Ergo Baby Sucking Pads – Mocha

Ergo Baby Sucking Pads – Mocha

ERGOBaby Sucking Pad PairThe ERGObaby sucking pad was created for your babys teething years. This reversible pad will not only extend the life of your carrier due to less frequent washings but will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is teething on 100 cotton. One pair enclosed.100 cotton terry clothVelcro attaches the pad around the shoulder strap of the carrierReversibleMachine washable – cold gentle cycles mild detergent no bleach. Dry in low heat

Main features

  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Reversible
  • 100% cotton terry cloth
  • Velcro attaches the pad around the shoulder strap of the carrier
  • machine washable, gentle cycle

Verified reviews


Strongly recommended

My baby sucks on the straps of the ergo carrier almost every time I put her in it, so the sucking pads are a must for me. But the JJ Cole strap covers work also. They are not as big as the sucking pads so you have to squeeze them on, but they do stay on.

Erma Buckeye, WV

Recommended! Works well!

Great product to have along with the Ergo! Baby always seems to have mouth in the straps and having these makes it easier to be able to prevent that. Plus, you could just remove these and wash them.

Lois Fulton, SD

Perfect for tiny mouths

I bought these as soon as I noticed my son was mouthing the Ergo straps.I ordered the Mocha colored ones because I was concerned about stains showing.However, the vendor in charge of fulfilling the order sent me the cream ones. They show EVERYTHING, but I got over it because it’s a baby thing.Mocha or not, they work beautifully and make my little one very happy.

Paulette New Melle, MO

So glad they make these!

I hesitated to buy these when I first purchased my Ergo. I wanted to wait to see if they were something I’d really need or not. Boy, did I ever! I was amazed by how much my 4 month old wanted to suck and chew on the Ergo straps! These sucking pads are definitely no gimmick – truly invented out of necessity.Pros:Super easy to wash.Easy to adjust.Baby loves them!Can be used with other carriers.Con:I wish they made these in colors that coordinate better with their line of carriers. I have an organic chocolate Ergo and bought the mocha sucking pads. The pads are a bit lighter in color – which is no big deal. I just prefer things to match up better.

Gay Cabot, PA

Easy to remove and wash

I bought these to go with my Chocolate/Kona Organic ErgoBaby Carrier for my daughter’s drool problem. She loves sucking on them, they are resistant, easy to remove and wash. I highly recommend them.

Marisa Hopewell, PA