Edushape Floating Blocks

Edushape Floating Blocks

Edushape Floating Blocks

Main features

  • Wet and stick foam blocks and construction board^15 piece set^National parenting center seal of approval award^ In the Box: (1) Edushape Floating Blocks
  • Wet and stick foam blocks and construction board
  • 15 piece set
  • National parenting center seal of approval award

Verified reviews


so cute!

I’m giving this as a gift so I can’t review the use but let me say the following:These tub-blocks are absolutely adorable. There are about 15 blocks, and one floating pad to build on top of. The blocks have designs drawn on them (such as a roof pattern on the triangle blocks, and a flower vase on a square block). I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.The package says that it’s for ages 2+ but I don’t see why it can’t be used by younger kids.I don’t have any kids of my own but when I do, you can bet that I’ll be buying this for them! 🙂

Christian Montville, OH

These are great to have

These are really great. My baby liked to just hold the small blocks before he could sit up. Now he likes to play with a few of them and stack them, and they are so light if he throws them nothing will get knocked over or break. They come in a mesh bag to store them in. I don’t give him all the blocks at once so I don’t have to lay them all out to dry, I just put the 4 wet ones on top of the bag and clean up is done – no elaborate rinsing ritual is necessary like some bath toys. My toddler also likes to play with them.

Elizabeth Calipatria, CA

Cool Blocks

My 14 month old son was getting bored by his bath toys so I decided it was time for new ones. I read the reviews for this product and decided to go for it. These are a huge hit! I actually have to pull my son out of the bath now. He sits in the bath and builds and builds. The only issue that I have is that the floating platform moves around a lot (of course) and it is hard for my son to sit in one place and build. He scoots around trying to corral the platform and blocks. As he gets older though, this problem will rectify itself. I highly recommend these blocks for your little builder

Rosalind Vernon, IN

Best for the tub

After buying the squirt toys for my son and having him trying to suck the water out of them (gross for me to think about) we decided to buy these blocks instead. He is 2 and enjoys stacking them and having them stick to the wall. The mesh bag that it comes in is also great because they really get completely dry every night and I don’t worry about mold. There is no where for water to sit and grow mold.

Antonia Priddy, TX

pool, tub and dry land

My 11 month old loves these. I actually bought it for him when he was 4 month old. I figured they are soft so you dont need to worry about him hurting himself smacking or throwing them. He loved playing with them in his highchair. As he got older we moved them to the tub and pool. The coolest part about these is that the green ground floats and you can build on it while in the pool or tub. My kids loved teething on these too. He used to carry a wall with him where ever he went. Not a bad toy and the price is great. there are so many electronic, loud annoying musical/sound toys out there- some good some horrible but this is one simple toy that can travel anywhere. Great for the summer if you child likes to play in the water.

Eve Matagorda, TX

great bath addition

My 13 mo old really likes these. He doesn’t play with them every night, but they are one of our better bath toys.

Shelly Bishop, CA

Bath time is exciting again!

My son got these for his second birthday a few weeks ago, and bath time has become exciting again. He’s always liked his baths, but sometimes tearing him away from his other toys was hard. Now we just have to remind him that there’s blocks in the tub waiting for him, and he goes running. They float, they’re soft, and they stick to the sides of the tub when wet They come with a mesh bag to keep them collected, and it has a couple of loops on it so it’s easy to hang it from a hook in the bathroom to dry each night.

Hazel Gilford, NH

Fun for a 15 month old, beware it comes apart when chewed on

I got these for my son to play with because the other bath toys were boring to him now. He loves them and so does Daddy (who gives him the baths). They stack blocks together and have fun. I will probably purchase another set so they have more blocks to play with.I wish they came with more blocks and I do agree that its a little expensive for what you get, but the playable value is worth it.I give it 4 stars because its more pricey than it needs to be.UPDATE: My toddler started chewing on the pieces and chewed off a chunk so beware if you have a kid that likes to put it in their mouth. I had to limit his playing with it after that.

Dana Monterey, VA

16 month old loves it and so do her parents

We have a ton of fun with this….the floating bottom part makes it really fun to build while the whole “town” floats…or we just like to build on the side of the tub too. Really nice toy.

Ellen Forrest City, AR

Blocks for the TUB!

My kids love blocks!I actually bought these to bring on vacation. I figured they were soft enough for the car (or, at least not as hard as "real" blocks), great for the hotel room, and could even be used as advertised – in the water!My kids LOVED them! They stick to the tub wall (as long as its a smooth surface) and to each other. They’re cute. They’re relatively cheap. And you could use them out of the tub too.Other reviewers mentioned that they are soft enough for little ones to bite, which is true. My kids (2 and 4) have not attempted to eat them yet, so it hasn’t been an issue. If they do, they’re old enough to understand that I’d take them away.I do wish the little bag that they come with had a draw string, but that’s not a problem.

Gina Lake Dallas, TX

Keeps Kids Entertained at Bath Time

These foam building blocks are wonderful for two reasons:1) my 3-year-old loves to build things in the bath, combining her favorite sports of seeing what floats and making things tall2) my 1-year-old loves to eat things in the bath, and aside from the bath water and washcloth, this is a nice alternative — too big to choke on, but just right for gnawing those gumsA wonderful product, honestly. Colorful, durable, and fun!

Mavis Reedville, VA

molds after only few months, even if you clean and disinfect

so sad i had to throw them away. they loved it because it sticks to the wall, light and floats, etc…but they started molding after only few weeks, i disinfected, (dry them out everynight too), it got cleaned, but after 1 week, it molds again…other toys don’t mold that much, and disinfecting and scrubbing them every 3-4 days got just too much of a work and i throw them out..

Isabel Janesville, WI

So cute and so fun

I can’t even tell you how cute these are in the tub. They are little house pieces with doors, windows, flowers, roofs, and bricks stamped on each foam piece.They really do float. They really do stick to the side of the tub when wet so you can create an apartment like building scape. But most importantly they really do stack and float on the foam platform.With just one level of foam blocks, you can put them just about anywhere and the platform will stay afloat. With them stacked two high you have to be a little more choosy to keep the platform balanced which my child manages most times. But what is most fun is when I balance them as high as I can so they can be knocked over. Soon he will be able to do this himself which will be even more fun. The building high and balancing makes these toys educational as well as fun.

Francisca Lake Mills, WI