Edushape Edu Tiles – Letters Uc – 26 Pc

Edushape Edu Tiles – Letters Uc – 26 Pc

Edushape Edu-Tiles 26 Piece 6x4ft Play Mat, Uppercase Letters

Main features

  • Safe, soft, play giant interlocking foam floor tiles are a perfect product for designing specific play areas to suit your child’s lifestyle and needs
  • The giant interlocking tiles make excellent play mats, storage boxes, tents, and creative games
  • Each tile is made of high density foam
  • Each tile measures 12″ x 12″ and .5″ thick
  • Soft, washable, durable, and colorful
  • The upper case letter set includes 26 tiles to introduce and reinforce the alphabet
  • When assembled the mat covers a 6′ x 4′ foot area (72″ x 48″)
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Visual Sensory Development

Verified reviews


Not a good mat!

While this cushions the baby, the letters come out to easy and the connections warp over time. It’s a good mat if you need it as a cushion or maybe when my baby grows a bit older (now 18 month) and learns the alphabet, but not a good mat for feeding or snacking. We don’t feed him on it but he sometimes has snacks and drink on it and when he spills, it goes directly under to the carpet… 🙁

Candice Napoleon, MO

great mats

I like the tiles very much. My 9 month old loves it. They are colorful and educational. But I wish they have more tiles so I can build a larger mat so I can use it with the (hexagon) gate I bought. Maybe I should’ve bought the one with numbers as well. Overall, I do like this product very much. It’s thick enough so my son doesn’t get hurt when he falls and hit his head.

Bernadine Penrose, CO


I don’t think that the construction of the tiles and the tile edges is that superior. Quality and thickness is "OK". Tend to move around easily and the alphabet inserts don’t want to stay inside their openings too well. I will use until they get ruined and need replaced – would choose a different brand at that time.

Alana Grand Forks Afb, ND

Very nice

My daughter has been using this play mat for about 3 months now. She really likes it, and so do I. I use it on my hardwood floor with a blanket on top for my daughter to roll around on. It works great for now, but I think when she’s older, she would easily be able to break these tiles. I think this is probably best for a small baby, or an older child that has enough self control not to pick at it or chew on it.

Janine Villa Ridge, IL

Good Mats

I like the colors and thickness, but I think the fact that it is not a perfect square is odd. Using it in a box setup is useful for toys, etc. also.

Angelita Wa Keeney, KS

Love these mats

These mats are great, my son spits up a lot yet and this makes it much easier to clean up. I only wish the squares were a little bigger so they covered more footage.

Rosario Ellsworth Afb, SD

Thick, okay quality

These are okay. They are the 1/2" thick, which is nice. I didn’t want the ones with any cut outs because I knew my son would put them in his mouth if they came out after being on the dirty floor, but they were cheaper than the similar ones without cut outs. The letters do come out very easy, even when just picking the tile up. A connecting corner came off after a week of use. I’m not sure how, so I’m not thrilled with the durability. There are also some indention type holes from heavy toys. These are not made to last forever.

Beryl Green, KS