ERGO baby Winter Weather Cover

ERGO baby Winter Weather Cover

ERGObaby Winter Weather Cover The Winter Weather Cover is made of soft Navy fleece with Cranberry lining. Drawstring toggles enable the Winter Weather Cover to fit smaller babies and extend as your baby grows keeping him warm and cozy. The drawstr

Main features

  • # Soft fleece for warmth and comfort
  • # Drawstring hood adjusts as baby grows
  • # Attaches easily to ERGObaby carrier’s shoulder straps

Verified reviews


Sooo good

First of, I’m not the kind of person that buys stuff like this but I had a horrible traveling experience and decided I needed it. I’ve used the cover while walking and on a trip as a blanket also in the stroller as a blanket so I don’t have to carry bulky blankets. It’s been just wonderful. Washes and dries easily. Keeps the baby warm, you can have the baby covered and be hands free. I never thought I’d say this but I love the cover. Honestly I thought I’d be returning it but I love it now. It has already paid off for me.

Stacey Birnamwood, WI

Ergo Winter Cover

What a waste of money!!! This cover will not keep your baby warm. Considering it costs almost half the price of the ergo it should be made from better material.The snap on our cover ripped the first time we tried to put it on.Although, the customer service was really good..the quality of this product is terrible. Made in China.

Kaye Sigel, IL

Worth the extra money

I’m a big fan of the Ergo. My son is almost 8 months and he’s been in a stroller exactly four times – not that I’m a super militant baby wearer; I just find wearing baby more convenient than strollers. I live in a rainy city so some kind of cover is a must. I bought a cheaper brand, too (Infantino) and this Ergo one is better quality and fit. The Infantino one is like a thin sweatshirt whereas this one is like a thin fleece (think North Face). I use the fleece liner with the rain cover when it’s cold and my boy stays so snuggly; I use the rain cover alone when the weather’s more mild but wet. Figuring out the snaps is takes a few minutes, but the fit is so nice and I’ve walked in downpours and the boy stays totally warm and dry and he seems to like it.

Adele Pomona, NJ

Great layer on cold days

We live in the Rocky Mountains and having the extra layer is awesome! I am take my son for a hike everyday and we use this on most of them now that it is winter. I love the hood. It is way more complicated to put on than it needs to be. The directions are somewhat helpful but is still really confusing.

Connie Arthur City, TX

So glad I bought this

Its a nice thicker fleece. His feet can tuck in to the bottom and it just snaps around the ergo baby carrier. I love the hood on days that he doesn’t wan to wear his hat.So glad I bought this!

Noemi Fort Defiance, AZ

Great Purchase

We received this item as a gift this Christmas and absolutely love it. It is really hard to wrap a normal blanket around the Ergo without constantly readjusting it or hold it up with one hand. This blanket allows you to truly be hands free while your baby is in the Ergo during winter months. I wish it came in other colors, but still love the product.

Sally Mount Vernon, TX