ERGO Baby – Water Resistant Weather Cover

ERGO Baby – Water Resistant Weather Cover

WCR414 Features: -Weather cover.-Nylon, rip-stop shell protects against windy and wet weather.-Attach to carrier before putting it on, or when carrier is already being used.-Side flaps attach easily to ErgoBaby carrier’s shoulder straps.-Comes stored in a water-resistant front pouch for easy access.-Newly designed ErgoBaby weather cover system is comprised of two different pieces, sold separately.-Worn individually or snapped easily together for ultimate warmth and wet weather protection.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • The Water-resistant Cover provides ideal protection from wind and rain, keeps baby warm and dry
  • Attaches easily to all models of the ERGObaby Carrier
  • Adjustable cinch cords, attaches with buttons or hooks

Verified reviews


Description listing is incorrect

I was very disappointed to find that the description listed for this product was incorrect. It lists as having a fleece lining. It does not. It is only the outer shell. The lining is a separate purchase that can be attached to it. Otherwise this weather cover is a good product.

Madeleine Harrods Creek, KY

Keeps baby dry; works great with fleece liner

This product is only the rain shell. It snaps together with the fleece liner for a snuggly combo, but can be used as just a light rain cover.I’m a big fan of the Ergo. My son is almost 8 months and he’s been in a stroller exactly four times – not that I’m a super militant baby wearer; I just find wearing baby more convenient than strollers. I live in a rainy city so some kind of cover is a must. I bought a cheaper brand, too (Infantino) and this Ergo one is better quality and fit. The Infantino one is like a thin sweatshirt whereas this one is like a thin fleece (think North Face). I use the fleece liner with the rain cover when it’s cold and my boy stays so snuggly; I use the rain cover alone when the weather’s more mild but wet. Figuring out the snaps is takes a few minutes, but the fit is so nice and I’ve walked in downpours and the boy stays totally warm and dry.

Tammi Chase City, VA

Thin, but works

It’s a thin cover- not at all for keeping warm. But works great for rain and you can add blankets underneath it. Plus, it catches the blanket if it falls- or socks!

Meagan Capac, MI


Fits the ergo sport perfectly, is east to use and will continue to fit as my baby grows into a little boy!

Carmela Brentford, SD

Works well, but has lots of snaps and buttons.

This was simple to learn how to use, but it can be a pain to put on a carrier on the go if rain decides to fall after you are already out and about. I did not purchase the fleece liner to go with it because if its cold out I already have baby bundled up, all we needed was the rain protection. I do like this this fits the ergo very well, as something that is baggy or loose fitting would defeat the purpose.

Pamela Huntersville, NC