Elegant Baby Ultra Plush Blankie, Satin Border and Back Blankie 20 x 20 Inch in Baby Blue

Elegant Baby Ultra Plush Blankie, Satin Border and Back Blankie 20 x 20 Inch in Baby Blue

Our plush microfiber blankies will delight your child’s tactile senses. Soft, luxurious microfiber will bring pleasant comfort as it surrounds them, while the smooth, cool, silky satin backing will amaze their hands. Soft enough to sleep on but durable enough to be carried around everywhere, these blankies are a wonderful baby gift. For style conscious parents, Elegant Baby is the source for baby gear with the best quality, craftsmanship and tradition at an affordable price.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Plush, machine washable, microfiber blankie
  • Ultra soft to touch, keeps baby warm and comfortable
  • Small size is perfect for baby or infant to carry around comfortably
  • Measures 20×20″
  • Satin border offers security and softness to sooth baby

Verified reviews


Um…where is the rest of it?

This one made us laugh. We wanted our little one to have one amazing blanket for Christmas and I must have over looked that this is the tiniest blanket in the world!! We opened the package and burst out loud with laughter. If your baby is crazy small, this is the right choice for you. Then you will need to upgrade to a wash cloth!!

Sally Mc Coy, TX

NOT a baby blanket

I guess it’s my fault for not reading the size HOWEVER “Elegant Baby Plush Microfiber Blankie – Hot Pink” leads you to believe you are buying a blanket for a baby, not a baby doll.

Nan Anton Chico, NM

Waste of money

I thought a lot before writing my review about this blanket. it is totally a waste of money. it might be suitable for a small chiwawa. Not for a baby at all. Very thin and very very small. If i have a baby girl who has a Barby doll. it might be useful for her.Do not waste your money like me. Buy something worthy.

Eve Sutton, NE

Perfect size for carrying around

This blanket is the perfect size for carrying around or putting in the car seat with your child. I was looking for a satin sided blanket that my baby could carry with her without dragging on the floor. This blanket is just right for that. It’s super soft on both sides and seems well made. If you’re looking for a large blankie this is not the one. This is a 1/4 of a larger blankie, if it was folded in fours this would be the corner if it.Pros:Smaller size so it doesn’t drag on the floorSuperior softnessFull satin sideCons:None that I can think of

Alejandra Center Point, WV

Very cute

This extra soft blanket is very cute, kind of small but very cute and cuddley for babys first blanky. I love it.

Luz Port Chester, NY

Great quality!

Bought this as a binky for my best friends baby and I though it would be a little bit bigger but for ten dollars I guess I should have known but it really cute for a binky blanket or just a newborn blanket!

Blanca Fairmont, NC

This is a “lovey” NOT a full sized blanket!

As my title suggests, this is NOT a full sized blanket. I, however, wasn’t paying attention when I ordered it. When I took it out of the packaging and saw how small it is I was bummed. But, that’s my own fault for not paying attention. I just hope you don’t make that same mistake.Reviewing the product for what it actually is, I give it 5 stars! It’s awesome. It’s super soft and cozy. It’s 20×20 size and fits in my 3 month old daughter’s car seat and swing perfectly. I know she will love it as she grows up too. I plan to buy the full sized version when I get done with this review.

Sasha Farmingdale, ME

Perfect Security blanket for baby girl

I’m really happy with this security blanket. I’ve looked at tons at local baby stores to high end specialty shops, and this is high quality satin and microfiber, for a very reasonable price. The blanket specifications clearly state how large the blanket is, so some of the other bad reviews didn’t make sense to me. Read the dimensions, this is NOT a full sized blanket, but is the perfect security blanket for baby girl. It washes well, and seems to be holding up ok. Might even buy 1-2 more just to have for her.

Lilia Paradise, KS

Very very small

I guess it’s more my fault for not reading the dimensions before buying, but this was much smaller than it looks in the pictures.

Lessie Alcove, NY

Great quality blankie

I ordered this last week and it came to my house within 2 days. I knew that it was a blankie when I ordered it so I was expecting it. I got the hot pink color and it is very cute and very soft. The uderside is a satin type material which is also very smooth and soft. The perfect blanket for little ones to carry around which is the reason why I bought it for my baby on the way.

Gracie Soper, OK

Softest blankie ever!

This is the perfect blankie for our daughter! It’s so incredibly soft and satin backed and trimmed. I wish it was also available in 30X40 size, not just 20X20. I’ll definitely be ordering more for our house, and for baby shower gifts too!

Jolene Tahoka, TX

Love IT

Great product, i will be buying a couple more. great size for my 21 month old girl. She can carry it around without stepping on it.

Raquel Pilgrims Knob, VA

Very small

This blanket is TINY! I made the mistake of reading a good few reviews and purchasing. I should have read the size deminsions! It’s about the size of a burp cloth, maybe a little smaller than a small receiving blanket! I was expecting a decent size blanket, you can’t even wrap a newborn up in this size blanket.Yes it’s good quality but very small!

Olivia Uxbridge, MA


I read the other reviews so I saw the measurements beforehand. This is the perfect size for little ones that love carrying blankets around plus it is very soft. When I received the blanket today I handed it to my little guy and he started laughing and cuddling it right away—he loves it.

Tamera Liberty, NY


I bought this for my nephew as a baby shower gift. My kids are addicted to theirs because of the silky edge and back. They sleep with it all night and my son drags his around the house everywhere. Good quality lasts a long time through constant use. Highly recommended for little ones.

Kimberlee Bullville, NY

Thought it was bigger

It’s cute and it’s soft but it’s really small. It thought it was more like a regular sized baby blanket and it’s more like lovey sized blanket. If that’s what you’re looking for it would be great, it not I’d look elsewhere.

Celia Sebec, ME

Perfect Little Blankie

Our baby wouldn’t take a passy and we needed something that would comfort him in the night and when we took him on vacation or to strange places. He has loved this “blankie” since we gave it to him when he was 3 months old. we have it in blue.

Jenny Italy, TX


You can’t wrap a baby doll in it. It’s not for wrapping newborns. It’s so small, I do not know what it is good for. Maybe a lap cloth.

Guadalupe Mexico, ME

20″x20″ blankie

I bought this about 9 months ago and the product description stated 20″x20″, so I’m not clear why so many people are still having problems with the size of the blanket, but for us it was perfect. I would term it more of a blankie, especially given the silky smooth side and size, but again this is what I was shooting for – Something my son could use while he sucked his thumb and carry around himself while we were out and about without dragging it on the ground or dirty floor.I know some people have had problems with the polyester “fuzzy” side getting stiff in the dryer, but since we dry on low heat we’ve never had that problem. Though, I would suggest making sure all the soap is out before drying as I made that mistake once and the whole blanket felt a bit rough even though the rest of the clothes from that load seemed fine. Re-rinsing and drying fluffed it right back up.I bought the bright blue and though it’s not as dark as it looks on my computer it really is a gorgeous color. I had hoped that this would be “the one” my son latched onto as his one true lovey because it’s so beautiful, but sadly for me he chose the even smaller lionheart white one I bought him. Cheaper and better for my pocket book when replacing, but definitely not as soft or aesthetically pleasing as this one.

Stacey Mercersburg, PA

So disappointed

The term ‘blanket’ is not an accurate description here.It’s far too small to be used as a blanket – I use it as a burp cloth (just covers my shoulder). It looks like a rushed-job from the creative department of someone’s kitchen table. Neither plush or elegant. Missed opportunity!!

Charity Smithfield, PA

Must must have for my son

In my top 15 things to buy for baby. My son absolutely loves this. He started using at 8 weeks and loves the soft textures and snuggles it to his face constantly. He can use this to put himself to sleep on his own by snuggling it next to his face to snuggle and block out any light that may be bothering him. It is NOT a baby blanket as it is too small for that. We call it our baby’s "snuggly" and it is always with him. Buy two of them for when one is in the wash. Has held up to several washings so far.

Cecelia Hiawatha, IA

Best blankey ever!

so soft, holds up in the wash. my baby loves it and so do I.

Mercedes Clifty, KY