Electronic Crib Rocker Sleeper for Crying Baby’s

Electronic Crib Rocker Sleeper for Crying Baby’s

Like all ingenious inventions, the sleeper is the most simple and reassuring solution. It is activated automatically, 4 seconds after the baby begins to cry, rocking the crib gently and smoothly. After 5 minuets it stops, remaining ready to be operated again. the sleeper is equipped with a selection dial, enabling you to choose the ticking intensity. Just adjust to baby’s crib. An original invention, offering more comfort to parents & more calmness to baby.

Main features

  • Sleeper works automatically when baby cries.
  • Tested and completely safe for use.
  • Smooth design, for extra safety.
  • Operated be 4 size D batteries (not included).

Verified reviews


some babies might like it

I thought this would be perfect for my baby. Sometimes she just needs a little extra something to fall back asleep. So I bought this thinking in the middle of the night when she fusses but isn’t actually hungry the automatic turn on feature would be perfect. It did turn on when she fussed but I think it just woke her up more. It isn’t extremely loud but it does have some noise to it, so in the middle of the night when everything is quiet a little noise can sound a lot louder than it really is. As for the movement I had it on high for it to do anything to her crib and I just think that it must feel like an earthquake to her or something, to me it does not mimic a rocking motion. Although I gave it 3 stars, I would not rule out the possibility that other babies might like it.

Sonja Mount Arlington, NJ

Pretty low quality crib attachment…

I have to say the overall quality is pretty poor. This crib rocker really doesn’t shake the crib or rock the mattress, it more rattles against the crib rails. We have a pack n’ play that has a rocker and it sits under the mattress and really does a nice job of rocking the baby. This is nothing like that, it is a box that you bolt onto the rails of the crib that sort of rattles around. We have a pretty nice quality crib – a Graco Sarah – that doesn’t shake too much. It might work for you, but don’t expect anything nice to come in this box…

Josie Nunda, NY

actually works

i was skeptical about this but for the price I said ok give it a try, it actually works and helps to sooth my 9 week old to sleep the auto setting allows your infant to move or cry and it will start up which is great so you don’t have to get up and down to start it.

Bertha Inglefield, IN

Great idea

I was really excited to use this and after setting it up it vibrated the crib really nicely and I think would have calmed out little guy down.The reason I gave it only one star is because after testing out the voice activation the crib rocker started to smell of burning plastic and felt very very hot to the touch.No way was I going to keep that on my baby’s crib.Maybe we got a dud but we aren’t going to give it another try.I’m really disappointed that it didn’t work out for us because I believe it’s a wonderful idea!

Dena Upton, MA


We are very pleased with this item, although it doesn’t so much rock the crib as vibrate it. We purchased it when we transitioned our daughter from a bassinet into a crib. It comes on at most noises and the batteries last forever. It definitely soothes her and helps her get back to sleep quickly in the night. We highly recommend it!UPDATE DECEMBER 2013Still love this. Our daughter is turning two next week and still uses this on her crib. Never had a problem with it and I can hear it come on often when she wakes now and then. The batteries last a long time. LOVE IT

Cecile Byrdstown, TN

arrived damaged

cannot speak to how it works as I havent got a chance.It arrived damaged but great customer support returned all the money.

Karin Oriskany, VA

Not a good buy

Do not waist your money, not very good at all. We used it one time, it shook the bed but not in a way that was soothing. Do not buy this.

Tisha Biddle, MT


it shakes, but is loud… i also didnt think when I bought this. My crib has a changing table/shelfing unit attached to it. So.. .when this thing shakes, everything shakes. It bangs against the wall, and has the opposite effect. kind of funny. the item is bulky and stick out in front of the crib. it is in the way.

Dollie Hartville, OH


This didn’t work. Didn’t do a darn thing. We tried different batteries and everything we could think of but, nada. The company did not return repeated requests for return/replacement instructions.

Nicole Drexel, NC