Eddie Bauer Soothing Comfort Bouncenette

Eddie Bauer Soothing Comfort Bouncenette

Eddie Bauer soothing comfort Bouncer/Bouncenette with zip up netting

Main features

  • quilted reclining seat
  • gentle vibration
  • nature sounds to soothe baby at home and on the go
  • Folds easily for easy travel and storage
  • zip up netting provides safety and comfort from outdoor pests

Verified reviews


Just not right…

I also loved the idea for this product. My daughter was born in July and I liked the idea of her napping in it on our porch with the netting all zipped up. However, the seat never supported her enough. She wasn’t a very big or a very small baby, but she kept falling over to one side in the seat. And the toys – and what they are attached to – were always out of her reach, but in her line of sight. When she could support herself better, she was too tall for it. The cool tent feature makes the babies outgrow it so much more quickly than a regular open bouncy seat. I ended up leaving it at my mom’s for a “back up”. And for the price compared to other bouncy seats (like the $20 one I bought and my daughter loved), it was a big time waste of money.

Emily Sand Fork, WV

One of our WORST purchases

My husband and I read all of the poor reviews on this product, and we really should have listened to them! However, we were drawn to the bouncenette’s pretty neutral color and seeming usefulness. We were wrong–it wasn’t useful. Here’s a list of all that we found wrong with this bouncenette:
• When our baby was a newborn, she wasn’t properly supported by the seat, and would end up in very weird positions (head near the bottom of the seat, slumped over to the side, etc…) while sleeping. We thought of placing towels or blankets on either end, but that didn’t seem safe.
• The vibration is weak.
• The toys are very boring and out of the baby’s reach, which is pointless.
• It’s awkward to carry around.
• After only two months, we coudn’t find any use for this product.We went back to the store and bought the Ocean Wonders bouncer, which is cheaper and a much better product. Listen to the reviews–don’t waste your money.

Sharlene Blue Island, IL

Loved the concept, my baby hated it

If you are an outdoorsy type, then this is perfect! My daughter hated any bouncing, shaking, vibrating things. I liked it because it actually didnt let the bees in there and boy were there alot of them in my best friends backyard! I also went to the park alot and this was my sidekick. Although it is bulky to carry, if you own a car.. its ok

Margot Menlo, WA

Wonderful Product, But Purchase the newer Safety 1st version!

We just purchased the newer model by Eddie Bauer’s parent company Safety 1st. I would recommend buying the newer model, but this item isn’t on Amazon (but it IS at Babies R Us). The vibrations are great, the sound quality is impressive, and it’s soft! Ours reclines, and is very useful for daytime naps around the home (and at grandma’s). I also love the netting for indoor use as we have a dog who LOVES the baby. I feel more comfortable looking away to do the dishes with the netting up because I know the dog can’t lick the baby to death 🙂

Lena Pippa Passes, KY

Good product but not for me

I really like this bouncenette but foudn that I didn’t use it very much. The zip around bug screen was wonderful when sitting out on the deck in the summer. I wouldn’t have asked for it if I had known that I wasn’t going to use it a lot, I feel like I wasted my friend’s money on it.

Pamela Schuyler, NE