Edushape Mini Orchestra, Set of 4

Edushape Mini Orchestra, Set of 4

Colorful and sized for 6+ month old hands, this percussive instrument set allows children to visualize the origin of the sounds they create. Set includes: 4 rhythm pieces. Packaged for easy gift wrapping. Assorted Colors

Main features

  • A great way to introduce your little one to music through play
  • Enticing to touch and perfect to pitch
  • Early ages development set
  • Colorful and safe for 6+ months
  • Features shakers, bells, and jingles for pleasing music making
  • BPA free, lead free, phythlate free
  • Meets or exceeds all international safety regulations
  • Promotes gross motor skills and exploration

Verified reviews


Not worth buying

These little musical instruments are simply not worth it. They are cheap, they don’t make much sound and honestly were a waste of money. They are not infant or toddler friendly either.

Rosalyn Mingo Junction, OH


I’ve owned this for about 2 years, and these toys have been shaken, stepped on, kicked, beat against, etc. with no dents or anything…looks pretty much new and works like new. Great for toddlers, these are lightweight and not THAT noisy. My son still loves them 🙂

Beth Virginia Beach, VA


OK DON’T BUY THIS IF YOU HATE NOISES. THIS IS NOT A LOUD, ANNOYING TOY.THIS IS A PERFECT SIZE AND WAIT AND DESIGN TOY FOR BABIES AROUND NINE MONTHS AND UP. MY 15 MONTHS AGE DAUGHTER PLAYS WITH IT. IT IS ALSO IN MANY DAYCARES/ PRESCHOOLS. MY FOUR YEARS OLD SON LIKES TO SHAKE IT TOO.THEY ARE NOT LOUD AND MAKES INTERESTING SOUNDS. PERFECT HANDLES FOR LITTLE ONE TO HOLD THEM IN THEIR HANDS.I think it is also shown in BABY BACH….DVD by Baby Einstein. Beside toddler need music, it is good to introduce them in early age and this only works when they move it. MY daughter has been playing with it since she turn one. She shakes them and giggles and smiles when different soothing and peaceful music sounds comes out. It is not one of those battery operated toys. NOW THAT IS A BIG PLUS!!!

Zelma Lewis Run, PA

Fun set!

Super cute and fun! I put on Fleetwood Mac and my baby loves to hear me follow the rhythm. Great buy.

Estella Williamstown, WV

Musical Toys

My 9 month old son has had these for a few months now. They are great even for young babies as they are lightweight and easy to hold and shake. There is a variety of sounds and textures which will offer plenty of entertainment.

Roxanne Glasco, KS

16 month old loves them 🙂

She immediately started shaking them, laughing and bopping to her music 🙂 not too loud or obnoxious for us, good variety of colors and sounds for her. Glad we purchased them. I wouldn’t get for a baby under 12 months, as there are some accessible small parts (ie bells), but great for those past the "put every single thing in your mouth" phase.

Camilla Spring Valley, IL

Great for learning and playtime!

This set is the same set that Gymboree Play and Music sells under their private label. I bought the set from Gymboree for my daughter but had I known that I could get them on amazon I would have. They are the same ones used during “busy box” time for the kids. My daughter goes nuts over them when I pull out her own at-home busy box!

Olivia Enfield, NH

Excellent First Instruments

These instruments are fantastic for little kids. They’re very sturdy so they can take rough play. The handles are easy for little hands to hold on to. These allow kids to make a music by themselves or with friends no matter what their age!

Genevieve Bluffton, TX

8 month old loves this!

I wish I had found this item a couple of months ago. My 8 month old just loves banging these things around, and since the set comes with 4 different toys, it is a great value. Definitely worth the money. Would buy again.

Jenifer Walford, IA

Some instruments are more fun than others

My 9-month-old son loves the jingle-bells, and kind-of likes those little cymbals (?) in the pink shaker. He will sometimes play with the little yellow spinner, but not for very long The green one is his least favorite because it’s all plastic and barely makes any noise.The jingle-bells are kind-of loud, so that is one we only play with at home. Even though my review is luke-warm, I’d still recommend this product. It’s not too expensive, and my son does seem to enjoy them overall.

Marie Sweetwater, TX

7 mo. old loves it!

My son enjoys these – I think they’ll be around for a while.I like that they are perfectly sized for little hands and rounded so has not to be dangerous in any way.

Karin Floweree, MT

Great for little hands – some are more fun than others…

I first saw these things in the music class that my daughter goes too… babies love love love anything that make sounds! They were on sale on Amazon so I purchased it. They come in a set of 4Metal Bells – that’s my favorite! It’s very well made and can get quite loud… you can shake them anyway you want and they make this get jinglebell sound (great for Xmas time!!)Plastic beads – I like this one a lot too… you can also shake it anyway you want and this one is less loud than the bells and not as heavy so it’s good for younger babiesPlastic Clasps – This one is okay, you have to shake it up and down so it makes the sound…Plastic covered metal tambourine – you would have to shake this one side to side… This is probably my less favorite one.Overall, I think these are very well made (it should be given these are not cheap for shakers) But you want to get something sturdy and not cheap for shakers. Your baby is shake it, bang it, throw it, and drop it from the highchair so you want quality toys that would fall part!

Corine New Prague, MN

Great Instruments for Babies and kids of all ages

I bought these for my son who was 8 months old at the time. He loves these instruments, and plays with them all the time. They are really durable, and well made, I have many honher instruments now, and I haven’t had issues with any of them. This was a great purchase!

Emilie Careywood, ID

3 of the 4 are great

I got this set for my child to play with and make sounds. She loved them right out of the box. 3 of the 4 make great sounds…the fourth one (which just has plates of plastic) doesn’t make too much sound. Compared to the other 3, it doesn’t really do anything. It’s almost as if they ran out of ideas for the fourth one. I do like that the they are Made in Israel (as opposed to China where everything seems to be made these days)

Geraldine Long Lake, MN