cloth diaper stash.

Leigh Hubbard, NE