Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis Cream Treatment – 8oz – Relieves Itchiness & Skin Irritation – Safe & Gentle From Baby To Adult – Protects & Repairs – Calming, Soothing & Rehydrating – Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory – Highly Effective, Concentrated & Long-Lasting – A Totally Chemical-Free & 100% Natural Intensive Skincare Treatment – By Bursting With Nature

Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis Cream Treatment – 8oz – Relieves Itchiness & Skin Irritation – Safe & Gentle From Baby To Adult – Protects & Repairs – Calming, Soothing & Rehydrating – Antibacterial & Anti-Inflammatory – Highly Effective, Concentrated & Long-Lasting – A Totally Chemical-Free & 100% Natural Intensive Skincare Treatment – By Bursting With Nature

FINALLY UNCOVERED 100% NATURAL SOLUTION TO SKIN CONDITIONS. The West Is Waking Up The Many Benefits Of Unrefined, Raw Shea Butter Which The Africans Have Known For Millennia. Why use it? 1. Thousands of Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne & common skin conditions sufferers have already been helped with our balm. 2. It does NOT dry out your skin – as an Excellent Moisturizer for delicate, sensitive or damaged skin. 3. Shea butter has the highest healing fraction of any natural oil including coconut oil, hemp seed oil etc 4. The smallest amount goes a very long way – use only a scrape of our extra thick balm and warm it in your hands prior to application to get maximum benefits & avoid feeling greasy once absorbed. 5. Excellent barrier cream to protect and repair your skin – stops itching on impact! Bursting With Nature’s African Shea Butter Is Hand Made Using Traditional Methods. Main Benefits? 1. Gentle, rich & natural relief for common skin & scalp conditions for all ages even safe for babies. 2. Delivers a rich all natural cocktail of vitamins A, E & F including the EFA’s (essential fatty acids) to your skin, in a format your skin can absorb. 3. Absolutely Free From Chemicals, Parabens, Paraffin, Artificial Ingredients & Fragrances 4. Shea butter has a natural nutty & smokey smell – if you do not like its smell, we offer our customers the ability to create their own personalised fragranced DIY moisturizer Our Guarantee To You Is Simple – If Your Skin Doesn’t Feel And Look Noticeably Better In 30 Days We Will Give You 100% Money Back – That Is Guaranteed. Buy Today With 100% Confidence And Zero Risk – Place 2 In Your Basket For Free Shipping.

Main features

  • PROTECTS & REPAIRS: Excellent barrier cream to protect and repair your skin. Suitable as PSORIASIS ECZEMA CREAM for All Skin Types. This Healing BALM OINTMENT is used for Eczema Baby and Dry, Sensitive, Cracked, Irritated Skin & Scalp (incl. Acne). It is Top Quality & Made from 100% NATURAL, ORGANIC & Premium Grade Shea Butter. Solid Butter Turns to Cream in Your Hands.
  • FAST ACTING ANTI-ITCH: Stops itching on impact! No more itchiness or skin irritation, just soothed, rehydrated and soft beautiful looking skin. Calming & Soothing as PSORIASIS ITCH RELIEF. Use for Psoriasis Scalp, & Seborrheic Dermatitis as it has excellent Antibacterial, Anti-Itch & Anti-Inflammatory properties. Use with 100 African Black Coal Tar Soap for even better result
  • INTENSIVE SKIN TREATMENT: It does NOT dry out your skin. Nourishing Moisturizer for delicate, sensitive or damaged skin. Use anywhere on body including ECZEMA FACE, Body, Hands, Feet and Nails. Great barrier cream for Eczema Hands.
  • NO MORE CHEMICALS – Use INSTEAD of Cortisone Cream/Ointment with better long term results – Contains NO Animal or Petroleum ingredients. NO Additives, Parabens Or Preservatives. Fragranced By Nature. Alcohol & Gluten Free. NONCOMEDOGENIC & HYPOALLERGENIC. Natural SUNSCREEN SPF 6/7. Just SAFE, GENTLE but effective ointment for DERMATITIS BABY & ECZEMA KIDS
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK: Why not use our RISK FREE SHOPPING for your PSORIASIS NATURAL TREATMENT? This 8oz FAMILY PACK is as pure and natural as it gets, it is 100% Sheabutter and nothing else! It comes with a ZERO Risk Money Back Guarantee and Minimal Packaging for Less Environmental Impact

Verified reviews


Seems good

I’m not an expert in Shea Butter, but this seems like good stuff. It smells very nature-y. My daughter has a little bit of eczema and was itchy at night and having trouble sleeping. Since I’ve been using this she seems a lot less itchy. Its a little hard to apply it. You rub it between your hands till it softens, but it doesn’t smear very easily, but it seems to stay put and not get rubbed off easily. My 2 year old hasn’t complained yet and she likes playing with the stuff too.

Jaclyn Metairie, LA

Natural shea butter

Bursting With Nature African Shea Butter is completely raw and unrefined, so it retains the wonderful nutty fragrance, beautiful yellow color, and natural texture of pure shea butter. It is quite different from the homogenized, over-processed commercial shea butter products that use only a small percentage of chemically-refined oils.Shea nuts come from a unique species of tree that lives over two hundred years, Vitellaria paradoxa. The nuts contain a rich complex of five different fatty acids: palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and arachidic. This particular shea butter is from Ghana, where women gather the nuts from wild trees and extract the oils by hand. It smells delicious, and it is indeed used as a food in Africa, as well as a moisturizer.It is solid—but not hard—at room temperature and liquefies at body temperature, so it is easy to apply. It then absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. It not only improves the feel of dry or psoriatic skin but makes it look better, too. I especially like to apply it after a bath to seal in the moisture.A sample was provided for testing and unbiased review. I have enjoyed using it and very highly recommend it to others.

Denice Minden, WV

Melts at body temperature

I first discovered Shea Butter products many years ago when I was pregnant with my first child. All of my friends used it to minimize their stretch marks.Jump forward many years and I found myself with an Indian Family whose mother was dying. Day by day they sat at her side, massaging her muscles, caring for her skin. They placed a small amount of Shea Butter in my hands and taught me to rub it into her hands and feet to keep them smooth and oiled in spite of the fact that she was dehydrated as her body shut down. They showed me how it would melt at skin temperature and while it appeared to be oily at first (while I learned to control the amount) it melted into the skin and did not leave an oily residue.Perhaps the most important aspect to me is the fact that it is fully vegetarian – no animal products are included, making it ideal for those who choose to live lower on the food chain, including those who are vegan or vegetarian.This particular Shea Butter is raw, meaning you still have the “woodsy” scent that comes with it. Processed Shea Butter is missing that scent. Essentially, you can use Shea Butter for any use where you would use Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) except Petroleum Jelly is NOT a sustainable resource and was originally discovered in oil wells. Shea Butter (and other vegetable oils) are much safer for your skin and less likely to cause problems.I explored “Bursting with Nature” after they offered me the opportunity to receive a complimentary sample to test. The one thing I was unable to confirm was whether they made certain that they dealt with Fair Trade companies in Ghana. However, the Shea Trees do not grow on plantations and generally Shea Butter is not a concern when it comes to fair trade (unlike Cocoa Butter). The nuts grow wild and are collected by women’s cooperatives after they fall from the trees.I tested the sample I received in several areas and was very pleased. It worked nicely on the area under my eyes (where I dry out because of allergies), on my legs (with dry skin from running the heater), and on my hands. In every case it melted into my skin and left it feeling silky smooth.The jar I received has a white lid and a label that appears to have been created (and cut) manually and placed onto the jar. In other words, it appears to be the small operation that it claims to be, rather than a professional manufacturing line.If you decide to buy this, remember that it is unrefined pure butter (not a lotion with other things mixed in) and that a very little goes a very long way.Five stars, the product appears to be all that it claims to be.

Sasha Stoneville, NC

Great for dry heels, 100% natural

My favorite and most comfortable sandals I wear all spring and summer are a few pairs of Birkenstocks. While they are super comfortable to wear, the cork footbed is very drying to the feet, especially the heels. I’ve used many lotions and body butters on my heels to try and moisturize them, but none have done quite as nice of a job helping my heels as this Shea Butter.This raw and unrefined version is quite different than any other shea butter product I’ve used in the past. It’s much thicker and a small amount goes a long way. Once the shea butter warms up with your body temperature it can then be smoothed into the skin. It’s quite nice and I can’t say I’ve ever used anything like it before. If you know someone who enjoys products that are 100% all natural, or is sensitive to products that are made with added perfumes or dyes, than this raw African Shea Butter would be a great gift idea for them.A sample was provided for review.

Katie Shepherd, TX

Has been working well as a winter skin treatment ….

Shea butter has always been one of those ingredients people rave about when it’s found in lotions. It has many uses, but soothing the skin is one of the more familiar ones to me. This pot of 100% shea butter will definitely be a welcome addition in this household during the winter when dry, cracked skin sets in. Instead of using it to alleviate the problem, I’m almost positive it will be an excellent preventative.Visually it has a rather grainy look and, until you rub it into your hands, a similar feel. It only takes a little bit of this marvelous Shea butter to completely saturate one’s hands. The earthly scent is quite appealing, although not the type that I’d like to sample with a spoon. It’s a natural one that tells me I’m not dealing with numerous additives.The Bursting with Nature Shea butter 100% raw and unrefined, something that is highly desireable. According the Bursting with Nature, Shea butter "promotes elasticity and protects your skin from environmental factors such as sun, wind and cold. Shea butter soothes and softens rough dry skin and conditions dry damaged hair. It soothes & alleviates diaper/skin rash problems and softens cracked heals and elbows. Shea prevents & fade away stretch marks and many people report success when they have been using raw unrefined Shea butter as their natural Eczema and Psoriasis Treatments. It also creates luster and shine on dull looking hair."I’ve used lotions with some Shea butter in them and loved them, but have never tried it raw and unrefined. I really think that this is one product that I’m going to love having on hand. It takes only a smidgen to coat my hands front and back and this 8 ounce container will last for quite a while. I do like there is an expiration date (November 2014) on the pot, simple packaging, and the fact that its purchase "helps feed a family in Ghana."Sample provided for review.

Trudy Sanders, MT

Keep Hands Looking Great

I’ve never used pure shea butter before. It’s actually made from the oil of a shea tree nut. When I first place it in my hand, it is gritty, but with the heat of my skin, it melts and the result is a creamy, oily, buttery sensation. Imagine what butter is like and you get the idea of what this will look like when it’s on.What impressed me was to see drops of water bead up like it would on the hood of a freshly waxed car. Moisture is repelled both ways, so I put it on after I wash and dry my hands and apply moisturizer. The shea butter goes on top to lock it all in. My hands look so nice afterwards.The container is marked as pure shea butter. It has a rich, earthy scent. I would prefer a scent be added, but if you’re a purist, this could be what you are seeking.This product was provided for review by Bursting with Nature.

Ivy Granite Falls, WA

Great healing properties

The weather is now colder in Virginia now that we are approaching the winter season. During the winter time we experience dry skin that can become very uncomfortable and itchy. We prefer to heat the pure Shea butter first before using it as a skin moisturizer. I just turn on the hairdryer and heat up the butter to melt the top. Then I can apply a thin coat on the skin. The Shea butter works great to treat the skin and remove the itchy feeling almost immediately. It is great to apply on the knees, the elbows and on cracked heels where you get instant results.We also found out that this product is good to apply on nick cuts that you get from shaving. The Shea butter also has good healing properties that aside from alleviating the scratchy feeling it also speeds up the healing process.Searching a little bit about the benefits of Shea butter. Shea butter will also work on the following conditions:- skin rash- blemishes and wrinkles- itchy skin- sunburn- skin cracks- frost bites- stretch marks- insect bites- skin allergies such as poison ivy or poison oak- eczema- dermatitis- minor burnsWarning on allergy:The product may contain nutsA sample of this product was sent to me for review purposes.

Tanisha Caldwell, NJ