Ecru Folding Hamper

Ecru Folding Hamper

The Ecru Hamper by Kidsline is the perfect neutral addition to any nursery. The Hamper includes a removable laundry bag and wood stand.

Main features

  • The Ecru Hamper by Kidsline is the perfect neutral addition to any nursery
  • The Hamper includes a removable laundry bag and wood stand

Verified reviews


Glad I Got This One

Originally I wanted one of the more decorative hampers but I am glad I went with this one. It is super convenient and easy to clean….think machine wash :-). It folds easily if you decide you don’t want it out for some reason and it has an interior bag which doesn’t collapse from the weight of a hefty bundle of clothing. It is also an ample size comparable to the majority of larger baby hampers. It might not be appealing to some beacuse of its plain look but I keep mine in the corner next to my crib. It is definitely worth the price.

Antonia Laredo, TX


Looks great, Simple, Matches with everything. Not too babyish, so you can use it for a long time. Perfect Size. Holds a lot of laundry. Easy to use mesh bag inside. Good price.

Isabel Saint Stephen, SC

Great Product

This hamper looks great and is very simple and understated, so it fits in with pretty much any decor. It has an interior mesh bag that easily pulls out so you’re not bending over or struggling to get those socks at the bottom out! So convenient!

Marquita Homeworth, OH

Excellent hamper.

Great capacity, easily folds to stow away, sturdy, doesn’t buckle with a full load of laundry, can lift inner mesh bag to carry the laundry, holds up well in the wash (no shrinkage/discoloration). I like the neutral look, works well in the nursery – doesn’t compete with the rest of the decor. Would definitely buy again. If someone wishes to jazz it up, the front buttons could be replaced with something more decorative and keeping with the theme of the nursery.

Liz Ponderay, ID

Plain, simple and convinient

I like the wooden legs as they go with my maple furniture.I like the simplicity of it, as when the kid grows up, it does not sream “baby stuff”.Nothing fancy and very practical.BUY IT, you won’t regret it 🙂

Jasmine Rebuck, PA

Great hamper for baby!

I just love this hamper for the fact that it’s collapsible All the baby stuff takes up room. This product was able to fit into this tight space we had between the wall and crib. Although it isn’t opened completely, you can still fit your baby’s dirty clothes without any problems. The mesh netting provides ease when doing laundry – just pull it out w/ all the clothes in it and take it to your laundry room…no need to take the clothes out and place in a separate laundry basket. And the price is reasonable too!

Ashleigh Colburn, ID

a great hamper!

This hamper is a great asset to the nursery! It is neutral and will be able to ‘grow’ with the child as the decor changes and it’s easy to empty – the mesh liner comes out and goes back in very easily. I highly recommend this hamper.. a great value!

Erna Turner, MI

Love it

Easy to assemble out of the box…no brainer!Netting comes out of the hamper for an easy “laundry tote” you can take right with you to carry the laundry to the washing machine. And it looks great w/ just about any decor. Love it!

Leona Machiasport, ME

19 months and still going strong!

We purchased this for our daughter’s nursery and have been using it for almost nineteen months now–and it still is in perfect condition! I was nervous about potential tears to the inside mesh liner (the removable “laundry bag” part of the hamper) but have had no problems whatsoever.I love that there is a “lid” (a flap of cloth) that folds over the top of the frame to hide the laundry inside–it is the perfect spot for me to keep a small mesh bag (lingerie bag) to put my daughter’s dirty socks in…that way we never have to worry about losing socks in the wash!This hamper is very convienent, relatively sturdy, and doesn’t scream “baby”–so if you need to keep it in a room other than the nursery, it won’t look too out of place.Now that we’re expecting our second child, I plan on purchasing another one of these hampers.

Whitney Haddam, KS


It’s the perfect size, not too big, and the removable netted insert makes it easy to take his clothes to the washer.I highly recomment this to all moms! It could also carry though to adulthood!

Marion Murphysboro, IL

A simple, beautiful, awesome hamper!

I bought his because it was so simple looking, and and have been really happy with it. The removeable mesh lining is perfect for carrying the clothes from the room to the washer. It’s just the right size for a baby. I wanted to buy another one for my husband amd I, but it doesn’t hold enough laundry. This is the cutest and most perfect hamper ever.

Sallie Winchendon, MA

What a STEAL!

This is the perfect laundry basket for any nursery! It is a little big, but ended up being the perfect size for us. Think about it, within no time your baby’s clothes will be so much bigger so might as well get a bigger basket to begin with. I love the idea of the pull-out mesh bag which makes laundry time so much easier. Before I got this, I would separate the laundry before washing and the baby’s clothes would always be in a separate pile-now it’s automatically separated; just pull out the bag when it’s time for a load and dump it in. It’s also great that it’s mesh so that it keeps airflow going through and doesn’t promote mold growth. And such a great price as well!

Concetta Donald, OR

Perfect Little Hamper

This hamper is perfect for the nursery. It holds about a load of laundry when its full. It has a mesh bag inside that makes it so easy to take to the landry room. Plus, when you don’t want to use it anymore, it folds up. It doesn’t take up a lot of room either. It’s perfect!

Carey Herrin, IL