Elegant Baby 100% Cotton Cable Knit Jumpsuit – Pink, 12 Months

Elegant Baby 100% Cotton Cable Knit Jumpsuit – Pink, 12 Months

Keep your baby warm and snuggly without sacrificing style in our classic jumpsuit. The 100% cotton cable knit material will feel luxurious against baby’s skin, and our choice of coloring will give you lots of options to choose from, so you can match their personal style. Makes a great baby shower gift or first birthday gift. Sized 6 or 12 months. For style conscious parents, Elegant Baby is the source for baby gear with the best quality, craftsmanship and tradition at an affordable price.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% cotton cable knit
  • Size 12 months
  • Includes matching cable knit hanger

Verified reviews


Runs Small

This sweater runs small. My 2 month old wore it (and he is a little guy) and it fit him perfect. I used it as his baptism outfit and it was great.

Esmeralda Bowmansdale, PA

Worked the purpose

Reviews are spot on about the buttons, during the baptism it came apart. Not to mention that it does run small so we bought bigger and the buttons still opened. My baby was 3 months and we bought the 12 months. He is a slightly longer and large baby but still go bigger. For a one time wear it’s fine but if you have time look around. Warm so the winter baptism was good. Nice material.

Elda Saint Charles, IL


We bought this to use for our son’s baptism, it was beautiful and worked perfectly. Very nice quality and cheaper than those ugly baby tuxedos.

Winifred Mattaponi, VA

Very Cute, But Buttons Kept Coming Undone

The outfit was very cute and comfortable. The material was good quality, the only thing is the buttons on the bottom kept coming undone, and there weren’t enough buttons in the crotch area so his diaper was hanging out. Instead of button it should have been snaps.

Naomi Sioux Rapids, IA

Nto crazy about it

It’s nice, looks nice and kept my baby warm but the buttons came out the same day my baby wore it. She was using it during her baptism and worked well for the ceremony, but during breakfast several buttons started to come out and suddenly my baby was with the jumpsuit on her waist. Elegant yes but not good quality. Also it says that is for a 6 month old baby and my baby is 3 months and it was just the correct size so be careful. My baby is big but not like an average 6 month old baby, maybe like an average 4 month old.

Lesley Biggsville, IL

Do not buy this item!

My baby is not even 6 months old and having read the reviews about it not being in proportion I bought the 12 month size. It STILL does not fit!! The legs barely cover his knees, and he is a small baby, 40th percentile in height. Based on other reviews I thought it would be adorable for his winter christening, but after receiving it I went with a traditional christening jumper instead. I highly recommend the Laura Ashley christening jumper with short sleeves and long pants, its really really cute. Do not waste time with this like I did, having a baby at home who has time to waste on making returns??

Blanche Hillsdale, OK