Eddie Bauer Wood High Chair, Stonewood

Eddie Bauer Wood High Chair, Stonewood

Eddie Bauer Classic High Chair (Stonewood)Width 20

Main features

  • Bead board detailing
  • 1 hand front release tray with 4 positions and 3 point harness
  • Dishwasher safe insert tray
  • Permanent restraint with snack tray and removable, washable seat pad
  • Holds children up to 50 pounds or 22.7 kilo gram

Verified reviews


Nice to look at, not practical at all!

This highchair is no good for a younger baby. It does not recline, so it is very hard to feed a young baby, because he is always falling forward. My baby slumps to the side and crys, because he is uncomfortable leaning over the hard wood side of the chair. The seat pad is very thin, leaving a hard seat for baby to sit on and if your baby throws his head back, he will hit it on the wood. Also, there is very little space for the leg holes, and I find it very hard to get my 17lb 4 1/2 month old in to it. I am glad this high chair was a gift, now I can buy a softer, bigger, reclining highchair, that my baby will like.

Stella Kiln, MS

ATTN NEW MOMS: may be great looking but something to consider.

I am a first time Mom & registered for this high chair because we have the whole travel system, pack & play, everything matched & this chair is actual wood! nice looking & not like all the other big bulky plastic ones (now I know why they make them!). This high chair has NO Recline feature, the back sits very straight up & has very thin padding. If you plan to start your baby on solids on the younger side like myself you may want to consider another chair. My pediatrician recommended to at 4 months to get him use to the spoon & now at 4 1/2 months he is eating wonderfully (in his bouncer chair tho)! We can not use this chair because he can not sit up straight for a long duration of time & I’m afraid he will topple over & hit his head on the hard wood.I also have a friend with an Eddie Bauer chair & a 1 year old who had the same complaint saying it’s very hard to clean & not enough padding for when her son was younger. They also ended up having to purchase another one. Now I am in the process of looking for a space saving “reclining” chair for my son to use. Really discouraging because it looks like a great piece of furniture but not functional for babies of ALL stages… If I would of known, I would of saved the money & purchased a normal or “space saving” high chair, they have all the features of a normal chair, can be used as a booster for older toddlers & best of all can be taken with you for travel. I am in the process of researching a space saver for my son now.. Maybe I will update my review once he is big enough to actually utilize this Eddie Bauer chair but I would not recommend this to a friend…

Kristine Dunnellon, FL

Worst high chair ever!

High is horrible and falling apart! The highchair really had me sold on its looks, it “looks” great….. at first! After a year and some of using this highchair, it always looks dirty and is hard to clean, there’s a lot of areas for food to be trapped. It scratches after cleaning. The wood on the sides come out, I had to pick up a piece that my toddler got out while she was eating in her high chair… can you say dangerous! I have another baby on the way and decided I will not be using this highchair and a bit sad that it didn’t work out. I am excited though to have my toddler move on to a booster chair and be done with this sham of a chair!

Allene Monroe Center, IL

Very nice looking and functional highchair

I originally choose this chair because it matched my dinning room set so nicely. It seems thus far very durable and my 30 lb 14 month old son is ROUGH on everything. The only reason I gave it four stars and not five is because the removable/washable tray has a major flaw….the baby could pop it out of place super easily! Therefore any food goes flying off with it. My son learned this little trick early on….like at five months. My easy solution was to simply not use the pop off tray. Other than that, I love this highchair.

Janette Clayton, LA

Gorgeous, but just not functional

The chair itelf is so beautiful, but my baby is 5 mos. old and has acid reflux, so we need a chair that leans back a bit, and one that fits him…well, he is 16 pds, and I cannot get the straps around his chubby belly! Also, it is so uncomfortable for him, the cushion has no padding and it’s straight up and down…also, no wheels, so I have to physically lift the chair when I go from the kitchen to dining room…all in all, if you want a functional comfy high chair i recommend the graco contempo, yes it is babyish and not to easy on the eyes, but my baby loves it, it works great and easy for me to move around!

Shawna Attica, OH