EIO Kids Cup Cap & Sleeve

EIO Kids Cup Cap & Sleeve

EIO Kids Cup Cap and Sleeve for 8oz canning jar. For ages 2 years and older. Totally BPA free. Unmatched Versatility. Environmentally Friendly. Starting with genuine, durable canning jars, EIO’s unique design offers the only spill-resistant toddler training cup designed for convenience and health benefits. Available in: Orange, Green, or Purple. The Kids Cup is a spout-free, valve-free cup made without BPA, Phthalates and PVC, and is designed to transition young children properly from bottles to real glass dinnerware. Sippy cup spouts and valves necessitate a bottle-like sucking motion, but EIO’s unique cap promotes correct sipping, quickly and with less mess! Give them confidence. Give yourself convenience. EIO is a one of kind kids cup. Our cap and sleeve fit on virtually any 8oz canning jar. The sleeve is easy to remove and can be left on the cup for washing. How’s that for convenience? We lost the valve… so you won’t! EIO’s cap is specifically designed without small parts, like the easy-to-lose valve. According to the ADA’s recommendations for better dental development, children over the age of one should drink from a cup without a valve (* From The Journal of the American Dental Association, Vol. 135, No 3, 387). Spouts can also be detrimental, as they tend to become chew toys. EIO encourages a healthy, natural transition to cups. Clearly, it’s EIO for years to come. Our modern design appeals to kids of all ages and our versatility allows you to use the jar without the cap as your child learns new skills. The sleeve offers a flashy style and grippy surface no matter how old you are! Never throw them away. That’s great news for our environment!

Main features

  • Spill-resistant toddler training cup.
  • Free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC.
  • Cap and sleeve fit on virtually any 8oz canning jar.
  • Dishwasher safe top rack. Do not place in microwave.
  • Includes: 1 cap and 1 silicone sleeve (Glass Jar is not included)

Verified reviews


Genius idea. Baddddddd item

Let me start by saying: the idea is genius. Too many kids are using sippy cups for way too long. It’s a nasty habit and gross to see a 4 year old walking around sipping milk from a sippy. Milk and juice beverages should be drank at the table, not wandering the house. That said, this helps kick that habit and offers a little extra security with the lid.The bad: it leaks. Leaks. Leaks. Mason jars are cheap and non toxic. No chemicals no stinky plastic. My kids don’t throw their cups so I’m not concerned about breakage but, they’re also durable in case of a fall. But this lid? Leaking disaster. What a waste of $11!!! I mean a cheap plastic lid shouldn’t cost that much it I was willing to fork out the extra cash for something good. Nope that was a bad idea.I the end, we just serve our kids their drinks at the table, with no lid, in a mason jar (small 8oz size). It’s less of a mess without the EIO lid than with it. The lid makes a dribbling mess everywhere.Don’t waste your money. Just teach your little ones to drink from a cup the old fashioned way whenyoufeel they’re ready.

Teri Trevor, WI

Good for ages 2-4

My daughter is 5 and I wanted a sippy cup that was glass that would be hard to spill for her milk in the morning. She is using a cup all of the time except for this because she likes to have her milk still in the morning while in bed or watching TV. This one is good as a trainer for kids that aren’t ready for cups. I gave it a 3 because it didn’t meet my needs, however I would recommend it for kids ages 2-4 and would purchase it for that type of use.

Clarice Bird In Hand, PA

wanted to love it, but, meh

I bought this when our kid was 1 years old and giving up the bottle. I thought it was a nifty little thing. She’s now 2 and still can’t seem to get it right. She tries to drink out of the wrong side and spills all over herself. She does perfectly fine with a regular lidless cup so we have given up using this product. I’m saving it for when she’s older, maybe it’ll be useful in the car or when she’s a rambunctious preschooler.

Margret Jefferson, IA

Returned; very disappointed (cool idea though!)

I LOVED the concept of this product! I could not keep it from leaking…everywhere. I tried to warm it to get it to conform to the jar better, I tried different jars. The concept is awesome, the product execution is very poor. Don’t waste your time. Very disappointed.

Faith Abbeville, AL

Sleeve too difficult and Made in China

I so excited to find this as an alternative to those plastic sippy cups. But, I was disappointed in the design. The sleeve is just too hard to fit over the jar and it is made in China, not the USA. The top is made in the USA and I like that. I wish the bottom were better made and homegrown. I returned it.

Alma Penrose, NC

great idea

Great concept. Works with small mason jar well as advertised. Still can’t get my 15 month old to drink from a cup but don’t blame the product. Will keep trying.

Rhea Whitleyville, TN

Cute idea but leaks

Love the idea, but as others have noted it leaks. I can, so I have tons of jars. I tried various brands/styles but found them all to leak. The water seems to get in the threads after drinking a few times, then leaks out the bottom of the cap, down the glass. The concept was great, my daughter loved drinking from the ‘smiley face’ but once it started leaking on her she refused to use it. I’ll toss the cap and just use the sleeve on a glass jar, which is still a nice option, just wished I hadn’t bought the cap as well.

Kendra Princeton, KY