Ergo Baby BC2EP-KIT2 Galaxy Grey With Galaxy Infant Insert LED Safety Reflector Light

Ergo Baby BC2EP-KIT2 Galaxy Grey With Galaxy Infant Insert LED Safety Reflector Light

This Ergo Baby Carrier comes with a matching infant insert allowing you to keep your baby safe and comfortable while ensuring that your Ergo Baby Carrier grows with your child Cradle your baby and keep her embraced comfort Also included is a FREE LED Safety Reflector Light to keep you and your baby safe and seen even in the dark

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I bought this from Amazon based on the reviews here. My baby is just about 9 lbs, 3 weeks old and she goes right to sleep in this carrier. If you have a newborn, get the insert- it is a MUST! She loves how it wraps around her, and when she’s sound asleep I can gently remove her with the insert without interruption. I like the support given with the lowest strap that goes around the hip/waist area. It is easy to handle without assistance. The first time I needed help with adjustments etc… But after I can place her in and out of the carrier on my own (hint: read the directions, they help). She is not overheated and we live in Long Beach where it is HOT. I am not in the greatest shape, so this carrier works well for me because of all the support, comfort and the fit. The material is very soft and it looks good too! For the money I feel it was worth it. I wouldn’t want to have to buy a different one and spend even more money if it didn’t work out. I got lucky with my first try! Now baby wants to be put to sleep in this sling… She loves it. The best part is now my hands are free and I can do the dishes, put the clothes away and some housework along with baby right next to me.

Dorothy Spring City, UT

love ergo baby

I love my ergo baby carrier (never skimp on your baby). It is really worth the money, not a crotch dangler. Comfortable and durable. Baby loves to sit in it.

Isabelle Old Mystic, CT

so great…wouldn’t be without it

This carrier is so great. I have the baby bjorn which really starts to kill my back after 30 mins but this doesn’t hurt at all. It also have features that the bjorn doesn’t such as the front pocket and the hood. I can just put my phone, small wallet, burp cloth and my keys and I’m good to go. The hood helps keep sun, wind and unwanted visitors from my son. The grey galaxy is also super cute and can be used for either gender. Worth every penny.

Lorna Safford, AZ

Greatest carrier!

This carrier is awesome! It distributes weight so nicely and I love the 3 options for placement. Used for son and will use for daughter when she arrives.

Clara Mifflinville, PA

love love love

I love this carrier, its sturdy and really provides great back support. I can see how important this is going to be as my baby gets heavier and heavier. I love the poket in the front, great for if you are walking around with baby and dont want to take anything but your keys and cell phone. The only two downsides to this carrier as far as I can tell are: baby gets very hot and baby cant be worn on the chest and facing outward. Otherwise this carrier is awesome.

Estela Sandusky, OH