Englacha Plastic Board Rider, Black

Englacha Plastic Board Rider, Black

The adapters we used on this model rider is not universal, the adapters have to be attached on horizontal tube/axle in the rear structure of stroller before used. Customers should fully understand this key factor before buying this item as we already offered required product images on Amazon website. We can confirm our adapters on this rider can almost fit about 80%~90% strollers sold in the market. Englacha Junior Rider Plus HDPE for children that will attach to almost any baby carriage which has one horizontal tube/axle in its rear structure, Suitable for a child from 15 months up to a maximum weight of 20 kgs. The Junior Rider Plus HDPE is a practical and comfortable product and can be attached to the axle, rear bar and folding plate of most of prams, strollers and buggies. It’s a standing platform only. Prams, strollers and folding buggies with a rigid rear axle or tube, horizontal bow for securing with a diameter of up to 45 mm tube. It may not be suitable for some baby carriages without applicable rear construction or in cases where the brake function is hindered.

Main features

  • Double your stroller
  • Easily attach/detach on/from stroller
  • High quality but cheapest price in the market
  • For more walking space please buy Englacha Cozy Stroll Handle Extension Bar, it can increase extra 12~15 cm walking space behind the rider/glider attached on the stroller after installed when in use.
  • Our rider size is adequate for upto 3-year-old kid standing on the board
  • The adapters we used on this model rider is not universal, the adapters have to be attached on horizontal tube/axle in the rear structure of stroller before used.

Verified reviews


Cheap, fine for occasional use

We got this ride on board because we didn’t like any of the double strollers out there and our toddler usually walks, anyway. It’s fine, especially given how cheap it is.The pros:Sturdy enough to bounce up and down curbsSuper easy and fast to assemble and put on the stroller.The cons:Makes it so you have to push the stroller from the side or hold it at arm’s length to keep from constantly kicking the board.Doesn’t fold out of the way, doesn’t fit under the stroller. We use a bungee cord to strap it to the stroller when not in use.Interferes with the use of the stroller (City mini) brakes.

Sasha Lincolnville, ME

Great addition to my Bob Duallie

This little "skateboard" as my kids call it, is awesome. Its super easy to install and really surprisingly very sturdy. My 6.5 year old boy loves riding along while I tote my 3.5 year old and newborn (in his carseat) in my double bob!The wheels seem to be pretty thick and sturdy and walking around our neighborhood over curbs and bumps and uneven terrain, it does awesome! I’ve even began running again and they just stand their coasting along!It hooks securely and with the Bob, you can still use the foot brake! It is great! It’s also super easy to remove, in case I want to take only 2 kids instead of 3.Well worth the price!

Dena Durant, MS

Perfect on our Baby Trend Double Jogger

We clip this on the back of our Baby Trend Double Jogger, and it is perfect for our third child to ride on, making our stroller fit for four in a pinch!

Sandra Mount Vernon, NY

Didn’t work for us

Unfortunately we had to send this back. We were really hoping it would work to take with us on vacation so my older son would have somewhere to stand while on long walking trips. We have a BOB jogging stroller and it did attach just fine. But walking behind it was so awkward and uncomfortable for me (5’2) and for dad (5’9). And my son that would be standing on it had a hard time finding a comfortable position to get in while standing on it. It looks like if we removed the parent console from the BOB then he would kind of fit between the handle bar and stroller but the BOB does not have cup holders and so we really needed the console. And depending on where he stepped on the board it could easily tip backwards. The positive is that it did attach and and detatch easily.

Mabel Shiloh, GA

3 year old daughter

We bought this for our 3 year old daughter who doesn’t really use it all the time, but when she does, it’s a life saver. We currently live in Germany and these wheels hold up great. Also really smooth with the cobble stone roads. Turning is east, even getting up and down curbs. Also, the interchangeable adaptors allows us to choose which stroller we want to use it on. Very small down side, you really have to reach your stroller, or you’ll keep kicking the rider. I just push with one hand, above all it make traveling so much easier.

Daisy Hima, KY

I wish it were better.

I could not remove the plastic hinges that come with two other adapter sizes that should be fitted to your stroller bar. There is a slight wobble at the bar because of this but the actual toddler board is so large and awkwardly constructed that I can’t walk behind my stroller at all if it’s attached. I have Bob and I walk to the side holding the stroller with one hand.I don’t give it less stars because it does work. It’s not expensive. It does (sorta) fit. If you can find something better, get it.

Jimmie Frenchtown, NJ

pretty good, but more in the way than I thought

I have the bugaboo frog (got it used) and didn’t want to spend a hundred bucks on the bugaboo brand kid board especially when people said that this was better. I don’t know if I’m too tall (5’6") or what but it’s way harder to walk behind than I thought. Sure, people warned in their reviews, but it seemed like overall it wasn’t too bad. I definitely have to either push with my fingertips or walk to the side. Either way works well since the stroller is excellent (total upgrade from my joovy caboose even with the issues with the board attached), but I almost wish I found the bugaboo board used on craigslist or something because at least I’d only have one wheel to sidestep. I actually decided on this one because I thought the two wheeled option would allow me more foot room. go figure. My son also keeps wanting to have his feet on the bear’s head and not the larger "body" part because being too far back makes him bonk his head on my handle. too much weight too close makes the stroller want to tip towards me when my baby is in rearfacing postition. My 3 y/o is pretty tall for his age though, so that might not be something other’s will have a problem with. It is nice and easy to get on and off once set up, and set up would probably have been a lot easier if I didn’t have a baby and a toddler literally climbing over me while I was attempting to attach it. I also found that I could detach it and then prop it on top of the "basket" and front wheels if my son decided to chase after my older sons. overall not a bad buy, since I just can’t go back to my joovy after using the bugaboo, but I probably would go the brand route since I can find a used board for the same price as this one. food for thought!

Donna Coralville, IA

Fits on a Baby Jogger City Mini Single

As expected the board is in the way however, it beats having to carry my 3 y/o in one arm and pushing my 8 mo in the stroller with my other hand (for those that can relate). She loves to run around but has a fear of walking in the parking lot especially when it’s busy, crowded areas, etc. We tested out the board during an evening walk. She loved it! I on the other hand had to walk on the side. At 5′ 8", it was more comfortable to walk by the side of the stroller rather than directly behind it. Maybe if the City Mini had the ability to adjust the handle bar it would have been more comfortable. I ended up adjusting the board to the right side so that My body was more closer to the middle. Luckily, the City Mini Single is easy to maneuver with one hand. Attach the board and the handling still isn’t that bad considering the addition load. Assembly wasn’t too bad. My husband probably would have taken longer to figure out how to put it all together. I used the largest ring (45mm). The middle ring provide a more snug fit but it will definitely damage the brake rod. Speaking of brakes, yes the board is in the way. But I didn’t find it too terrible. It’s easy to attach and remove when not needed. I’m hoping the springs last for awhile although I remember some reviews stated otherwise. I gave it a 4 star because it does the job. The board, wheels, and metal arm are all well made and sturdy. I’m not worried it’s going to break. I was looking for an option other than a double stroller or a Sit N Stand. I figured no matter the price all boards will be in the way when you try to push a City Mini Single. The price is fair and my daughter loves it. My arms can finally rest and I can enjoy walking around the mall with my baby & tot.

Marlene Ladora, IA