Edushape Magic Creations Bath Playset – Dinosaurs

Edushape Magic Creations Bath Playset – Dinosaurs

Our Dinosaurs themed, Magic Creations Play Set will allow children to create their own imaginary scenes right on bathroom tiles. These colorful sets come in a variety of fun themes to choose from. The easy to grab from pieces stick to any smooth surface once wet.

Main features

  • Wet and stick pieces stick to any smooth surface when wet^Set of 12 foam pieces^Easy to grab 050″ foam pieces^ In the Box: (1) Edushape Magic Creations Dinosaurs Tub Fun Includes 13 pieces and a storage bag
  • Wet and stick pieces stick to any smooth surface when wet
  • Set of 12 foam pieces
  • Easy to grab 050″ foam pieces

Verified reviews


Jungle Fun – Quality not as good as Alex toys bath toys.

Size is good, colors bright but they more looking like a piece of the foam with an animal sticker on it vs. foam shaped like an animal…. could have been done much better in my opinion.

Deanne Bagley, WI

Toddler son loves them!

This toy is simple and fun! The set sticks to the wall of the bath and shower, the pieces stick to each other, and they also float. The item IS for ages 3+, and a determined toddler could really chew these up if he or she wanted to, but I watch my son, and we’ve had no problems!

Wanda Matewan, WV

My son has no interest in these

I was so excited to give these to my son for Christmas! He is now 22 months and loves cars, trucks, buses etc. I thought he would love these. He does not. He has no interest in playing with them. He has no interest in sticking them to the side of the tub or anything. It’s strange, because he loves to take his toy cars and trucks into the tub and line them up on the side, but these, nope! Not an inkling of interest.To me, these are cute and stick well to the tub (I’ve done that myself easily when showing him what they do).

Elinor Philipsburg, PA

MY Dinosaur Fan loves them

We had for 6 months they are very colorful, large foam pieces they even stay stick for days after using them. My son plays with these often have not mildew and color is still for all dinosaur fans.

Christina Jacksontown, OH


These were good their purpose. I think they lasted about 8 mo before they started getting a bit of mildew on them. They didn’t stick very well to the side of the tub, but our son had a good time with them. Keep an eye on younger children who might take bites out of them (choking hazard).

Silvia Sebastopol, MS

great gift

Purchased this for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. The review from his mom was that it was a great bath toy & he still loved it months later.

Stephanie Fairfield, MT