Endangered Species by Sud Smart Bath Crayons

Endangered Species by Sud Smart Bath Crayons

These colorful triangle, “no roll” bath crayons are thoughtfully designed and are made from soap so you can be sure your kids get clean while they play.

Main features

  • Made from soap
  • “no roll” triangle design
  • Contains 6 crayons
  • May be used with Endangered Species Bath Coloring Sets
  • Helps support Defenders of Wildlife

Verified reviews


wish they were better

I love that these crayons are full size unlike the crayola or other brand bath crayons. The downside is that they melt fast. They are super messy. I find myself having to scrub the melting crayon goo off my sons body after we get out of the bath. Another plus is that it wipes off the surfaces much easier then other bath crayons we have used. You dont even need to bust out the cleaning supplies. I think i would buy these again but I have to be more on top of getting them out of the water as soon as my son is done drawing.

Margret Centerton, AR

Tub Crayons

My son really likes these. Easy to clean off, bright colors. They disolve very quickly if left sitting in water.

Kari Brockton, MA

Great idea, and I am happy they are non-toxic …

Great idea, and I am happy they are non-toxic etc. But they don’t colour that well and tend to melt.

Dorothy Granger, WA

Everyone was right…

I read all the reviews about how these crayons dissolve in the bath. I meant to get them out of the tub ASAP after first using them, but I forgot. I have twin 2 year olds, so it’s easy to forget 🙂 They dissolved and turned into crayon mush. They were fun for the first bath, but not really usable after that. I knew this when buying them, so I wasn’t too disappointed. I appreciate the other reviews that shared this information!

Matilda Marco Island, FL

works fine

My daughter uses these every day. She started using them around 10 months old, and now at 13 months uses them daily. She will point to where we keep them on the shelf then wiggle her hand like she does when she draws. She loves these things that much. She munches on the end sometimes and she’ll have colored drool for a few seconds. They usually sit in the tub for 30 min until she’s done then we drain the tub. They are actually holding up quite well despite a nightly soak over the last 5 months. I’m actually back online today to get another set. I was worried since another reviewer said they didn’t hold up well and became full mush after being left in a bath… we don’t leave them soaking for days at a time, but for the duration of the bath we’ve not noticed any major dissolving. They wash off the tub easily… and the wall.. and the floor.. and the cabinet.. and the tile..

Shauna Newborn, GA

Hated it

greasy….hard to clean off the tub. I was not happy with this product at all and would not order again.

Lindsay Dumont, TX

work great if you keep them out of water.

I love these crayons. The trick to keeping them from turning to mush, is keeping them out of the water. I have a little bowl that I keep them in and my daughter (2years old) sets the bown on the edge of the tub and just takes out the crayons she wants to use. She has dumped the bowl into the tub once or twice, but if you pick them up right away then they’re fine. It’s like a bar of soap, if you let it soak in the tub, it’s going to turn to mush. If you keep it mostly dry when not in use, it will last a lot longer.

Tia Cazenovia, NY

Not so great

These have to soak in water for a while before they become useful. Even then, the material doesn’t go on dark enough/thick enough to be satisfying. It’s very pale and hard to see. My kids didn’t like them much and we’ve opted for other brands of bathtub crayons.

Ruby Snow Hill, AL

The best!

These are so awesome, they’re made of soap so they don’t last forever(duh). The colors are easy to clean up and my daughter and I love playing with them.

Berta Frenchglen, OR


Crayons work well and wash off nicely. My first time buying bath crayons so I don’t really have anything to compare them with….satisfied customer 🙂

Elva Scott City, KS

It tints the hands

I have the munchkin ones and thought those coud be an upgrade as they are ecological friendly…my mistake ! The blue really tints my son hands even after soapimg them and the yellow is very weak, it bearely can be seen on the while tyle. And it’s over a dollar more expensive them the Munchkin ones !

Lindsey Churchville, NY

like them

Some complained of these getting too mushy, I haven’t had this problem yet, although my daughter doesn’t leave them soaking in the tub. I would prefer different colors, our package had two tones of green and a brown along with yellow blue and red. Seems that an orange and purple would have been nice instead of the second green and the brown.

Katherine Divide, MT

They melt down.

I’ve had many different bath crayons and these were the worst. They melt in water really fast compared to the others.

Monika Goodrich, TX

Disolve in the water

My daughters are 2 and 4. We’ve had bath crayon’s before so we know to try and keep them out of the water for the most part but lets be realistic. They are kids and the crayons get dropped in the water. They begin dissolving immediately. I doubt they will last more than 4 baths. These are junk in my opinion.

Rhonda Berlin, GA

Great color arrangement, but melt quickly

My daughter really likes these bath crayons; however, my one complaint is that they melt and deform quickly once affected by water. Overall a fun purchase for bath time, but won’t last too many bath times.

Rocio Davey, NE