Endangered Species by Sud Smart Peel N’ Stick Eco-ID Labels, Brown

Endangered Species by Sud Smart Peel N’ Stick Eco-ID Labels, Brown

Stone Paper labels with anything you like for any of your child’s everyday items. Just peel ’em and stick ’em to any clean, smooth surface. Standard and mini size labels suitable for Sippy cup lids, etc. New Stone Paper contributes to keeping our Earth healthy: Saves Trees No Wood Pulp Made of stone instead of wood; Free of bleach; Saves water; No Water Pollution; No Air Pollution manufacturing process does not emit toxic gas; 100% Biodegradable. Printed with All Natural Soy Ink. And it’s going to help the endangered species of the world. Contains: 128 labels. 8 sheets 4 3/8″x6 7/8″. 16 labels per sheet: 12 standard size 2″x13/16″ and 4 mini size 2″x5/26″

Main features

  • Made from stone paper and soy ink
  • Multiple-use ID, labels for all your on-the-go needs
  • Water proof
  • Support defenders of wildlife – working to protect endangered species
  • 8 Sheets

Verified reviews


Love the idea…

I bought these labels to label my son’s bottles and belongings for daycare. I immediately tested one label on a bottle (9oz. polypropylene Avent bottle) and it worked beautifully! You just use a sharpie to write the name on the label, stick it to a clean, smooth surface and that’s it! They are much cheaper than the kind that come pre-printed with your child’s name, and I liked the idea of the “stone paper” and soy ink.The first label has stayed on beautifully through the dishwasher and multiple hand-washings as well. Unfortunately, since that time I have applied labels to all of my son’s other bottles and my experience has been hit-or-miss. I am not sure if I inadvertently did something differently, but some of the labels started peeling off almost immediately. I have placed them in the same location on each bottle, made sure that the bottles were clean and dry… and yet some labels stick and others do not. I can not seem to figure out what the difference is between those that stick and those that fall off. I have even tried cleaning the surface of the bottle with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils and allowing it to dry before placing the labels…Overall:PROS:-more environmentally friendly than other options-non-toxic-when they stick, they stick well!-remove cleanly with no residue-good price!CONS:-some labels just do not stick well-it would be nice to have more variety of sizes in each package of labels (there are 4 small labels on each sheet and about 12 large labels)Ultimately these labels are so much cheaper than other options that it is probably worth it even though you may go through several labels for a bottle before getting one that sticks permanently.

Lakesha Verden, OK

Great for anything other than fabric

These are great for sippy cups and other items that aren’t fabric. I used them to mark my daughters blankets, sheets and clothes for daycare and every one of the stickers has fallen off. That said, the ones I use on her cups and toy boxes are still on and holding up just fine even after many aggressive washes. Great on plastic and steel, not so much on anything else.

Candy Twin Peaks, CA

Great cheap alternative to $$$$$ daycare labels

I needed labels for daycare and couldn’t afthom spending $30 or more so I just got these and a fine point sharpie. So far, so good – they seem to stay on despite multiple handwashes and a few dishwasher runs. Not good for clothing but for those I am just using sharpies for the time being.

Eleanor Grand Rapids, MI

Great product

These labels are great. My child is in daycare and I use these for her bottles and bottle lids. I have washed them and they do not come off or fade. Great product!

Alexandria Ashtabula, OH

Love this! Good for the environment and great for labeling bottles

I used Dr. Browns “dots” to label bottles in the past for daycare. However, these cost less, you get more, AND they are great for the environment! They peel easily off the bottles without leaving ANY residue. Highly highly recommend!

Jodie Ghent, WV

Not the best – but inexpensive

These were incredibly inexpensive which is why I purchased them. I had already ordered some personalized clothing and regular labels for my son, but they had not come in time for school so I bought these for the interim. They worked for some things but not others. The mini labels worked the best. They held up during hand washing (haven’t tried the dishwasher).These worked for: lunch boxes, utensils, toothbrush handles, stainless steel water bottle, folders.They did not work so well for: toothpaste, tupperware, clothing or any labels (like a care-tags)In conclusion, I don’t regret purchasing these because they were cheap and they worked on some things. It really depends on what you need these for.

Gussie Maryville, MO


I bought these labels for daycare and they are ok. They do not stick to certain plastics, which is really annoying. The plastic they have stuck to have worked very well. I even put them in the dishwasher and the labels did not come off. Just wish they stuck to all plastics (they do not stick to Nuby). They look like they should not be waterproof but they are.

Cathleen Princeton, ME

Don’t really stick

Really cute, don’t really stick. Haven’t successfully made it through the dishwasher or hand wash without starting to peel. I really wanted to like them, love that they are green, but serves the same purpose as a post-it with tape over it since I have to re-label every couple of days.

Lula Melstone, MT

Not impressed

I needed lables for my daughters’ items for daycare. These were relatively cheap so I got them. They don’t stick well to clothes, tags, or bottles. I could see them being good only for books or something with a hard surface. I also don’t like that on every label it says "My name is" instead of "I belong to" or something along those lines. Maybe that’s being too picky!

Jamie Fort Washakie, WY

Don’t Work

I bought these to help label some of my son’s items when he started daycare this fall. Well, while they are cute, they don’t stay on anything! They kept falling off whatever I put them on – clothes, his lunch box, food containers etc. Sooo… I stopped using them.

Trudy Dyess, AR

Very good labels

I bought these labels for my son’s belongings at day care. They are very cute and work really well. Just know that if you are using them to label bottles, the label won’t stick after being submerged in water i.e. in a bottle warmer. Overall we like these labels quite a bit and will continue to buy them.

Marcie Picayune, MS