Edushape 7″ Sensory Ball, Colors May Vary

Edushape 7″ Sensory Ball, Colors May Vary

Infants can squeeze, roll, throw or kick these colorful and textured balls. Their bumpy surface offers a tremendous sensory play value for the young athletes. Baby products by Edushape will enable babies to: explore, discover, visualize, and verbalize and so much more. At Edushape we encourage you to, touch with passion, laugh with love, and “bond with your baby”. Most of all have fun learning together.

Main features

  • Great for sensory development
  • Large size allows easy interactive play with older siblings or adults
  • Colors vary, you will receive one of the following colors: red, yellow, green or blue
  • Nubby surface

Verified reviews


Fun ball for kids of all ages

This toy was originally for my baby. He really likes it. Although he is only 9 months old, the ball is easy for him to hold and roll. It is such a fun ball that my 6 year old played with it constantly. She liked it so much, she bought herself one with her own money from her piggy bank! It is a very bouncy ball. It has taken a lot of play (and abuse) at my house, and it is still going strong (although we do pump it up occasionally).

Ingrid Dobbs Ferry, NY

best balls

I don’t know why, but my 1 year old daughter lover to play with balls. They are her favorite toys by far, so we have got a lot of them! This particular ball is one of our favorites. The nubs on it are soft enough to be worry free, and resilient enough to provide grip so that even little baby can pick it up one handed. Also, it does not have any of that nasty off-gassing odor that so many ball toys have, so no worries about dangerous chemicals. This one is a winner.

Rosalind Lily Dale, NY

Great toy…

I have a Family Childcare and this was for my little 4 month old boy. He loves it, the only problem is that the school kids are always trying to snag it on him. A good gift for anyone who likes to play ball and a great sensory gift to boot!

Ina Peabody, MA

great baby toy!

I bought these for my son when he was 9 months old. He loves them. The little nobs are great for baby hands to grip a ball much easier. He is one and a half now and they are still his favorite.

Verna Axtell, NE

OK ball, but child wasn’t interested

The ball was exactly what was advertised, colorful and sturdy, but my infant wasn’t very interested in it and so far she still isn’t as a toddler. So nothing wrong with it but I can’t say much good about it either. It’s just a textur-y ball.

Christian East Chicago, IN