Ergo Baby BCP03405 Performance Carrier With a LED Safety Reflector Light – Grey

Ergo Baby BCP03405 Performance Carrier With a LED Safety Reflector Light – Grey

ERGObaby is thrilled to announce the new Performance line of baby carriers Made of durable lightweight and breathable fabric the ERGObaby Performance carriers are made to accommodate all active moms and dads This sleek streamlined design offers a smooth supportive fit for parents and babies of most sizes and can still be used to carry babies from newborn to toddler on the back front and hip positions

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Torn on this one….LOVE ergobaby…!

So I’ve had both the original and performance models for about 2 weeks and I had the hardest time making up my mind which I liked best! The performance is MUCH more lightweight compared to the bulky canvas of the original. BUT I called ergobaby and was given lots of info from the actual person who answered the phone (not a recording!) and she told me the performance doesn’t work well in the hip position since the arms are contoured…that helped me to make my final decision! We have a 2 month old boy- (14 lb) who is in the 95% percentile and I’ve been using just the pillow under his bottom from the infant insert which is just too bulky for my taste and too hot for us both!! He LOVES the original but not crazy about the performance!! But I on the other hand am only 5 foot and have a really short torso but felt the performance fit me better……….LOOONNG story short….I ended up buying the Original organic- I get it tomorrow! Hoping the different material but in the original design will meet my needs!Overall… due to large breasts…thanks Baby!! LOL!= I REALLY need good back support in a carrier and after wearing this one all day and feeling like I wasn’t even carrying a chunky monkey….I’ve stopped the hunt for the perfect carrier. My ONLY con is I wish baby could face out in the front position. but I have a feeling we’ll mainly be using the hip position once he gets older…for now…this seems to get him to sleep and calm him quickly! Ergobaby has a loyal customer here!!

Benita Bustins Island, ME


Very nice…well constructed. My son is 6mon…and is still too small for it…no matter which way i have him in it, the straps cut right across his face…hes like 27″ tall too. So its nice for as long as he will put up with it in his face. Will be a great carrier when he apparently grows taller and is above where the straps hit his face. Very breathable and light. Took a few times figuring out how to switch from the different carrying positions….may take longer for men.!Highly recommend

Jolene Hawk Springs, WY

Good with a 4mo old

I have just recently started using this carrier without the insert and I like it a lot more without it. Even though my baby just turned 4 months old he likes sitting here without the insert even though his head doesn’t come all the way out. He looks out from behind the arm straps while nuzzled closed to my chest and sucking his fist (he’s teething). He also usually falls asleep in here very comfortably. The fabric is nice and breathes well so it is usuable even during hot weather. Also, when using the insert I always got back pain but without it I am quite comfortable even for long periods of time. Putting it on can be tricky the first few times but after that it is easy at least for the front carry position.

Trina Fairbank, IA

comfortable, baby likes it

this carrier is pretty comfortable to wear for long hikes. we have mostly gone with baby in the front. fits my husband and I with no problems. very adjustable which helps with preventing back pain, but usually by the end of the hike, I am ready to get it off. have only worn baby on the back a few times, haven’t noticed any issues other than baby seems to sit kind of low in the back – maybe baby is not big enough yet. the only issue I have overall is that you can’t put baby facing forward in the front. as they get older, babies like to face out. although I have heard there are some hip issues with babies that do face out in other carriers, the option would still be nice. not sure why the LED safety reflector light is included, it never stayed on so we never used it.

Estelle Pawcatuck, CT

Nice Carrier…..

I think this is a really nice carrier. My baby isn’t overly fond of it at this point, but it has been helpful for when we are on the go and I don’t have time to do the wraps. The material is nice, I like that it has a sleep hood, and it fits really nice. I haven’t noticed a lot of back pain when wearing it, but it does pull at my shoulders after a bit. This may be the way I am wearing it, so I am going to play with the straps a bit to see if I can get a better fit. My husband does wear it with the baby front-facing, although it is not intended for use that way, he makes it work, and my baby is much happier in that position since he can see everything. I really like the fact that it can be a back carrier, and personally that is why I wanted one….I will update my review after I try it in that capacity.

Wendi Davis Creek, CA

Comfortable & Easy But…

I love the functionality of this carrier.Pros:Pockets with zippersComfortable and easy on the backLooks niceAdjustableBaby hood for when it rainsCons:Gets HOT easily – Thought this particular carrier was suppose to wick away moisture and heat but it still gets hot for both baby and mom due to the padding.Wish the hood was detachable so when not in use, I could really use the extra storage space.Baby can only face sideways or face you. Wish it was made so that he could face forward b/c he loves to look around and is always looking from side to side and tries to turn his head to look behind him.I think this carrier is best for use in cooler climates.

Becky Goleta, CA


I love this carrier! It distributes the weight evenly and provides a comfortable ride for my little one. Plus, the pockets are nice for stowing cell phone and car keys. It’s easy to get on and off, and easy to put little one in by yourself. I have to agree with some that it does get hot but it is so convenient when a wrap is not what you want.

Leann Fall Creek, WI