Elegant Baby Bath Time Fun Rubber Water Squirties Vinyl Zip Storage Bag, Sea Party, Set of 8

Elegant Baby Bath Time Fun Rubber Water Squirties Vinyl Zip Storage Bag, Sea Party, Set of 8

Give this wonderful set of bath toys from Elegant Baby and your kids will never want to leave the tub. Composed of eight brightly colored bath squirt toys, this set includes a whale, octopus, turtle, crab, dolphin, alligator, clam and a hermit crab. Parents will love the nontoxic paint and phthalate free PVC, because it’s totally safe for kids. Packaged in a vinyl zip bag with drainage holes for neat and easy storage and cleanup, it makes a fantastic baby shower or birthday gift. For style conscious parents, Elegant Baby is the source for baby gear with the best quality, craftsmanship and tradition at an affordable price.

Main features

  • Set of 8 bath time fun squirt toys
  • Brights colors and shapes helps to keep attention and learn
  • The best tub toys for infant to toddler, bath time fun for all kid ages
  • Packed in a clear vinyl bag for easy storage and gift giving
  • Makes a great baby shower gift, offering lots of fun bath times to come

Verified reviews


unsanitary mold incubators.

These are very cute and my daughter loves playing with them. She has always loved chewing on the octopus. I had no problem with these until I kept finding this long stringy goo in the tub with her. It went on for weeks until I saw it oozing out of the holes in these toys! I squirt all the water out after each bath, but it stays just moist enough to grow mold–or something slimy, brown, and gross!!! I shudder to think about all the times my baby put these in her mouth!

Juana Crystal Hill, VA

Both my kids love these

We got these for my son’s second birthday, and he adores them. He has learned all their names, and loves to play with them in the bath. He doesn’t quite have the hang of how to fill them up yet, but he is great at squirting them! The surprising thing is that my 9-year-old likes them too.

Tamara Dora, AL

Missing animals and duplicates of others

Please be careful. I ordered this item, my Grandson just arrived and I got them out. I never thought that they would give me duplicates of animals. It shows the animals you get and I got two of the hippo and no cow. Of course, at home his cow is his favorite and well as the Penquin as they are black and white. He identied with them early and the black and white contrast for infants is really important. Good lesson – don’t just make sure you got it or it works, look for duplicates and same colors. A real disappointment.

Charlene Vernon, CO

One of THE best purchases we made for our daughter!

Our daughter has been using these for the last two years now! She loves to take them into the tub, the pool, and just play with them. She is four now and hasn’t tired of them at all!!!

Felecia Rolesville, NC

Cute but unsanitary

My 14 month old likes these but they are unsanitary. No matter how well I empty them of water after each bath they still grow mold inside them. You go to squirt them and black gunk comes out. I’m going to get rid of these and find other bath toys that are easier to keep clean

Letha Longville, LA

Great Bath Toy

I bought these for my 6 month old who loves the bath and she loves these toys.

Emily Poughkeepsie, AR

Review from a 13 mo old

We got these toys to put into our 13 mo old’s easter eggs. She LOVES them.If our daughter could talk, this is what she would say:PENGUIN!! I LOVE PENGUIN!Piggypiggypiggypiggy…Monkey! Says AhAh!Cow! Says Moooooooooooo!PENGUIN?! HOW COOL IS THIS PENGUIN?!?!??Sheep have funny faces. Also, tasty.Raccoons taste like Winnie the Pooh.Also…PENGUIN!!

Blanche Four Oaks, NC

Love this

Very nice my baby girl love’s them nice size for baby and safe for baby to play with toxic free love it.

Renee Port Ewen, NY

Great for the price

Cute product, and shipped fast. As for the specifics that you are all probablly wondering about: quality, safty, etc…I can not comment as this was given as a gift. However it was given to family, so they would have told me if there was somthing unsafe. I have gotten pictures with the kids (all under 1) playing and enoying this toy.

Rosemarie Newton, TX


My baby (10.5 months old) doesn’t seem to interested in these yet, and they seem pretty expensive for what you get, but they’re alright I guess … don’t think I’d buy them if I had it to do all over again. Maybe he’ll like them later??

Cherie Tilden, TX

Bath time fun

Got these for my 8 month old. She likes them but not as much as the rubber ducky and the water cups. A good buy.

Alyson East Irvine, CA

Not just bath toys

My daughter loves the penguin! She plays with it in and out of the bath tub. The animals are soft, perfect for teething mouths!

Jenifer Hammondsville, OH

Fun bath toys

We received this as a gift at my baby shower and I was eager to use them. We first brought them out when my daughter was about 5 months old and she loves them! We still use them during bathtime (she is almost 11 months) and also have a few out on her play area since she likes chewing on them. She giggles when I squirt her with them and likes the bright colors. Good product for a reasonable price – highly recommended.

Esperanza Harford, PA

very cute for a gift

I originally purchased this for my dauighter but decided to give it to my 10 mth old niece instead. Very cute!

Sylvia Coal Hill, AR

Fun Bath toys

My baby loves bath time with these toys. Great quality and great price. Just make sure to fully dry the toys so mold dosen’t build up in them.

Leigh Rocky River, OH

Cute but a little concerning

These are attractive looking toys, to us and our little one. We have had these since she was a month old but she only started to use them frequently at about 6 months. Even though we empty them of water as best we can after every use we still find that gunky stuff is squirted out every now and again – yuk. Also, about a month ago (10 months old) she was sucking on the dolphin and I noticed a black spot on her chin. It turned out to be an eye from the dolphin (the paint). I’m not comfortable with using these any more and will look for other bath toys. These may be fine for older kids that don’t put everything in their mouths but the gunky stuff is still icky.

Robert Indian Wells, AZ


My 19 month old loves them. There is also good variety and all the animal faces are nicely made. They all look cheerful and cute. They haven’t yet had black yucky things growing in them like some of the other brands of squirt toys.

Kristine North Norwich, NY

super cute set

gave as a baby gift. well received. really fun grouping. wish I had gotten one for my baby too! LOL

Bethany Brookline, MA