Edushape My Soft World Block Set- Farm

Edushape My Soft World Block Set- Farm

Soft, safe play, what do you get when you mix together various shapes and sizes, with colors and textures in toys. These are the toys that bring out the best in every child. Always remember, educationally developed manipulative toys are one of the keys to successful, cognitive development and constructive learning. Our foam brick like blocks allow you to build without mortar. Perfect for the young creative architect, problem solving and building fine motor skills set of 29 pieces.

Main features

  • Set of 29 pieces
  • Soft foam bricks are 1375″ thick
  • Set includes blocks, people, animals, tractor, trees and bushes

Verified reviews


pretty good but the paint comes off the painted blocks

i purchased this for my daughter and being that she’s nine months, she is a bit too young for them. She does like playing with them but the paint is coming off because she is biting them so i have put them away for when she is older and past putting everything in her mouth.

Vonda Bringhurst, IN

Too soft for toddlers and teething babies

My 17 mo daughter keeps biting these soft blocks all the time and there are deep teeth marks all over them. She didn’t bite any piece off (yet) but she’s much gentler than other kids I know.It seems to me that these blocks are not safe around toddlers or teething babies, they might actually bite a piece off.Would not recommend buying these.

Deidra Abernant, AL

not really blocks

I think that these may be better for older kids. My son is 18 months old and really enjoys taking the animals and naming them. there are not enough blocks to build anything with however and the fact that the trees and bushes have nothing printed on them frustrates my son. (the animals are printed on one side). Maybe when he is a little older, for now, they are going in the closet.

Wilma Grassflat, PA

My 6 month old loves these!

These blocks are great. There are four little people, several cars and trucks, trees and building materials for a little foam city. He loves to stack them and have me knock them over. He chews on them with two sharp little teeth, but no pieces ever come off in his mouth. They have also withstood 2 months of constant dishwashing, and still look brand new. I especially like these because unlike other blocks, he can’t hurt his tender gums with these because they are so soft. The bright colors get his attention, and he always army crawls over to the plastic container when he spies it sitting by his toy box. These were a great buy (and I’ve bought plenty of junk since he’s been born). I’ll probably buy these again if he ever wears them out.

Fern Capron, VA

Excellent Buy

I bought these blocks for my 11 months old baby and she loves them. They are very soft and colorful.

Mitzi Jay, FL

Perfect for little ones

I found these blocks at my daughters daycare and ordered a set for myself. I really like the look (looks like real blocks) and my daughter now knows the animals and the sounds that they make. She loves to stack and knock over. All the kids in daycare loved it as well.

Mariana Empire, CO