Ecopiggy Rounded Natural Pacifier

Ecopiggy Rounded Natural Pacifier

Ecopiggy’s Natural Pacifier is made from 100% natural rubber from the rubber tree, Havea brasillensi. They are made without chemical softerners or colorants. The natural choice for your child! European Standard EN 1400. Depending on use, replace pacifier every 6-8 weeks. Sustainably made in Malaysia.

Main features

  • Made of 100% natural rubber
  • Made without chemical softeners or colorants
  • BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and Paraben Free
  • European Standards EN 1400
  • Single pack

Verified reviews


Best Pacifier out there – the PLUG

This one stays put – the rounded end is perfect and we call it "the plug" because its the only pacifier that stays put in my son’s mouth. Worth the $$ for sure!

Alison Belvidere, NE

HUGE nipple

We do not use plastic bottles or dishes with our toddler, so I was trying to find an alternative to the standard Soothies and Gumdrops. Sadly, this was not it. Our son would not take this at all. In fact, when I first gave it to him, he laughed at it after putting itin his mouth. The nipple part is HUGE, absurdly large. After my son laughed at it, I decided to suck on it, and I don’t know how a baby would ever be soothed by it. Almost choked me.We are now using it to wean him from pacifiers, so I guess that’s a positive for this one.

Lola Sabina, OH

The bulb is HUGE!

The idea and quality are great. Very well made. But I don’t know how they can cell it as 6+ month- it’s so huge! My 9-month old choked on it! I tried it myself and it’s pretty big even for an adult. Too bad I can’t return it 🙁

Jade Craig, NE

son wouldn’t take it

it’s a fine pacifier if your kid will take it, my son didn’t. I also bought the much cheaper gerber classic pacifier and compared the two and there is no difference in the nipple/bulb. natural rubber, but still overpriced.

Kimberlee Lopez Island, WA

Seemed nice

Our little girl didn’t like any pacifier we gave her. This all around feels very soft and the shape would likely work quite well for most babies. I love that it is natural and agree with others who recommended it. Thanks.

Cathleen Point Reyes Station, CA

Great deal

Bought this for grandson. Had one just like it for my son when a baby and it was his fav thing as it is with my grandson. Very flexible and well made. Highly recommend.

Lauri Kelly, LA

Great quality but my little one couldnt keep it in

My little one couldn’t keep this in and it kept falling out. Ended up getting a wubanub which held in better. Wish he could use this though!

Shawn Highland Falls, NY