Enfamil Disposable Slow-Flow Soft Nipples, 10 Count

Enfamil Disposable Slow-Flow Soft Nipples, 10 Count

Enfamil slow-flow soft nipple.

Main features

  • Disposable and new in package
  • Reusable
  • Can be used with regular baby bottles
  • Can be used with musettes from similac and Enfamil

Verified reviews


Best bottle nipples EVER!

10/pk – Enfamil Disposable Slow-Flow Soft NipplesThese bottle nipples are great. My newborn daughter LOVES them! I discovered them in the hospital after having her. They were affiliated with the breast pump. The slow flow is best for newborns and she didn’t like the other bottle nipples.

Marva Markleville, IN

Great For Newborns. Reusable To An Extent

My baby had a bit of breathing problem when he was a newborn and these slow flow nipples were very helpful in feeding him compared to the Evenflo supposedly slow-flow silicone nipples we got along with the bottles we purchased. Milk drips slowly out of the nipple when you hold the bottle upside down instead of shooting out. We got like 10 of these from the hospital and most of them lasted for about 1.5 month. I’ve already tossed some of them because the nipples were cracking and a few of them their tips separated. So these are reusable but only to a certain extent. Pay very close attention to any signs of cracking. I tossed mine immediately when I notice they start to crack because I don’t want my baby to choke on any loose pieces. They might last longer if you only wash them with hot soapy water instead of sterilizing them in boiling water. The nurses at the hospital told me sterilizing is not necessary but I feel better sterilizing them.

Kelley West Townshend, VT

Incredibly useful nipples

These nipple screw onto multiple bottles (some of the Medela, and the individual bottles of liquid formula for Similac) and are disposable. Incredibly useful if you are traveling.

Mandy Clark, MO


Fits Enfamil nursers. Life saver for new moms. You need this! Be sure to get the slow one so baby doesn’t get too much too fast.

Adrienne Goshen, NJ

Soft Nipples for bottles

Great sterilized nipples that are actually disposable if need be. Pretty cool idea. The softer nipple was easier for my baby to switch from breast to bottle.

Cathy Enfield Center, NH

Perfect for travel!!

These are great!! They are exactly what the hospital gives you to feed your newborn. These are perfect for travel and use with the nursette bottles. You can just toss these into your diaper bag and go!! Great quality and very dependable. I highly recommend these!!

Letitia Vieques, PR

Just like the ones at the hospital

We were looking for ones just like the ones they give out at the hospital. Our child preferred those. She was not formula fed, but the ones from the hospital fit on top of my medela reusable frozen milk storage bottles, and she seemed to like the shape and feel of these better than the more expensive ones available (or she did until she got older anyway)

Kelsey Bourneville, OH