Eddie Bauer 2 Pack Cling SunShade

Eddie Bauer 2 Pack Cling SunShade

The Eddie Bauer cling sunshade is durable and opaque in color and attaches to any car window to protect children from the sun’s harmful rays. It is a simpler design for those parents not wanting any design or pattern displayed on their car window.

Main features

  • Set of two 13 1/2″x 21″ vinyl shades
  • Durable static cling material
  • Universal size fits most car windows
  • Removable and reusable

Verified reviews


Works great

I love these shades. I do wish they were a little larger, they do not cover the entire window, but you could always buy another set and cut them to fit the places you need shade. They cling on the window great, follow instructions with cleaning window first then using a credit card to get all the air bubbles out. They are so thin that we can even roll down the windows with these on and them not get hung up or caught anywhere. I also like the fact that they are not a heavy piece of equipment so that in case we were to ever get into a car accident it wouldn’t come off and hurt anyone.

Elnora Josephine, PA

terrible smell, dont buy it, it`s not safe for you and your baby!!

this sunshade has very strong terrible smell!!It smells like $1 cheap product, and for the money ($8 ) I paid , I think it`s riped off!Don`t buy it! it`s not about money, but about safety. this product definitely not safe for you and your baby!!I am not a chemistry, i don`t wanna say anything unprofessional, but I suspect this product may contain some toxic material, ,I don`t understand why it got 4 stars? OR , maybe most of the product are good but im just so unlucky to get this terrible one?? if yes the case, I really suggest the manufacture should test every product carefully and don`t waste customer`s time any more!

Laverne Midlothian, IL


No matter how hard I tried, it would not stick to my car windows without bubbles. It makes your car look cheap.

Penelope Choctaw, AR

Eddie Bauer SunShade

The product came folded a bit sloppy, which created extra wrinkles, but if you’re patient, you can work them out. We bought a set 2 years ago for our first child, and they are holding up great on one side of the car. Just bought a second set and installed on the other side of the car without any issues.Here’s what you do…1. Clean the window to remove any dust and lint.2. Remove the cling from package and avoid too many finger prints on it. Also, try not to place it on your car seats or anywhere that it can pick up dust/lint.3. Spray a light mist of glass cleaner on your window.4. “Float” the cling on the wet surface until you get it where you want it.5. Using an old credit card, work any bubbles/liquid out from the center of the cling towards the edges. Be careful to do this gently and slowly so that the card doesn’t catch on the plastic and make a kink.6. Use paper towels to soak up glass cleaner as it seeps out from the edges.7. If you have any stubborn areas, life the cling away from the glass, spray more cleaner, and repeat steps 5-6.There may be some bubbles that linger, but they tend to disappear after a few days of exposure to warm sun.Hope this helps!

Belinda Mora, LA

Worked perfectly!

These cling films worked better than expected. They cling perfectly, some bubbles but those are more technical error on my part than fault with the product. I did as another reviewer suggested and bought four films to double up on each side of our rear windows. Great idea! Provides plenty of tint for our daughter riding in back.One thing I wasn’t expecting because of the photo was that these films are a dark brown/gold instead of a grey tint. Not what I would have preferred, but I don’t even notice the color anymore.

Helena Charles Town, WV

Does not block sun

This window cling does not block the sun, period. It lessens the intensity by just a bit. I wish they were much more opaque.Make sure to measure your windows because this product is too small on my windows.

Tracie Ashkum, IL

Good for the price!

We have a 2011 Toyota Prius and this shade doesn’t fit very well in the back seat window. However, it does the job while remaining very affordable.

Claudette Grand Junction, TN

Layer them!!!

Have that window as dark as you want! I doubled up mine on both sides of the car and it has been the best solution yet. Can’t tint my windows due to some dumb state tinting laws, so hey these things cling and stick on top of one another and you can’t beat that. Doubled up and that sun is out completely! Other sunshades fall down, so by far I cannot rave enough about this option. Ya bubbles are there, just have to stretch the things as far out and evenly as possible, also once placed onto the windows we used a rag to rub out the rest of the bubbles, seems it’s not going to be on perfect but all I can ask for in a sunshade is to keep the sun out and to stop falling down.

Anne Pratts, VA

Its good in comparison to all the others

The day they make a window shade that goes on easy, covers the whole window and is reusable I will give it 5 stars. I’ve tried about 5 different window shades and I like these the best. I put the two side by side on one window and cut one to go into the shaped area of the window (I have a honda van) and it completely blocks the sun. Its a pain to put on like all the other cling shades but so far its staying in place. Its wrinkled when it comes out of the package but when you put it on the window those big creases go away. I don’t care how "pretty" it looks, just as long as it keeps the sun off my baby’s face….but these don’t look bad.

Maricela Borup, MN

Does the trick

They definitely help shade eyes from the sun, which is the goal.Just some slight issues:* they come all folded up in a tiny box, so when you first pull them out they have a LOT of creases (my recommendation is to lay them out for a day or two in a warm room to let them flatten….whenever not using them I would store them rolled* they do a great job during the day, but it’s hard to see through them at night, for example when you’re pulling out from a stop sign and are trying to see if a car is coming down the road – obviously they are not meant for night time use, but it means taking them down any time you plan on driving after the sun goes down – if I had been aware of that I would’ve purchased some retractable shades

Sandra Denver City, TX

Gets the job done

Bought these to help block out the hot Vegas sun from my baby. I found it easier to apply when I lightly sprayed the back with Windex then once positioned right use a soft card (or a credit card) and gently work out the bubbles starting in the center. Keep a paper towel handy to wipe the excess Windex as you smooth it out. After sitting a few days it looked less bubbly to me. I am able to roll my windows up and down with this shade which is the #1 reason I chose this style. And for the convenience of that, I can deal with a few bubbles. These do not cover the entire window on my full size SUV but with the low price, I didn’t mind cutting one to give my baby the most coverage. Wish I would have found these before wasting money on the suction cup type that fell off after getting to hot.

Megan Toivola, MI


i installed in the winter and because of that, i cannot get all the wrinkles out. the ad suggests you can roll the window down with this thing attached. i have yet to have any luck – both times it gets stuck and i have to push the window up. this may change in the summer where it’s attached to the window more, but right now, it doesn’t work as suggested.

Meredith Stratford, TX


You get what you pay for – but in this case, even the 5 dollars I spent seems like a rip off. The two clings are impossible to stick to the windows without warping or bubbling, and the bottom edge is all ragged – it looks like someone quickly cut it with a big pair of dull scissors. The original selling point for me was that you could roll the windows up and down, but I wasn’t able to in my car (I drive a Subaru Outback). Worst of all, this really didn’t seem to block the sun out at all.It’s your baby – splurge a little. Spend the few extra bucks on a real window shade.

Sallie South Plainfield, NJ

clings well

Love it. Tints well, clings super right. Nice and big on my SUV windows. One back window rolls down with it on, the other back window won’t roll down with it on. Definitely a good buy.

Alexandra Frederic, MI

Great value.

When I bought mine the price was cheap compared to the value you get. I was surprised when I had them installed that I could still took down my windows. This may be car model dependant. We had one of those roll shades but it wasn’t near as good as this functionally. You have much more flexibility in where you can place them. Here are my tips:1. They came folded up. This was somewhat annoying but I was able to get the lines it with a heat gun.2. Make sure the window is absolutely clean and so is the static cling.3. Use a credit card to remove air bubbles once applied.That’s it. This is a great product.

Laurie Florence, MT

Hard to get out the wrinkles

Definitely performed as advertised, but it was hard to get the wrinkles out. It definitely wont be as smooth as the picture when you first unfold and install them.

Kristi Skokie, IL

So far so good

These worked great, fit my Honda CRV back windows perfectly. All cling sunshades are a bi#$% to install – do yourself a favor and get a squeegy – I didn’t and it took me forever, but I prefer these to the roll up ones because they are not a projectile in an accident and you can roll your window up and down. I actually registered and received the roll up ones got rid of them and bought these instead.

Jeri Cocolamus, PA

works great- could be bigger

Doesn’t cover all of the window but it still covers most of it. It doesn’t go on really easily either. Lots of bubbles!

Faye Powhatan, WV

couldn’t get them smooth, and they don’t block out enough sunlight

I tried using the glass cleaner and credit card trick, but I still couldn’t get out all of the air bubbles or the creases from the shades being folded in their packaging. The clings also don’t cover enough of my SUV’s window or block out enough of the light where they do cover. I would not recommend them.

Autumn Homer, LA

Love them!

We were really happy with these sunshades. They went on easily and stayed on just fine. There were a few wrinkles from being in the box, but those eased out after time on their own. Our little guy hasn’t even tried to pull them off and they stay on just fine when the window rolls up and down. My husband just trimmed them to fit our windows.

Terri San Augustine, TX

Good, not Great

Easy to install, it covers a fair amount of space, and really protect outsiders from seeing into the car but my little one still squints a lot from the sun in her face. Our car windows were already tinted too so I’m surprised this material still wasn’t enough. We’re not in the car for long periods of time so I can’t say for certain they protect against UV rays.

Terry Blackduck, MN

works after 2 years ..

Awesome! This has been plastered on my son’s backseat window for almost two years and has fallen off yet. It is dark enough to keep the sun out but he can still see outside. It is tricky to put on but once it is on, it stays on, and does allow the window to be opened / rolled down. The best way I have found to get this to adhere is to: 1. wipe the window front and back with windex 2. cut the cling down to size if need be 3. spray the inside of the window with water 4. place the cling over the wet window and take out any bubbles with driver’s license or something similar. The water helps the shade ‘float’ until you get it into place.

Nikki Pear Valley, TX

Lots o Bubbles

works great on the window but boy are there a million bubbles, unsightly. Then makes me concerned that when i roll down the window it will bunch up and get stuck in the inner workings of the window. Hasn’t happened yet but is a concern.

Shanna Glen Gardner, NJ

These are great!

I can’t believe some of the reviews about these, I think they work really well. As another reviewer suggested, I sprayed the window then used a credit card to smooth the bubbles out. Now there are a few small bubbles left and the clings don’t cover the entire window, but for the price I’m definitely satisfied with the result. The majority of the window has an extra tint, and there’s no roller or anything that can become a projectile and hit my baby if we get into an accident. They also stay in place just fine when rolling the window up and down.

Leticia Goldfield, IA

Makes view blurry so it can make you dizzy

The product does cling well to the window and does keep some sun out. However, if you try to look out the window everything’s blurred, which can make you car sick (in addition to taking away the fun of looking out the window).

Katie Vader, WA

A great alternative to traditional sunshades!

We’ve had this product for quite some time, and we absolutely love it. It works as it should and protects our boy from the glaring sun. We’ve even removed it numerous time and reapplied it without any problems.

Gayla Ashland, VA

Basic sun shade

This does what it says it will do. I wanted something simple and easy to put up. It blocks the sun. It isn’t anything fancy.

Cecile Crystal Bay, NV

Not bad.

The idea with this cling shade is fab. The execution was a little less straight forward. But it does provide good shade. Maybe it’s the shape of the windows in my car but cannot for love or money get a ‘bubble free’ coverage. I’ve tried teasing, coaxing, slapping it on but it always looks like the surface of the moon (bumpy, unsightly).

Randi Ava, MO

fits fairly well compared to the others i’ve bought!

I ordered this shade based upon other reviews. It fits the length of my window but not the depth. I wish I would have ordered the 4 pack so I could cut a piece to fill in gap at bottom of window. It went on easy based upon the previous instructions of another !

Charity Verbena, AL