Eddie Bauer Velboa Play Yard Sheet, Ecru

Eddie Bauer Velboa Play Yard Sheet, Ecru

Eddie Bauer is an outdoor brand that offers signature outerwear, men’s and women’s clothing, gear and accessories and world class mountaineering gear. All built to one standard: to be the best. Eddie Bauer Velboa Play Yard sheet ecru, comfy, cozy, quilted pad that fits over playpen bottoms. Elastic sides for a good fit and nice, smooth surface for naps. Standard size: 39″Lx27″W. Fits most playpens.

Main features

  • Comfy, cozy, quilted pad that fits over playpen bottoms
  • Elastic sides for a good fit and nice, smooth surface for naps
  • Standard size: 39″L x 27″W; Fits most playpens

Verified reviews



I have the Graco Pack n Play and this sheet fits perfect! I was a little scared to dry it after reading reviews online so the first wash I did not dry. After the 2nd wash and ever since I have dried on the medium setting and no shrinkage for me. This is suuuper soft and nice and cushy! I am not sure if I would use if it was summer time unless the house was nice and cool. I also used it in other pack n plays that were not graco when we traveled and it worked great. I would recommend and will for sure buy another if I need one.

Avis Alburg, VT

very thick

I bought two for my pnp and it’s super thick like another layer of cushion. These are warm! My kid is very comfortable at night.

Laura Mosinee, WI

Awesome pack n play sheet!

My baby would not sleep in his pack n play until we put this sheet on yesterday! It’s cushy, soft and fits perfectly. I was a little worried about it shrinking after I washed it, but it did fine. My husband, our little one and I are so happy with this sheet and are definitely going to purchase another one!

Barbara Dorr, MI

Perfect comfy pack-n-play sheets

We have owned these sheets for 4 years and have used them for both our children. They are so well-made, sturdy, and very padded and soft. I wish they made some in queen size. 🙂 I highly recommend these to any parents. Enjoy as much as I have!

Elaine Rutledge, AL

Fits but not a perfect fit

We have a Baby Trend playard (in Columbia) and recently purchased the 38x26x3 inchDream On Me 3″ Playard Mattress, Whitewhich fits in the playard perfectly. TheCarters Quilted Woven Playard Fitted Sheet, Sagewe had been using and love doesn’t come close to fitting the mattress. The Carter’s sheet does fit the thin mattress that originally came with the playard, although it is very snug and compressed the mattress length after a lot of use. I’m trying to give specifics to help others who are looking for sheets to fit whatever playard and mattress they have.Anyway, I bought this sheet in hopes that it would fit our mattress. It does, although it is very tight. It might compress the foam mattress after lots of use, although I’m thinking the foam mattress should hold up against a tight sheet a lot better than the cardboard-y sectioned mattress that came with the playard. The sheet is very soft and thick and doesn’t get really cold like some sheets. It is, however, 100% polyester for those of you wishing to only have 100% cotton against your baby’s skin. It’s a nice green just like in the picture. It looks brand new after the one wash I’ve given it and did not shrink (I air dried it to be safe). Besides preferring cotton, my only complaint is that it is so tight, but if I was using this on the playard mattress which is what it’s made for it would be perfect, a better fit than the Carter’s woven sheet.

Esperanza Plum City, WI

Cozy & durable

We’ve been using this (washed) for one + months in our Graco Pack n Play. It fits well and is made of quality materials. I would recommend this and am considering purchasing another for myself and one for the grandparents who have a chicco pack n play. I just haven’t done it yet.

Esther Petersburg, NY


Fits my graco pack n play great and love how they are thicker leaving a little padding for my baby.

Lee Rural Retreat, VA

Great pad

This is a great playpen pad. Lots of cushion and easy to put on. I bought 2 of them.

Nannie Littlerock, CA

Soooo much better than Graco sheets

This is sooooo much better than the Graco sheets. It’s thick and soft, especially after washing. It fits the Graco full-size Pack ‘n’ Play perfectly. The texture is great as well, keeps my little one from slipping around the bed.

Jenna Clarkson, NE

my son likes his playard now

I have a graco pack and play and my son didn’t use to fall asleep on the bassinet surface neither when used by itself or with a thin sheet. The Eddie Bauer sheet is like terry but soft and, it would seem, comfortable enough that my son actually stays asleep in the playard now for hours. It’s also protective that even if his diaper leaks the pack and play doesn’t get soiled. The only gripe I have is that it’s not exactly form fitting and looks just a tiny bit loose but it doesn’t move over the bassinet surface enough to be a hazard.

Lynn Pachuta, MS

Soft, cushiony yet safe – love it! Best for winter

I bought one of these on sale at a store and loved it so much I bought another one. We use one in the pack n play and another in our mini crib. The sheets are a nice tight fit so there are no extra baby dangers of suffocation. The sheet adds some slight cushion though, which helps with those super hard mattresses and the pack n play cardboard like bed. They are not as warm as fleece but they are a thicker material than a plain cotton sheet. Think flannel, only a little more cushion and nicer. We used these all winter and I love them so much, I’m going to keep using them into summer unless they seem to make her sweat. It’s May right now and so far they’re still perfect. They wash well and I highly recommend these.

Alma Newark, MO

Fits my pack and play

Fits my Eddie Bauer pack and play perfect. It should be used in the winter though because it was really nice and soft but made my daughter sweat in the warmer months.

Meredith Tuckahoe, NY

Does shrink – Graco Pack N Play

Maybe not all Graco products are the same size but on ours it’s snug and buckles. Not that you can’t fit it on but I’m not sure how comfortable it is to lay on when the bottom doesn’t lay nicely flat. Wish they’d modify the length.

Carol Thornburg, VA

Fits Bright Starts Pack N Play Perfect!

Great product. Fits the Bright Starts Pack N Play perfect. Very soft, just wish they had more color choices. Would recommend this product to others.

Ernestine Reading Center, NY

awesome, awesome sheet for travelling (hotel crib use)

we bought this play yard sheet for our first trip with the baby. We planned on using the hotel’s provided crib/pack n play to cut down on the amount of luggage we needed.We stayed at two different hotels, both of which brought out two very different looking cribs … one was a standard looking pack n play that didnt have a mattress and only had the little floor insert (couldnt tell which brand. Had mesh sides like your typical pack n play). One was an old-school looking white crib and a mattress.This sheet fit both perfectly, and provided extra cushioning and was VERY VERY soft! For some reason, my daughter slept through the night all nights on our trip – something she never does at home. Is it the sheet?? Well, to my dismay i’ll never find out because it doesnt look like (at least on AMazon) Eddie Bauer makes this sheet in normal crib dimensions. Darn!

Gwen Medina, NY


I bought three of these because they are so soft and fluffy. I feel like it makes the pack and play mattress much comfier for my baby. Love them!

Estela Medon, TN

Great for travel

We bought this to have for hotel room pack n plays that only come with the standard hard mattress. I think this gave my son the extra cushioning he needed to feel comfy. It is bulky, but would be ideal to have at a grandparent’s house too.

Jan Crowville, LA

Perfect for Arms Reach co-sleeper

This is my favorite sheet for the full size arms reach co-sleeper. It’s super soft and durable – I love that it is thick and seems slightly padded since the co-sleeper matress isn’t very soft. I am buying more for gifts for my friends!

Desiree Fairbanks, IN

Great fit and feel for Graco play yard – fits over mattress topper, too

I bought a MamaDoo Kids Playard Mattress Topper for my Graco play yard and this sheet fits great over the mattress and it all fits nicely in the play yard. The sheet is soft and plush – which the play yard mattress definitely needs – it feels like cardboard. Washed and dried it in the machine and it came out great. I just ordered two more.

Kasey Laketown, UT

love it

I use this sheet for my baby’s arm’s reach co-sleeper; it fits perfectly and doesn’t bunch up at all. It is soft, thick and washes very well. The original arm’s reach sheets are thin and rough…for the same price or less, the Eddie Bauer sheets are such a steal! For those worrying about the quilted quality of the sheets and baby’s safety, I use a sleep positioner for peace of mind.

Frankie Ruther Glen, VA

A great buy

This is a thick/ quilted sheet and makes the pack and play bottom comfy. This is one of the nicer ones out there that I have seen. We ordered 3 of them.

Althea Rock Falls, IL

Does the job

A little bit of cushion to it but maybe could use more unless you are using it under a back sleeping infant then you wouldn’t want any more than it has.

Sally Panora, IA

Soft and comfy

I purchased this to use with our Baby Trend Nursery Center play yard. The sage green matches perfectly with the play yard’s colors (Columbia). It fits the mattress well, even after washing. I did let it air dry instead of running it through the dryer. It’s very soft and adds a little cushion to the thin mattress, which is why I chose this sheet. I had some regular sheets, which work fine, but the mattress is so thin and there are hard bars underneath, I thought it needed a little something extra for baby’s comfort. We don’t use the play yard much but the few times we have, baby went right to sleep and seemed comfortable enough.

Aida Bosque, NM

“At laaast . . . my sheet has come aloooong . . . “

Finally! A playard sheet that is high quality, cushiony, AND THAT FITS!!!! We have the standard Graco Pack N Play and the Graco sheets not only do not fit, but also fall apart in the wash. Then I tried Carter’s which also did not fit (not by a long shot). This Eddie Bauer sheet is soft, padded, well made, and fits just perfectly, no pulling or tugging or struggling, and it doesn’t make the mattress buckle either. Good work, Eddie Bauer!

Arline Eagarville, IL

Jealous of baby! Love it!

I use this on a Dream On Me 3" Foam Playyard Mattress with a Graco On The Go Pack and Play. I had to bend the foam mattress to get it to fit into the closed elastic corners. The mattress was a little bowed before I put it in. I just pressed it tightly into the frame and it fits amazingly. The sheet will NOT come off because the corners are sewn closed about 5" in at each corner. It fits firmly and flat on the mattress, not puckered.Quilting is thick and luxurious, but not overly fluffy like a down blanket. Soooo soft and snuggly. I’ll switch to cotton in the summer but for cold months this is PERFECT!! So happy!!!!

Alyson Sheffield, AL

Much better than regular sheets

We have regular cotton sheets and then finally got this one. Much, much softer and I like that it is thicker too because the mattress that comes with the Pack N Play is very thin. I am ordering a second one since I like it so much.

Ofelia Mercer, ND

Best pack n play sheet for sleeping!

Very soft, good amount of padding, fits great (even with the 2 1/2" mattress we purchased extra), and has held up to washings on delicate cycle. We also have the Carter’s one, and this is much better quality. Buy it – you won’t regret it!

Miriam Stockwell, IN

Great Item

This is a great cover for the pak n play mattress. It is super soft. It cleans easily and has not shrunk after two washes, along with drying on hot. It adds some cushioning to our used pak n play without being too much to make it unsafe. I just ordered a second one.

Gabriela Goldsboro, NC

Soft and perfect fit

Purchase this rather than Graco’s play yard sheet after reading reviews. This is soft and a great fit for my Graco Play Yard. I purchased 2 and its perfect.

Rose Cornwall, NY

Fits CLASSIC POOH Graco wonderfully

I bought this after some hesitancy with regard to it fitting whatever brand portable crib I might own. For the Let’s Fly a Kite pack n play, it fits PERFECTLY. I don’t even have to use an extra pad, as this sheet does double duty. I don’t imagine I’d use it in warmer weather, but for winter, it’s awesome. No pilling problems so far; I dry it on medium-low.

Georgette East Canaan, CT