Edushape 4″ Sensory Balls, Set of 4, Solid

Edushape 4″ Sensory Balls, Set of 4, Solid

Edushape 4″ Sensory Balls, Set of 4, Solid

Main features

  • Set of 4 4″ balls in primary colors
  • Great for sensory and dexterity development
  • The wonderful nubby surface is great for tactile development
  • Balls are Phthalate compliant for baby’s safety

Verified reviews


Awful Condition

Besides the fact that the sensory balls arrived about 1/4 full of air (and that’s being generous…3 out of four looked like someone spit inside them while manually blowing them up! The outside wasn’t dirty, just the inside had a disgusting film on them. Waste of money, waste of time to return…ended up buying what I needed at BuyBuy Baby the next day for a better price. Don’t buy from this vendor, they clearly don’t care about product quality…any idiot would have noticed the beyond damaged merchandise when it was shipped. Normally I would file a complaint and go through the process to ship back and return…but being 37 weeks pregnant I don’t have the time or energy to deal with it and chalk it up to getting screwed over and being disgusted. Least I could do is warn other parents…don’t waste your time and money, buy somewhere else.

Freida Baldwin Place, NY

Wonderful simple toy with long-term appeal

We’d had these balls for my son for a very long time, over a year (he’s now 20 months), and they are wonderful in so many ways. First, the color selection is perfect. Red, blue, green, and yellow are going to be the first colors most children learn. Here you have an easy teaching tool to use with your child starting at a very young age. Second, the texture is distinctly different yet not unpleasant or unsafe because the spikes are soft (as is each entire ball). Third, because of the soft texture, once your child starts throwing these balls, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your home or to your child. Of course, once a child can really get some lift on his throws, there could be trouble! Lastly, unlike most of my son’s other toys, these balls have been steadily used since they were purchased, and I expect their appeal to continue to be strong for some time to come.Every day now, my son is picking up these balls and throwing them back and forth with us. He always smiles and laughs when he does so, and that’s a beautiful thing to see. I highly recommend these for anyone with a baby. You’ll get a ton of use out of them.

Kirsten Prospect Heights, IL

A hit!

I got these for DS’s 1st birthday. They are soft but spiky. They bounce and withstand chewing. Since the focus is on Sensory Integration these days I figured these balls would be great for all in the household.They massage feet, too. 😀

Brianna Clayton, OH

Balls are fun to play with

These are fun to play with however I feel that these are overpriced at over $13. That makes each ball cost the consumer over $3! I feel it’s not fair when the cost to make these is in the cents. They are balls though so roll them around, bounce, bite–kids like them ok.

Leann Mount Carmel, UT

Good for the Price, but Not AMAZING

My son LOVES balls. He loves to push them around and chase them, then mouth them when he catches them.In other settings, he’s really enjoyed the soft, spiky sensory balls and for under $13 I thought this was a great set to have at home.As with any new toy, he immediately delighted in them, but days later they were left ignored.My little guy is 9mos old now and I think once he’s more into interactive play he will go back to these.I could easily see having held off on this purchase.On a different note, I’ve worked with children with sensory issues and these would have been wonderful balls to have for them. Especially for children who have a hard time with light touch.

Nancy Broken Arrow, OK

Love these, but 1 arrived deflated

My son really enjoys these balls. His favorite color is blue. The blue one arrived deflated with a hole in it. Super bummed out!

Beverley Reddell, LA

Cooler than they seem

I had a fear that these would have a weird texture, or smell funny, or be oddly squishy. They were none of those things. My girl loves them. Aside from the ‘cool, a ball!’ aspect, she loves how they feel on her skin, and how they feel when she holds them. If she’s super tired and just lying on me, I can roll them gently on her skin, and she will enjoy the sensation. These are fun. I think, though, that they would do more good for a kid with sensory issues.. if they’d been around when my son was a kid, perhaps they would have helped him a bit in that way. Still, they are neat, and have enough heft to them without being too solid to throw around on the floor.

Mindy Elk Horn, KY

Son loves them.

Perfect. Fits in his hands well, isn’t too hard, good cripping ability. Colorful. Good buy I’m glad we got them.

Darcy Rose Hill, VA

Great for our 6 month old!

I purchased these at Target for our son and he loves them! The balls are perfect for him to grip and it’s pretty funny to watch him in his carseat- he drops them and rolls them under his feet against the seat back. Worth every penny.

Sasha Tucker, GA

Great All Purpose Toy for Older Infants and Toddlers

I purchased these for my son when he was about nine months old after I noticed he was always carrying these around at day care. The size is perfect for little hands and the texture makes it a bit easier to hold. Even though they are textured, they still roll just fine, so my son is able to roll them around. The little nubs are soft, so I don’t have any safety concerns if my son would fall while holding one. We’ve had them several months and they’re still in great shape, we haven’t had any issues with them deflating at all. Now that he’s older, it’s a good game to spread the balls out around the room and instruct him to pick them up and put them away. We’re now using them to work on colors a bit as well. A good all around toy.

Ruthie Three Rivers, TX

Great toy

My 7-month old son likes these. The texture makes them easy to grab and hold on to. He may just start crawling because of these balls…when he tosses them away from him, he starts to lean towards them like he’s going to go after them.

Angeline Criders, VA

Great little balls to stash around the house

These are great for a precocious toddler who likes to throw things. Good alternative to throwing hard (and dangerous) toys. Easy for them to grab ahold of and seemingly very gratifying to toss. No worries about someone getting hurt or something getting broken and they help to refine that throwing skill.

Iris Tilton, IL

Fun and engaging!

These balls are bright and transluscent. The sensory bumps help my baby to pick them up for tossing and playing. She seems to like them a lot. She also likes when they are run up and down her arm and around her head. This seems to tickle her and she giggles.

Roberta Franklin, TX

a great toy for 9 month old

My grandaughter loves these balls. They are soft, but have an interesting texture. she is motivated to crawl and move about to get the red one, and seems especially interested in the sticker on the top of the ball. I am glad they came with four because they tend to scatter a lot and I don’t have to get up so often.

Naomi Neely, MS

Good product

My grandson love the balls, his sister too. It is a good product and it has even survived the dog.

Susana Campti, LA

Fun toy for all ages

We frequently host playdates at our house with my friends and their small children, so my daughter’s toys get a good sampling of different ages playing with them. Of the many toys we have, these balls are the ones that children of all ages (birth to age 7 is the range we’ve had at one time) seem to enjoy playing with. The tiny crawling babies love chasing them and chewing on them, my toddler loves to hold them all and carry around in a basket, we roll them on her feet and tummy and she giggles uncontrollably, and the older kids love to roll and toss them around. They are soft enough not to hurt furniture, walls, or people if bumped into. Each ball was a little smaller than I expected, about the size of a softball. But it really is a perfect size for little hands. The spiky soft texture helps to grip them, so even a clumsy person like me can catch it easily! I love the vibrant colors, great way to introduce colors to my daughter. Absolutely perfect, fun, and educational. And a big plus for parents– no blinking, beeping, or electronic annoyingness to deal with!

Marisol Geff, IL

Perfect first set of balls

These nubby, textured balls are great as a first set. We have had a lot of fun rolling them around. They can also be used for teaching colors and size as each ball is a different color and size. My son even has fun just carrying them around the house. I have purchased these for gifts as well.

Estelle Forks Of Salmon, CA

Fun to play with

These were fun to play with when my daughter was young – we even used them when we were teaching her colors! She liked them because they were easy to pick up for her small hands!

Michell Chinquapin, NC

Great for all ages.

My one year old son loves these balls. He chews on them, throws them around, bounces them, and anything else you can think. I think this product is great for all ages and it’s prices good as well. Definitely a must have for the toy box.

Caryn Rhinebeck, NY

Great quality but my son hates them.

My son discovered small sensory balls (a bit bigger than a golf ball) at a Gymboree class and wouldn’t let go of three of them for an hour. He was to the point of tears at the end of class when he had to leave them behind. I searched for the small sensory balls everywhere but couldn’t find them but I thought these would be pretty good. These are about the size of an orange. When the box arrived and we opened it, he just walked away. Months later, he still does not play with them. Even when I throw one at him or hand him one, he plays with it for a second or two by throwing it and walking it away. I didn’t want to give these a low rating because the balls themselves are good quality and it’s not their fault that he doesn’t like them. I just wish they had them in the smaller size.

Delores Waldron, AR

Favorite toy for 15 month old

These balls have provided lots of fun for my granddaughter. She loves throwing them and trying to bounce them. She is just learning colors so we can use them for that too. Great simple fun.

Alexis Glidden, TX

Great Toys

We originally got these to use in our son’s first birthday party favor bags, but I was very glad we had a few leftover for our son to play with. He loves playing with them. They are good quality, easy to hold and throw and are bright colors. Exactly as advertised.

Leola Spruce Head, ME

Wonderful toy

I originally thought these were way too much like the toys we buy for our dog at about $2.99 each but my son LOVES them. He is 9 months old and can hold them easily and loves to throw them with one hand. Although it means a lot of picking them up, the amount of joy it brings him makes it totally worth it. These are the first toys he goes to.

Betty Chandlers Valley, PA

great texture, good bounce, great roll

We discovered these at a local toddler time and had to get some for home. I like this set because they are a good size for toddler hands and you get definite colors (no colors may vary). These bounce and roll like normal balls, are easy to throw and the “spikes” are a fun texture for little hands. Very durable – my 2 year old often carries one with his teeth! Great set.

Faith Drumright, OK

Good balls, nothing special

I ordered these just to have some balls in our toy collection…She’s 6 months and is intrigued by the texture, but would not normally chose this a toy to play with. Only when we bust them out does she show any interest. They are a little large for her hands, but she can hold them with both, and she likes to put them up to her mouth and put her tongue on the prickley texture. She does not like the ball rolled on her skin (as the box suggests for a massage tool). Perhaps she’ll appreciate them more when she’s a little bigger and can roll them around.

Christy Fallon, MT

Great sensor ballls

Easy for a baby to pick up and hold and with a good amount of bounce. Dog got ahold of one and it punctured pretty easily, but the rest of them have held up well.

Flora South Glens Falls, NY


These balls are great! My son loves putting them in boxes and baskets and just rolling them back and forth. He also likes the feeling when I roll them over his face (carefully) and head. He then picks it up and tries to roll it across his forehead himself!

Reba Henagar, AL

Best toy

Baby loves it. Perfect size and texture. Baby learned to throw a ball first with these! We also bought the larger ones we liked them so much. Highly recommend for strong, very physical baby boys.

Loraine New Market, VA

Great set for the $$

My son loves these balls. They are perfect size for his little hands, so he can get a good grasp on the balls. They are super-durable (as my dog as tested out!). They can just be rinsed off if they get dirty.

Cathryn Mount Hermon, LA

Daughter LOVES them!

These balls are so cute and my daughter loves them! They are soft yet bounce good. She will roll them all over the house and chase after them. Would recommend them. Saw some reviews of them smelling bad, etc. I did not have any of that. They had a small white film on them when they arrived but I washed them in soap and water and they were brand new.

Cherry Smallwood, NY