ElecRosa Electrical Outlet Cover, Ivory

ElecRosa Electrical Outlet Cover, Ivory

ElecRosa covers or “camouflages” electrical outlets with a flat, low-profile plate which slidably engages with a base plate. Only a grown-up’s hand can grab both sides of the cover plate at the same time to slide it up and reveal the outlets.

Main features

  • Makes electrical outlets no longer a curious object to children by flatly covering them
  • Simple sliding up and down operation only by a grown up’s hand
  • No loose part, low profile and looks good
  • Fits standard electrical outputs

Verified reviews


Outlet cover

It looked easy to "slide" on, but I was unable to. Someone handier than me can probably do it but it’s not for me.

Essie Richland, NJ

Can be opened easily

I can slide the cover open with little effort, so I believe my toddler could do it too if she played with it enough.

Marissa Byron Center, MI

good if you do not use those outlets.

I use it to cover outlets I do not use. It is easy to just cover them. I’m afraid if I use it my baby will learn to move the cover or pull the plug off. That’s my only concern.

Luisa Rochester, NY

Easy to figure out

These were easy for my son to figure out, but they look really nice. I wouldn’t mind using these as covers for all my electrical plates. They leave a very polished look to a room.

Mavis Burlingame, KS

Great childproof solution for an outlet next to the crib

I have no idea why a simple solid outlet cover is so hard to find, and I’m glad this is finally the solution I was looking for. My son’s crib is against a wall with an outlet just above his mattress height. As he spends a lot of time in there and gets his hands on everything I was concerned about finding a very childproof solution for the outlet. We started with one of those big box covers over the outlet, and it worked, but it was huge and extremely tempting for him. This outlet cover is the perfect size, just like a regular outlet plate. Just unscrew your old plate, screw in the new wall plate and slide the top cover over. The slide on the top cover is very stiff. An adult can get it off when needed, but there is no way a child could. This isn’t the outlet cover for every outlet in your house that you use even once a month – get the ones with the individual sliding outlet covers for those. This is the perfect outlet cover for the outlet you never/rarely use. Great product and I would highly recommend for those tricky outlets near a crib or play area.

Effie Graton, CA

Something she cannot pull off!

It took me a while before I gave in to buy these. Now I’m not even sure why I just didn’t get these in the first place. Our daughter has managed to figure out how to pull out the push in safety plugs as well as squeeze or pull the big square covers off. After I installed these it is as if they don’t even exist. They do not catch her attention at all!! The only downfall is that they do not have one for the decorative or square outlets. Crossing my fingers they make one soon!July 2014 Update: My now 2 year old observed me putting another one of these on an outlet and was able to pull the cover off right after I installed it. At first I was really nervous that she would soon go through the house removing all of the covers but she didn’t pay any attention to them after that one removal. I attribute it to them not being that noticeable. I still highly recommend this product. It is worth every penny.

Lorie Greer, SC

Versatile Childproofing

These are GREAT! We tried to put the cover on with the outlet plugs in the outlets, but it was to snug to work.But I don’t think our little one will be able to get these off anytime soon, so A+!

Ursula Hume, NY