Edushape Rollipop Advanced Ball Drop Set

Edushape Rollipop Advanced Ball Drop Set

Edushape Rollipop Advanced Ball Drop Set

Main features

  • Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, Best Toy Award
  • Based on the classic marble run
  • Larger, weighted balls make it safe for baby
  • Tracking toy

Verified reviews


Great toy

First, let me say that I bought this thinking it would be something I could add on to the starter set (looking at the picture). What I got in the mail was the starter set. I’m sure I should have contacted the seller, but honestly I don’t have the time to repackage and send it back. Plus, we can just make it extra tall if we want.That said, this toy has quickly become a favorite in our house. We purchased the first set when he was 9 months old and standing but not walking. It was not good for him then, because as others have noted, it comes apart easily and cannot be leaned upon for support. As he became more steady on his feet, though, he stopped trying to use it to stand and constantly plays with it. The balls are a perfect size and roll slowly through the track so he can grab them easily. He likes to take it apart, but what’s cool about that is watching him figure out how to put it back together. 80% of the time he can do it (12 mos old now). I would definitely recommend this toy.. just be careful if your little one doesn’t have great balance standing yet!

Morgan Rock Stream, NY

A favorite from 12-24 months, and still going strong

My daughter LOVES this toy, it is a favorite. We bought it when she was barely one, and now she’s two and it still gets regular use. It is a toy that has been thoughtfully engineered to make the balls roll slowly down the ramps, perfect for little ones to follow. Other reviewers have claimed that it falls over or comes apart too easily, but I think that’s purposeful. My daughter gets as much joy out of taking this toy apart and attempting to reassemble as she does with sending the balls down the ramps. The tabs that connect the yellow circle ramp to the red piece below it did break off after a few big crashes, but it still fits together and functions just fine.

Dina Ponsford, MN

Excellent Ball Run

I’ve been looking for a ball run for a while, and this one is really great. I like that you can build it however you want, which allows for problem solving. It’s a great toy for toddlers, but kids all the way up to ten have played with ours and had a blast. They like seeing the different configurations they build working successfully. The slow rolling balls make it interesting as well.

Alana El Paso, AR

Daughter just destroyed it.

Maybe my daughter is difficult, and, has a bigger imagination than most… or maybe she enjoys playing Godzilla baby but, I didn’t like that the pieces were so easy to assemble and, as a result, disassemble. My daughter played with this for 3 minutes, took all the pieces off and scattered them around the house. There should be a bit more resistance for young children.

Elinor Sagamore, MA

Plastic, but it really lasts!

My now 4-year old son was given thos toy by his Grandparents with he was a year and a hald old. He still has it, it’s still in great shape, and he STILL plays with it! Over the years he has begun experimenting with putting things other than the balls that come with it down the chutes – marbles and matchboz cars are his two favorite items to use with it now. He also alters the configuration so that the ramps drop the balls and other items straight down the ground or into a dumtruck rather than all the way down the chute.I try never to buy plastic toys, but I have to admit that this really is a good one. It keeps young minds engaged and creative, and it is thick enough plastic to last a long time. I am confident that my son’s little brother will also get years of enjoyment from this toy.

Lillie Edneyville, NC