Edushape Edu-Tiles 36 Piece 6x6ft Play Mat, Letters & Numbers Set

Edushape Edu-Tiles 36 Piece 6x6ft Play Mat, Letters & Numbers Set

Edushape’s Edu-Tiles are known for their quality, safety and durability worldwide and are therefore used in many schools and pre-schools because they last! Edushape’s Edu-Tiles Letters and Numbers is Edushape’s premiere tile mat and includes both uppercase letters plus numbers. These thick mats are easy to hand wash with soap and water and are submersible if you want wash them in the sink. When assembled into a square, the Edushape Edu-Tiles Letters and Numbers are a huge 72″ X 72 ” mat, though you can assemble the 36 12″ Square tiles in any configuration you wish to suit your needs. Each tile, letter and number are textured on top and have a skid resistant bottom. Edushape’s Edu-Tiles can be mixed and matched to grow with your needs or for more assortment.

Main features

  • Encourages development of Gross Motor Skills, Hand Eye Coordination, Logic, Reasoning, and Visual Sensory Development
  • Comes with an easy clean-up zippered tote
  • Assorted bright colors
  • Optional Edges and Corners
  • Makes a great gift
  • Comes with an easy clean-up zippered tote;
  • Optional Edges and Corners: Edushape model 701016 (multiple kits needed due to size of mat.
  • Makes a great gift!

Verified reviews


Warning Choking Hazard – Not For Children Under 3 on Package

We purchased this product to setup a play area for our 6 month old when he was crawling. It arrived quickly and looked like pictured but the individual mats are not solid. They are more like jigsaw puzzles. The letters and numbers come out of the mat. We felt uncomfortable with the size of some of the pieces due to our baby like everyone else’s I am sure putting everything in their mouth. Having to add edges to the mat; which you need to purchase separately; adds to the issue.The mats looked nice and if they didn’t come apart we would have kept them. Nothing in the description indicates they are in pieces.The Packaging was a WARNING : Choking Hazard – Small Parts Not for children under 3 years. This also is not mentioned in the description.If this had been in the description I would not have purchased this item.

Joni Tieton, WA


We like the colors, shapes, durability of this product. We have had it about 2 months and it is holding up with our 11 month old girl. I don’t think you really need the borders. if you do order the borders make sure you order and extra set to go around the 6×6 play mat. Once my daughter discoverd a corner or a border came off today she wanted to chew on it. The product is soft and can be chewed off easily. Also, we have a wood floor and wanted something softer as she learned to walk. It is not soft if that is what you are looking for. We put it on top of a large wool rug which helps a bit.

Kendra Lake Dallas, TX

we like it

The mat has a lot of cushion, and is odor-free. I bought this so my child could have a soft, easy-clean, fun surface to play on, and she’s having a great time playing with the numbers & letters. My only complaint is that I didn’t expect a lot of removable smaller pieces (little triangles inside the “4” and “A”, little ovals within various letters). I’m not worried about a choking hazard-we just keep losing the little pieces.

Bobbi Fannettsburg, PA

They do smell bad, but they’re great tiles

This has been noted by other reviewers, but these tiles give off a very strong chemical odor initially. Simply opening the bag to air them out doesn’t work, either. I had to spread mine out on the lawn in the sun for a couple of days to make a difference. After that, I threw them in a bathtub of soapy water, which helped further. After taking those couple of steps, the smell almost completely disappeared. Afterwards, I put the tiles together and let them lay on the floor for a few days before introducing baby. At that point, the smell was totally gone.I wouldn’t recommend putting your little one next to these tiles until you air them out. The smell is enough to give a grown person a headache.I do like the tiles, though. We live in a rental with a nasty carpet, and I don’t want my little guy trying to learn to crawl on it, esp. since his mouth comes into contact with the floor a lot when he’s on his tummy.

Noreen Paris, VA

Nice and Soft

We have tile throughout the house so this playmate was only logical to help our little one with her crawling and standing. So far after 6 months it has held up well with minimal wear shown on the product…..would buy again. It was a little smelly (plastic) at first but it went away after a week or so.

Gail Oak, NE

Not for kids under 3 years old!

I purchased this play mat for my crawling baby and as soon as the package arrived I saw a warning ‘choking hazard’. It also smelled pretty bad but I’m pretty sure the smell would dissapear after couple of days. I returned it and purchased a different mat safe for babies of all ages.It’s great for older kids, just not for infants.

Billie Reserve, NM

Worked Perfect!

We had been looking for these in a variety of different stores, but we’re unable to find a set this big along with the edges. These are holding up really well. The amount of squares gives you the flexibility to make one large mat or a few smaller ones for various rooms. I’d definitely order them again!

Hilda Munday, TX

Soft mat for tummy time and mommy yoga.

I read a lot of reviews and settled on this mat. It’s thick, sturdy, soft on my knees, and makes tummy time a lot easier. We have a hardwood floor so it’s a necessity for my creaky old knees. I also do light yoga on this thing (with my yoga mat on top so I don’t mess with the alphabet.) It’s nice. It feels really solid and can handle my downward dog with ease.As others have said, the letters do come out like puzzle pieces. This isn’t an issue for us. When it comes time to build an epic fort, the letters will make nice port windows from which to shoot at ninjas, pirates, and other denizens of the playtime underworld. For the kids, of course. <___<You know what bugs me about this mat? The letters have a particular color scheme except for three. The K, L, and 7 are wrong. I have them arranged on the floor in alphabetical and numerical order and the resulting pattern is nice. I like things in order. The K should be purple. The 7 should be green. And the L ought to be orange on a purple field. The fact that these 3 and only these 3 tiles are off drives me absolutely up the wall.Other things I found worth mentioning is that the mat doesn’t smell. Some foam stinks. This does not. The puzzle pieces and assorted letters/numbers fit nice and tight in their respective slots. The thing springs back well after being walked on. It does show marks from heavier things, like the swing, but the foam didn’t cut or tear. Strong stuff. Fort worthy stuff. 🙂

Cathleen Raymondville, MO

love these

I use these so my baby is not sitting/playing on cold floor. She loves it. my baby is only 7 months but loves to play on it…I just keep small pieces (edges/corners) away from her for safety reasons.

Sheena Greenwood, AR

I wish I’d gotten these sooner.

They are so perfect and fit our small NY apartment perfectly – I don’t know why I didn’t get these sooner! Since we have limited space, I like that you can choose how big or small you’d like the mat to be. Our baby loves playing on this and it makes us feel so much more secure that he’s playing on a soft, thick surface. They are easy to clean and come in their own storage bag — a huge plus. Highly recommend!!

Angie Marquette, KS

Great quality, light

The pieces fit together very snugly, very light and seem very durable. highly recommended, and it’s very soft on the knees of the little crawlers.

Selma Deckerville, MI

very colourful

very big and easy to move around. My baby finds it fascinating and it can easily replace a rug. We use it in a room where we do not have a rug but with this foam mat she can sit on the floor without being cold. It is pretty thick and easy to put together

Diane Mount Airy, GA

Edushape lover

Love these little tiles. I purchased the numbers, letters and the animal shapes. Some are formed into cubes, while most pad the floor under her play-pen. They are so bright and wonderful. Great chew toys for my little one, yet offer a safe place for little noggins to land. Would recommend to a friend.

Mable Andover, IA

The excitement could hardly be contained.

This Christmas gift was a big (big!!!) hit with our grandson. He wasn’t long unzipping the nice plastic case and taking out the tiles. We, also, bought a set of borders to put around the outside. We may need another set — we’ll see.

Liza Hobart, WA

Love this playmat

I absolutely love this playmat for my baby girl && its huge which is great while shes trying to learn how to crawl. Very thick mat and easy to clean.

Deloris Creston, CA

Play Mat

Can you say LIFE SAVER? Well this mat was a life saver. We have marble floors, very unforgiving if you take a fall. Our grandson played on this mat for at least 7 months. We packed it up for a move and will be putting it back down and I know I for one will feel more comfortable with him playing on hard floors with this covering them.

Angelica Mount Pleasant, OH


We are putting together my daughter’s playroom and this floor is perfect. I just purchased a second set because 6X6 is not big enough to cover our wood floors.

Imogene Exeter, MO

Great for hard floors

I have hardwood floors throughout my home, and my baby has started playing on the floor more and more. She loves sitting on this mat and playing. The letters and numbers are colorful, and the material is thick. It has a warning about small parts, but as along as you supervise your baby while playing, you should be fine. There are no truly small parts, but a baby with teeth probably could bite off pieces of this soft material. I also recommend keeping it away from cats and dogs, because it could be scratched by them.

Jerri Roundup, MT

Used these for over an year…great value for money

We are very pleased with this product and believe that our son has got the absolutely got the best educational value out of these tiles. At 18 months, he knew his ABCs and 1 through 10, and will always try to take the letters and numbers out from the tiles while playing. It works well not only for the alphabets and numbers, but is also useful to teach colors and spatial cognitive capabilities at an early age by moving the numbers around to put them in their respective slots.You can also be creative and create 6 sided enclosed cubes with several letters and teach spellings as they grow up. I think it is a great value for money for any toddler.

Bettye Pengilly, MN


We bought this mat for our son who was having trouble learning to crawl on our wood floors (too slippery!). He loves this mat — it’s so colorful and adds a nice cushion under his little hands and knees while crawling. It is also the thickest alphabet/number mat I could find and was worth the price. I only wish it came with the edge pieces (we bought them separately).

Mary Parrottsville, TN

Good Price

This is definitely a good price since I found this same exact play mat at my local baby store for more. You will need to leave it outside after removing the packaging for a while before the scent clears.

Trina Durand, MI

Love it

My daughter loves these! I put them in her 8 panel play yard and they really hold up well with all of her bumps, playing, banging, teething, etc. Very durable, very easily cleaned.

Glenna Rocky Ridge, OH

This mat falls apart too easily, I am returning it.

The letters are too loose inside the squares and if I move the individual squares the letters just fall out. I don’t know if this is defective or normal, but it’s just too much of a hassle. I’d rather have pieces that don’t fall apart like this.

Ann Greenville, ME

Best thing I bought for my child

I absolutely love this product. We have no carpet in our house and for an infant and toddler it makes learning to crawl, stand, and walk much safer. Now that she is in a toddler bed I use it so her bed doesn’t move and if she falls out it won’t hurt.

Lauren Lesterville, MO

Great for hard surfaces

Our baby loves hanging out in the kitchen where there is hard tile. This play mat created a great soft and safe place for our baby.

Nannie Bald Knob, WV

Best Mats We’ve Found – GREAT alphabet mat!

During the past 2 years since my son was born we have wasted WAY too much money on foam mats…we’ve purchased about 6-7 mats from 4 different brands. Of the ones we’ve purchased this is definitely the best yet. This is the 2nd mat from this brand that we bought – and the 2nd alphabet one we’ve bought (we tossed the other a while ago). It would be nice if this one came with the edging…but I actually don’t mind it not being part of the set really. Not a big deal in the end.It’s easily the thickest – GREAT padding. Almost all the mats we bought were described as being 0.5″ thick – this is the only one that actually is, if not more. I love it.Since it’s so thick the letters stay put – the only reason they come out is because my son takes them out…none of his running or my walking around will cause them to fall out – which was the problem we had with the other (much cheaper) version we owned. That one was thrown away with months.A sum up of all the other mats we got is below – but if you’d rather just save yourself some time – the bottom line is of ALL these mats – this brand is BY FAR the best we’ve found…but if you’re working on a smaller budget check out the Norsk ones (& buy them from the Norsk website – should be cheaper there I think).All the other mats we’ve owned…
• Two of the basic version of this mat:Edushape Edu-Tiles 25 Piece Solid Play Mat with Edges & CornersBest basic mats we’ve found. Same thickness as this one. Downside is of course the price – but after testing all the cheap ones I can say there is a significant difference that to me is well worth that price. These smallers ones come with edges too.
• Two Norsk Mats – 6 2×2 tiles each; available on amazon in 4pks:Norsk-Stor 240147 Solid Color Recyclamat Multi-Purpose Foam Flooring, Multi-Color, 4-PieceBest value when bought from certain stores or the Norsk website.(sold on Amazon in 4-pks – we bought ours at Kmart a while ago in 6pks for $24/each – the best value yet)These are OK. They aren’t as thick as this mat – but the best ones for their price, & a bit thicker than other mats we’ve bought. They’re 15.99 right now on the Norsk website for a 4pk. Stay together well & serve their purpose. If you have a larger area & a smaller budget – you should be good to go with these.Be wary of their reversible (or any really) mats though – I haven’t tried them but with hardwoods I think these would slide around more than the regular ones already do.
• The Norsk “Sports” mat–good mat…not too great for any sort of car play – but will provide padding & protectionWe bought this the other day – we went back to Kmart to get more of the ones we have & were sad to see they didn’t have them any more, this was the only mat they had so we got it…well it’s textured. It has little bumps to it (all the mats are textured – but this one has a design to it – raised nubs basically). Doesn’t work well with any sort of wheeled toys (like the dozens of hot wheels my son plays with daily). We’ve moved it into the garage instead for the tool area.
• We Sell Mats 2×2 6pk:We Sell Mats Anti-Fatigue 6 Piece Interlocking EVA Foam Flooring Set–OK. Not terrible – but thin & overpriced for what it is.We just got this. I think it’s OK. It’s very thin, so not much protection (but it doesn’t claim to be .5″ so I kinda expected that). I like the colors of it…but to be honest, it was overpriced for what it was.
• Tadpoles Mats:Tadpoles 36 Sq Ft ABC Floor Mat, Green/BrownandTadpoles 16 Sq Ft Playmat Set, Taupe/Brown–The worst mats we bought – WAY too thin, very little padding & pieces will come apart (the tiles more so than the removable pieces)These are great if you’re just buying it for decor. If you actually intend to walk on it at any point it’s a complete waste – or if your kid will be taking it apart a good bit. The pieces are so thin they don’t stay together – so even if my son isn’t in the room this thing is falling apart within minutes of me putting it all back together. If you’re only going to be using this briefly – this should be fine – but if you intend to use this for more than a month or so – don’t bother. I’ve already thrown away both of these – they were gone by the time my son was 8mths old.

Antoinette Lewis, WI

Great Foam Playmat

We bought this for our daughter when she was about 8 months old and crawling. We have all hardwood floor in our living room and dining room, so while she was crawling, this made for a softer floor for her. She is over a year old now and walking, and does try to chew on the pieces. We took all the letters & numbers out, and use the tiles to make cubes, a fort, etc. and she loves it! Once she gets past the need for chewing on everything, we can use it again as a mat.

Aisha Cory, CO

Good for the price

Not bad for the price. it does have chemical smell but for the price, I kind of expected it. one thing I don’t like it that my son takes pieces out. but I can’t think of a way to prevent it.

Terrie Spring Mount, PA

Five Stars

Fun and easy to use.

Trudy Pilot Point, AK