Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed the On-the-go Sleep and Play Solution

Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed the On-the-go Sleep and Play Solution

eddie Bauer Travel Bed is convenient and brings comfort for at home and on the go. Folds easy for travel. Provides a place for baby anywhere. Includes fitted sheet. Padded bottom and sides. Large storage pocket to hold essentials. Toy bar with two toys to keep baby entertained. Wipes easily clean.

Main features

  • Eddie Bauer Travel Bed folds easy for travel
  • Wipes easily clean
  • 17.4 x 14.9 x 4.0

Verified reviews


Economic choice for travel bed

My baby is so long that she outgrew this quickly, but it was a compact and inexpensive solution for travel and day trips. I added a waterproof pad to add more plushness, but it’s handy for naps at all-day outdoor venues, for the pool, etc. It also afforded a little privacy when changing her diapers and corraling her gear while we were in the pool. It was fine for overnight stays at hotels (and before baby could turn over), but I’d either use the hotel crib or pack a portable playard for longer trips. The mobile arch was handy for draping a thin blanket to block out light.

Kari Arlington, AZ

perfect for hotels

We traveled with my 10week old son and I didn’t want to get a crib for him since I’ve heard such bad things about hotel cribs and this was perfect. small, lightweight. We put a towel under it since some people said the bottom wasn’t very thick and he did fine sleeping in it

Corine Colfax, WA

Great compact travel bed for families on the go!

We used this travel bed while galavanting around Europe just after our son was born. It is great as it is SO very compact and easy to set up. The pad isn’t too “comfy” but he didn’t seem to mind. You can actually take a pillow case and place around the pad to make it “washer friendly” as we found that was a softer option when compared to the sheet that comes with the travel bed. A good item for the price.

Fannie Holmes City, MN

Travel Bed

What you see in the photo is exactly what the bed looks like. The little mobile bar works pretty well. The bed is compact when folded and good for infants to lay in or sleep.

Jessica Mcfaddin, TX

Like it but…

My baby outgrew this by four months, and he’s not even a tall or big baby! It is awesome for travelling but I wish it were bigger. Very lightweight.

Tamara Fort Dick, CA

Very convenient!

I got this as a present from my aunt when my baby was 3 months old, he is now 15 months, he no longer fits comfortably, but it has been a great gift to receive! It has been very usefull, even to use it as a co-sleeper when my baby got the flu, and when we where overnight away from home.

Marcie Windsor, IL