Ecopiggy Orthodontic Natural Pacifier

Ecopiggy Orthodontic Natural Pacifier

Ecopiggy’s Natural Pacifier is made from 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree, Havea brasillensi. They are made without chemical softerners or colorants. The natural choice for your child! European Standard EN 1400. Depending on use, replace pacifier every 6-8 weeks. Sustainably made in Malaysia.

Main features

  • Made of 100% natural rubber
  • Made without chemical softeners or colorants
  • BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and Paraben Free
  • European Standards EN 1400
  • Single pack

Verified reviews


Couldn’t Mother Without Them

….well, maybe that’s a bit of an extreme statement, but that’s how happy I am with these binkys! I looked around for weeks locally trying to find an all-natural, one-piece option. Someone recommended these on a forum, and we’ve been using them ever since.Some people are put off by their child pulling the binky out with their finger and the loop. It is a minor issue for us. Once she got a little older, the loop works for us – she can easily grab it and pop the binky back into her mouth.This is another standard shower gift I include for new moms. I hate to see a baby using anything else!

Allie George, WA

Great pacifier

The pacifier actually didn’t work for our baby. She likes the Nuk Orthostar all silicone pacifier. But, they don’t make it in a 6-18 month size. We tried the Ecopiggy and the Natursutten Butterfly with no success. She does like to chew on them though. We plan on continuing to try these with her.

Myrtle Ida Grove, IA

baby likes it

My baby likes this pacifier, but then again he is not picky and likes mostly any pacifier. I wish this pacifier came with a lid, something to protect the nipple when the baby is not using it. I’ve noticed that fabfic partials tend to stick more on this item, maybe because its sticky rubbber? Not sure, but I wish it had a cap like some of the NUK pacifiers have. Other than that , I like it.Don’t forget to put the pacifier in boiling water before use..

Bernadine Midville, GA

THE BEST natural pacifier

It sounds crazy, but ballpark we’ve spent over $50 over the last 5 months trying to find THE paci for our baby. The Eco Piggy is IT. We’ve bought it all: Gumdrops, Soothies, Mams, Nuks, Avent, Dr. Browns, Natursutten, Hevea, etc. etc. Gumdrops and Soothies are very difficult if not impossible for babies to keep in their mouths, and IMO are not naturally shaped. Once they decide to start sleeping on their stomachs as ours did at 4 months, the plastic shield on pacifiers gets smashed into their foreheads and cheeks at night, leaving deep red marks. I hate seeing that. Do you want to sleep with a hard plastic object smashed into your face at night? Nope.I bought Naturs. & Heaveas. Naturs were immediately spit out. Taste one & see. Sterlizing doesn’t help. The big shield is right in their noses, so all they’re smelling is eau de rubber. In a blind tasting my baby picks an Eco Piggy every time. They are slightly lighter weight than Natur. & Heaveas, which makes it easier for him to keep in his mouth. They also have the least offensive rubber smell compared to the competition. This is major. I do like the Hevea design because they dip under the nose, & you see more of baby’s sweet face! However, they are still thick and bulky/heavy and harder to keep in. The loops on these pacifiers make a big difference too. Naturs. are a poor design as previously posted.Heveas have a stiff loop that doesn’t give – which causes the paci to fall out of baby’s mouth when he turns his head at night. The loop on Eco Piggy smooshes and allows baby to rest & turn his head naturally. We EBF & he chose to use the orthodontic shape! We haven’t had any lazy latch issues from using the ortho shape, so I say give it a go. My baby’s lips looked unnatural trying to hold a round shaped paci in. One more thing to take note of before you buy: Naturs. pacifiers are closed nipples, so they stay firm in baby’s mouth, and do not mimic the breast or a bottle nipple, IMO. Hevea & Eco Piggy have open backed nipples, which allow the baby to naturally suck/smoosh the nipple into the roof of the mouth, which is much more comfortable for them. It’s all about natural & comfy for my little piggy! 🙂

Roberta Elkton, FL

Waste of money

Made my baby gag. I am mad that I spent so much money for "the best" pacifier and it would not work. Cross in my fingers that she likes it later on and it isn’t a complete waste.

Georgia Cromona, KY


These are great but my baby didn’t take them–not the products fault. It is well made and worth the price.

Antonia Lake Powell, UT

“THE” Pacifier

This was “THE” pacifier for my son. We couldn’t go anywhere without it, it was his #1 necessity. No other paci would do.

Claudette Lancaster, CA

A little too big for a newborn

It’s a good product but my baby (2months now) likes the smaller pacifiers a little better – perhaps when he gets bigger, he’ll like it better

Gloria Stokesdale, NC

Bought in desperation but toddler refused

I want to preface my review by saying that these seem like great pacifiers and had we bought them earlier in my baby’s life, she might have taken to them. Unfortunately, we didn’t introduce them until 18 months and switching so late in the game was not going to happen. I wish I had known about them earlier. The price is a little crazy but if it saves you the orthodontic costs later in life I guess it is not so expensive after all :)My almost 2-year old has had a pacifier addiction since birth. Since around 12 months she has only been using one for sleep. She prefers the Soothies to the exclusion of all others. Since she had begun teething, she was chewing on them and biting small holes in the newborn Soothies that she preferred (0-3 month) and we had to replace them almost every day. So, we started buying the stiffer 3+ month Soothies.At her 18-month pedi appointment he noted that her teeth were developing crookedly. I had noticed this myself so was not surprised with the report. He suggested switching to the orthodontic kind. We bought binky after binky hoping she would give one a chance. The clear silicone ones were not going to happen. She would look at them, yell at me, and throw them on the floor.Fast forward a few days: I saw these online, the price was steep but it was the opaque type of material sort of similar to the Soothie so I bought two sizes 0-6 months and the 6+ months (she prefers the size and texture of the newborn pacis). She put it in her mouth for a few seconds and spit it out. Then she refused to take it again.We now give her the 0-3 month Soothies again(luckily she stopped biting through them after a couple of weeks of intense teething). They are much less stiff than the 3+ month Soothies and her teeth are looking better but not perfect. I do think the stiffness was a big part of the problem.Although I am sure that other parents would disagree, taking away the binky is not an option in my mind due to her level of attachment. So, I put it into perspective: there are way worse things than crooked teeth. As the pedi said, “this is crooked teeth, not cancer”. Enough said.

Jessie Macungie, PA

Great Pacifier

Love these pacifiers. They are the perfect size and my little one loves them. We have bought 6 total (yep we loose them constantly) and don’t have any complaints. Its nice to know that baby is sucking on something natural rather than plastic.

Aurora Mongaup Valley, NY