Ergo Baby BC2EPK1 Galaxy Grey Baby Carrier with Galaxy Lining And LED Safety Reflector Light

Ergo Baby BC2EPK1 Galaxy Grey Baby Carrier with Galaxy Lining And LED Safety Reflector Light

A new fall release the Galaxy Grey ERGO Baby Carrier is so pretty A lovely shade of grey this carrier features a swirly galaxy patterned hood and lining Comes with LED Safety Reflector Light

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best baby carrier out there. The newborn insert isn’t that handy, but this doesn’t kill your back. It’s very comfortable

Carol Poultney, VT

I tried out every carrier out there and this one is the best!! (one negative at the end of the review)

THE GOOD STUFF: No….the GREAT stuff! I bought the Ergo classic carrier after months of researching, and weeks of shopping. I bought it to replace a secondhand Bjorn classic carrier, which was killing my neck and shoulders since my baby reached about 13 pounds. My neck and back literally hurt all the time.My daughter now weighs 17.7 pounds, and I can carry her in the Ergo for more than two hours at a time, and we are both really comfortable. The carrier ir rated up to 45 pounds. I’m sure I could carry at least 30, and then switch to a back carry.The best thing about this carrier is the fact that can carry my sweet baby girl for as long as she wants to be carried, and in almost any situation without pain. Being free from pain… is SO worth it!! I was overjoyed to find this carrier!!I have nursed her in this carrier twice. It’s not perfectly discreet. I mean, if people are weirdos and they really want to see your breast, that can see into the Ergo….but I latched her on en route to a private place. It’s very easy to nurse in the Ergo and the baby fell asleep and stayed asleep once she was done eating. I just tucked the food source away, cinched the carrier back up, and continued with my errands.The Ergo is easy to put on and simple to adjust, with just three snap closures that are easy to reach. You really do need to try this thing on to understand how all the straps work together to fit it just right.ON POSSIBLE HEIGHT ISSUES: I have heard complaints that the Ergo doesn’t fit petite women. I am 5’8″ and 130 pounds with narrow shoulders, and it fits me wonderfully. I have a fairly long waist though, and I can see how it might be a little bulky for a shorter person. The lower I put the carrier on my hips, the harder it is for my baby (who is very tall) to see out over the edges. For a person who doesn’t have the advantage of a long torso, your options might be limited as to how far up or down you could move the waist strap. I have heard people say narrow-shouldered people might have a problem in this carrier. Well, I have dispropotionately small shoulders for my size and height, and it hasn’t been a problem for me.On the flip side, because my daughter is long (the same height as many of her one-year-old friends), nursing in the Ergo would be impossible if not for all the extra material. As I mentioned, the lower it sits on the hips, the longer the body of the carrier and vice versa. All that extra material can be an advantage if you learn how to use it effectively.There are adjustment straps all over the Ergo, and with some adjusting, I think this carrier can be fitted to almost any person.ON SOME HEAT ISSUES: The only issue to be aware of is the Ergo is made of a thick canvas-like material and is lined with cotton. It is breathable, but still quite warm. My baby and I both sweat a little already and it’s only 70 degrees outside. Ergo makes a sport and performance carrier. The sport doesn’t seem sturdy, and the performance wasn’t quite as comfy for me, although my baby seemed just as happy in it as in the classic. I ended up buying a Mei Tai Baby carrier off Ebay as a back up carrier for really warm days.Again, I am overjoyed at finding the Ergo baby, and I am, quite literally, going to go pick up my daughter and put her in it now so I can some laundry with her. It’s a dream come true!

Mallory Mc Dougal, AR

I love my Ergo!

First of all I love my Ergo! It makes my life so much easier to be able to carry and snuggle my little guy while still doing things with my five year old. I love having my hands free – I just need them sometimes! I love how comfy it is to use for me and my baby. I love how snug and secure he is and my back doesn’t ache. I love that my son fits in the front now, but when my friend needed to borrow it for her slightly older child she used the back carry position just as comfortably.I don’t like how rough the fabric is (mine is the Galaxy Gray). I know, there are different fabrics, but they are even more expensive, and even this one is way up there for my budget, but WORTH IT. I also don’t love that the strap that goes across your back (or front) between the shoulder straps can only go so far down. On a different model, I can’t remember if its the performance or sport, that strap can go down a lot further and doesn’t rub on a persons sides and inside of the arms so much. That’s also where the rough fabric bugs me sometimes. However that model seems to be made for a much taller person than I am at 5’2″.Plus, I absolutely love the little zip pocket in front of my Ergo! One day I had two diapers, a ziplock with some wipes, a cell phone, some cash, and my giant wad of keys in there! I think I probably could have also squeezed in a tube of Chapstick, too! It’s amazing how often I use the Ergo, and how many places we take it. It helps so much in those “I need more hands/arms moments”. It fits me very well, my taller friend comfortably, but a 6’2″ person said it was uncomfortable. I don’t think it had been adjusted at all, though. It really changes how it feels by adjusting it to fit.I also should admit that while I ordered Ergo through Amazon I never got it, and the seller disappeared from Amazon, so my money was refunded and I went and bought it at our local shop and paid a little extra to have it that day. I love that Amazon made sure I got my money back!

Vickie Trinity Center, CA

So great and comfortable

I love this ergo baby carrier for my daughter. It’s really comfy on my and seems to be comfy for her as well. It’s easy to put on and keeps my hands free when my youngest wants to be carried all the time. I love this.

Alisa Canutillo, TX

great on your back

this is fabulous. our little one is a squirmer but is very relaxed in this. its comfortable for the parents and we use the hood often for shading. Our LO will fall asleep also when we walk him around in it. He’s 10 months now, but has been using it for several months now.

Ebony Raccoon, KY