Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy, Brown Dog

Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy, Brown Dog

Keep your little one close at hand in large crowds and open areas with this fun and playful Harness Buddy by Eddie Bauer. Simply remove the handy tether tail from this adorable monkey-shaped harness to convert into a backpack.

Main features

  • Shell/Filling: 100% Polyester; Strap 100% Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Friendly harness keeps child close and safe
  • Functions as both harness and backpack
  • Pocket on back for toys and snacks
  • Straps adjust as child grows
  • Dual buckle system for extra protection

Verified reviews


Wonderful safety product, wouldn’t leave home without it

I love this product. Although it’s a little bulky, it looks just like Curious George holding on to your toddler (which adults and kids love) and has two snap closures that they can’t undo easily. Tell your child the monkey helps mommy from getting lost and show them how they can “lead the way” while you hold on to the tail. Keep one in the car so you won’t forget it when running errands and another in your suitcase for travel – affordable and absolutely indispensible.

Tracey Manchester, MA

OK, but some design problems

We bought one of these and it’s seen limited use; it’s not a bad product, just not something we decided we really needed to use. It has some design problems, namely:(1) The “backpack” part of it is so small as to be practically useless for storing anything besides the removable leash(2) The dog’s nose buries itself into the child’s back, creating an irritating sensation.That being said, it will probably get you less disapproving stares/comments than a straight-out leash. And kids don’t notice having it on quite as much because it’s a cool backpack and it’s attached to their entire torso, not just an armband.

Brianna Bathgate, ND

Reviewers don’t understand how it works, why its called a backpack, or the design.

First of all, I love this thing. It has helped me when I am alone shopping and need to keep my son close and the seat in the basket just won’t cut it. He wants DOWN and this is the only way he can get on his feet without me chasing him.Complaints about tether placement: the position of the tether is perfect. It attaches low on the back, and there is a reason. Other backpack harnesses that are similar have the tether attachment up high. Guess what happens when your toddler turns around… the tether wraps around his throat. This harness does not do that. It is low on the toddler’s back. Also, if he pulls, it won’t be yanked up off of him like a shirt.Complaints on the term “backpack”: I don’t think when the manufacturer’s claimed it is able to convert to backpack so that you could put diapers, wipes, and a bottle in it. No, here is what they mean: There is a small pocket where the detachable tether is stored so that the child can wear it as a backpack and not a harness. Take off tether, put in pocket, zip it up, VOILA! BACKPACK! I know they say “toy or snack” and sure, you might be able to put a happy meal toy in there or a pacifier (which is what we use the pocket for), but not for schoolbooks. LOL!!I gave this item 5 stars for cuteness, wash-ability, ease of use, design, and durability. I love it.

Claudette Columbia, AL

kid loves it

always easy to put on as kid loves the teddy bear character cord is a good length so as not to get wrapped around anything too

Kelly Marquette, WI

Popular with the toddler

We got this for our trip to Disneyland. We knew our 3 yr old wasn’t going to sit in a stroller the whole time, but didn’t want her lose either when walking. This was a poplar item with her and she quick to point out other kids in the park with the same harness on. We did go in July and this did get a bit hot on her back, something I did consider when purchasing. However, it seems most the harness now available are like this one with some stuffed animal so that was my only regret about it. Overall, we were happy and so was our daughter. She was able to walk around and we were able to keep her from running off without tugging on her hand and arm. A win-win for everyone during our trip.

Monica Parrott, GA

Perfect for Disney World with toddlers

This worked out perfectly for our trip to Disney World with our 16 month old daughter! It was very sturdy and secure, and my daughter did not mind wearing it.

Amparo La Valle, WI

serves the purpose

it is cute and serves the purpose of keeping your kid out of trouble 🙂 mine is almost two and i need all the help i can get from keeping him close 🙂

Bertha North Pole, AK

Serves its purpose well. Toddler loves it.

My 18 month old loves this. Even without the “leash” part. I worry one day he might figure out the front fasteners but so far so good. Of course it was a learning curve for him, and he still leads the way. But he can’t get lost or go too far. It hasn’t caused him to fall by him running away suddenly, and it keeping him back while his legs keep going. But I can see how it could happen. I don’t see a way to prevent that though.We are all happy with it. Serves it’s purpose well.

Joann Burlington, MA

Great alternative to stroller.

My 19 month old is not a fan of his stroller. Most of the time I carry him in a Moby Wrap, but now that he is bigger he wants to walk more. This monkey harness is perfect. It keeps him close, but he still gets some freedom;. He LOVES the plush monkey. When he’s not wearing it, he cuddles with it!! I love the pouch also. It is easy to tuck the strap in the pouch. The only negative thing I could say is the monkey’s head is kind of in an awkward place behind his head. When we put it off to the side, we have to watch the straps because they can rub the side of his neck.

Marjorie Glen Ellen, CA

very soft

my daughter loves it. she’s 21month old. i would recommend it for mom. even just to have your little angel close to you. you can’t just drag her closer to you, still tiny angel. maybe when they are 4-6yr you can use the leash more to drag them closer to you.

Adelaide Peru, NY

Toddler loves it, load off my back. (literally)

I’m totally into “baby wearing”, or even toddler-wearing if your back can take it. However, at 8 months pregnant, I am just not into wearing an extra 25 pounds of toddler right now. Add to that the sweltering Southeastern summer AND a broken Graco stroller and I was really running out of ways to transport our 18-month-old, who is prone to yanking his chubby little hand out of mine and darting off in another direction. I’m not a fan of being that parent whose small child is running off in all directions and/or banging into people and/or tearing up items in a retail store. I got this Eddie Bauer backpack and was a bit worried that toddler would hate it and fight the stuffed animal, but… He doesn’t mind it at all! I still hold his hand, but I have the “leash” part of the backpack in my hand so that if he decides to jump away from me, he’ll still be in arm’s length. I’ll be honest, I was a little leery of purchasing a “leash” for my toddler, I was worried about how people would look at me for having my kid on a “leash”, but this is a great safety net for him and I know that when I’m also toting around his little baby brother in just a few weeks, this little backpack could just save his life. People can look at me “weird” all they want!

Brenda Salitpa, AL

great one!

My daughter loves her new buddy. When she saw it, she will want to use it. When going out, I put her this bagpack with the leash inserted behind the pocket. We usually walk together holding hands. So the leash only used in any case when I could not focus on her (say it on the cashier paying or talking with someone), I could take the leash out to ensure she did not wonder off. (well children wonder off could get hit by bypasser who could not see this small body)Buddy is so soft and light! I love it! and my daughter loves it too.

Young Crouse, NC

Love this harness/backpack

This was exactly what I needed to keep my toddler safe as he explores on his own two feet during outings. Plus it makes him look extra cute and I get a lot of compliments from people when he’s wearing his monkey backpack. It gives him a little freedom to roam but not too far. I really like it for our longer walks since hand holding is not the best position for either of our bodies during longer periods. It keeps my back from getting sore from reaching down to hold his hand and looks better for my child’s comfort too. Try holding your arm up in the air for a while and see how comfortable that is on your arm and shoulder! My son also enjoys putting little trinkets in his backpack and plays with it as a toy, making the monkey jump around, when he’s not wearing it.

Darlene Medina, ND