Ergo baby Options Carrier Bundle India

Ergo baby Options Carrier Bundle India

Enjoy. Create. Explore. The Ergobaby Options carrier comes in black and is designed to be transformed. Change the look of your carrier in a snap with a variety of fashion covers that snap on to change the look of things. As with all Ergobaby Carriers, it keeps baby safe, close and comfortable while providing you freedom of movement. Each cover attaches easily to the black carrier so you can change your look as often as you would like. Includes Options Carrier Covers in India: This set of Options covers offers an exotic blend of floral prints. Rich, tapestry-like designs adorn each cover, providing the look and feel of the Far East. Delicate, feminine, and sublime, the Options Covers in India add spice and depth to the Ergobaby Carrier Options carrier. Snap on, mix it up.

Main features

  • 100% cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges
  • Includes the INDIA PACK offering an exotic blend of floral prints.
  • Quarter inch high density neoprene foam in waist belt
  • High Quality buckles tested by SGS
  • Reinforcement stitching used at all fabric intersections

Verified reviews


Awkward, Uncomfortable and Hot!!

We brought the Ergo Options Carrier as everyone raved about the Ergo and how it’s much better for you and your baby’s backs. We brought the Options version because we wanted one all in black. We’ve had it since our baby was born, he’s now 8 months old and we all hate it.Pros:1) Back Support. It does support my back really well.2) Head cover. We like the cover that goes over his head to give him shade from the sun and create darkness to help get him to sleep.Cons:1) It’s extremely awkward to put on by yourself. You put the waist band on first, then put the baby in and fold the front up over your baby putting your arms through the straps. Now the tough part is the clip you have to do up just above your shoulder blades. Unless you’re ultra flexible this is a huge fight every time to do it yourself. Then if you have to use the infant insert as well, it makes it all the more trickier.2) It’s ridiculously hot. Using it on a warm day (75’F+) is unbearable for all. The baby gets hot and sweaty, pushing up, arching his back and crying to get out. Plus we get unbearably hot too and it’s not a pleasant experience at all. Please note: we are all small people (I’m 115lbs), so our size is not a factor here.3) The material digs into our baby’s skin. Our baby is 8 months now and weighs 16lbs. We live in NYC and the weather has been heating up, plus with the carrier creating so much heat we’ve only had him in a short sleeved onesie so his legs are bare. The material where his legs stick out digs into his thighs and been creating a red indent into his skin.4) Baby can’t face outwards. Since our son is a lot more alert he hates not being able to see and tries to twist around all the time.Maybe we’ve been using it all wrong as everyone seems to love it, but we’re going to try sell ours and buy a Baby Bjorn instead as I trialed my friend’s one and it’s a million times better!

Marina Westboro, MO

doesn’t work for newborns

returning this item as it doesn’t work for a newborn, only for the babies who can hold their heads and sit. my back also hurts after wearing it for 30 mins.

Shari Brooker, FL

Supportive, but does not offer forward-facing front wear

We’ve used 6 different carriers now: Baby Bjorn, ERGObaby, Moby, Beco Baby Gemini, Aprica side carrier, and S.P.O.C. (simple piece of cloth).I mistakenly thought that this carrier did a forward facing front position, when I purchased it online, but quickly found that it only accommodates a baby facing-in position, whether that’s front, back or side. The ERGO is a high quality carrier that we’ll definitely use, but I probly would not have bought it if I had purchased the Beco Baby Gemini first. The Beco Baby Gemini is built like the ERGO, but more versatile (allows forward facing front position), and easier to use. We still haven’t figured out the directions for the ERGO side position, and we both need help getting into and out of the ERGO carrier (whether it’s front or back). The ERGO does seem less daunting than our Moby carrier though, and much more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn. Our Aprica side carrier is the simplest (and cheapest) of our carriers (except the SPOC), but not as supportive as the ERGO orBeco Baby Gemini Carrier In Metro Black.

Deena Jackson, LA

Love Carrying my Daughter…Somewhat Hard to Put On

I was so excited to be given an Ergo while pregnant with my second child. I had a Baby Bjorn with my first daughter & I hated it. I tried to use it again & again & my back was always sore within 20 minutes. I came to dread travel on airplanes with my Bjorn because I just could not get that carrier to be comfortable.I couldn’t wait to try out my Ergo! My 3 year-old needed my attention & my newborn needed to cuddle. Wearing my Ergo was my only option!I love several things about this Ergo:-My daughter immediately falls asleep when I put her in this & sleeps contentedly. If she wakes up & begins to fuss I simply bounce her bottom & she falls back to sleep. She cozies into my chest & sleeps away!-I LOVE the sun cover that comes with this carrier! When I take my older daughter to the park, I put my newborn into the carrier, cover her redheaded hair & let her sleep! No sunburn, no sun shining in her eyes.-The front pockets are wonderful! I can throw a pacifier, keys, small wallet, cell phone, etc right into them! This allows me to stay hands free & also frees me from having to carry something else. It’s enough to be carrying a small person on my chest!-This carrier can be worn on my chest, my back, or even my hip. Because my daughter is only 7 weeks, we have only worn her on the front. I look forward to using these other options as she grows.-Quality material! The canvas of these carriers is far superior to the fabrics used on other (& cheaper) carriers. Quality is so much more important than price when it comes to baby items like this! If you are going to use a baby carrier several times a week (like I do) you want the quality to be high. I do not see this carrier wearing out, fraying, or fading. I look forward to wearing this for a long time as my daughter grows.-Good quad exercises! This is just a funny comment, but you learn to squat when wearing your baby on your chest because you can’t bend over. We went strawberry picking & I used squats the whole time!There are some frustrations that I have with my Ergo:-We had to buy a Newborn Insert (which cost us an additional $25. grr!) in order to use this immediately. However, I didn’t realize this until I unpacked the Ergo & began to put my 1 week old daughter in it. I wish they included the Newborn Insert with the Ergo so that we could have used it as soon as our daughter was born.-I have yet to figure out how to get this carrier comfortable right away. I put it on, adjust away, & think that I have it correctly strapped to me…but then my back will hurt. I often have to ask my husband to readjust the straps on the back. I will pull the hip strap up higher, then down lower on my hips. I will pull at the straps under my arms or in the center of my back. I will eventually get this carrier comfortable, but it always takes a while. I am hoping this process becomes easier as I get more accustomed to wearing it.-The waist strap is TOO small! I was a size 12 before pregnancy & the strap BARELY fits around my waist! I cannot believe how small the waist strap is! With women being postpartum & having husbands who are bigger, I cannot believe that they don’t make the waist strap longer. I have looked into getting a waist strap extender (yet MORE money to spend on this carrier), but they have mixed reviews. Some people write that they don’t fit onto all Ergos. Because the waist strap is so small, my husband cannot wear it.It is July & I am wearing my baby several times a week. Yes, we both get a bit sweaty, but the benefits of this carrier far outweigh the bit of heat stroke we experience!If you are frustrated with your current carrier, get an Ergo! There’s a reason why they are so popular!

Lynnette Caney, OK

Love Love Love it.

I have tried the Moby and though it distributes weight nicely it is way to hot for life in florida.Then I tried the Infantino which was a great price and it was great for my newborn but when he weighed more than 12 lbs it started to hurt my lower back and shoulders in less than 30 min.Then we tried the Baby Bjorn with the lumbar support and even using that my back and shoulders after an hour.Finally I was convinced to try the Ergo and I love it. It puts more weight on your hips and has really padded shoulder straps. Plus the front pouch allows me to put my keys and wallet in it for quick trips into store. leaving my hands completely free. It has also proved a excellent sleep aid. I can just strap him in when he is tired and walk around for a bit and he will fall right to sleep.

Noemi Strasburg, VA

good back support

This product provides very good back support and distributes baby’s weight so you don’t get a back ache. I took off a star because you can’t have baby front facing which my baby loves. Still a good product.

Angel Sapelo Island, GA

Comfortable for mom and baby

We tried many different slings & carriers and the ergo seems to be the best for both mom and baby. for me, its not only comfortable to wear, its pretty easy to get on even without your partner. It also gives me peace of mind baby isn’t going anywhere! He’s safely strapped on. And he seems to really enjoy it. It didn’t work very well for us when he was a newborn (even with the insert) at first though – but got much better once he hit about 15 pounds. A must for when he has the nighttime fussies, I strap him on and walk around the block and it frequently helps him fall asleep.

Diana Newport Center, VT

Wanted to love it, but it just wouldn’t work for our family.

Really, really wanted to love the Ergo, but it just didn’t work for us. My broad-shouldered husband found it impossible to fasten the back strap and get it into position properly, and my son HATED it. Despite being at the 95% percentile for height, at 3 months old, sitting on the pillow from the infant insert, he was still far down in the carrier and couldn’t look around. The top edge of the carrier sort of rubbed on his head/face and really bothered him. Since the carrier was primarily for my husband to carry my son, and it didn’t work for either of them, back it went.We ended up with the Bjorn Comfort carrier, which at first I avoided since the “baby danglers” are supposed to be less good for the baby’s spine, etc., but in the end, what works is what works, and both my husband and my son are very happy with the Bjorn. I have to say that I also like it, too (and I’m a Moby Wrap kind of gal). It’s much easier to get on and off, adjusts quickly between my husband and myself, and is very easy to get my son and and out of. My son doesn’t fuss at all, as long as he’s “dangling” and facing out. He doesn’t spend hours and hours in it every day, so I’m not too worried about his spine. The Ergo did do a slightly better job at putting his weight on our hips, but overall, the Bjorn won out for us.

Christi Parker, SD