ERGO Original Insert – Galaxy

ERGO Original Insert – Galaxy

Because ERGObaby is very concerned about correct support of our babies, through research studies, customer feedback and working directly with newborns, ERGObaby have re-designed the ERGObaby Infant Insert. The NEW Heart2Heart design encourages healthy maturation of the spine by supporting the pelvis, hip joint, and leg position rather than putting a baby in a compromising sitting position before the spine is ready. The Heart2Heart ERGObaby Infant Insert also supports the safety of the baby’s head and neck in this critical stage of development. The ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert is a specially padded and shaped cushion that can be quickly and easily placed in the carrier and readjusted as needed. This design easily enables parents to ensure that their newborn is positioned correctly on the pillow, keeping pressure off the developing sacrum, and supports the development of the spine and hips. It snaps closed around the infant, holding the baby in a cozy, protected environment close to the heart, as well as in an ergonomically correct natural sitting position. This Organic Infant Insert features soft, luxurious 100% cotton fabric in versatile Galaxy Grey. Coordinates perfectly with the Galaxy Grey, Organic Navy/Midnight, or Sea Green/Silver ERGObaby Carriers. For use with newborns up to 4 – 5 months (with ERGObaby carrier) 200 threads per inch 100% cotton poplin fabric 100% cotton batting Machine wash and dry on gently cycles

Main features

  • For use with newborns up to 4 – 5 months (with ERGObaby carrier)
  • Quickly and easily place in the carrier and readjust or fold pad to just the right places for your infant
  • The Infant Insert supports infants in the vertical position, recently determined to be ideal for protecting baby’s developing hips and spine
  • 100% pre-washed Cotton fabric

Verified reviews


Only good for tiny infants

I purchased this to use with my Ergo when my son was 10 pounds. It was good for head support, but it made him ride very high in the Ergo and it was extremely warm. By the time he was 12 pounds he had outgrown it, but was still too small and didn’t have enough head control to be in the Ergo without it. Although the products is nice – soft and suited to baby’s shape, it really wasn’t worth it for the short time it was usable, and it’s definitely not suitable for warmer climates. It did wash well and retain it’s shape though.

Rosanna Bellefontaine, MS

It works.

It works like it is supposed to. My baby was born at 38 weeks, but was measuring at 34 weeks on ultrasounds with no growth, so I was induced. He was born at 5 pounds 2 ounces. He wanted to be held all the time, and made it difficult to do things around the house. Once I got this, I was able to do laundry, etc. As soon as I put him in, he fussed for a minute or two, but then would fall asleep. He enjoys being close to me. However, my baby gets very hot riding inside the carrier with this. After about 30 minutes he is pretty warm and is ready to be taken out. I will note that my baby runs warm. We live in southern AZ where it is 15-20 degrees cooler than Phoenix, and in high 40 degree / low 50 degree weather, I’m taking him out running errands in a long-sleeve onesie and socks with a light blanket covering him. No pants, no hat. A “sport” model is made of this insert that is supposed to breathe better. I got this one because I’d be using it during the winter, but I wished I had bought the “sport” model. Unless you are in a very cold climate, or don’t have a baby that runs warm, I would probably try the sport model; Especially for long walks or hiking.

Tracie Bakersville, NC

Keeps Baby Secure/Stroller Replacement

My husband and I are grad students, so we don’t have a lot of money, so we were looking for a way to put off buying a pricey stroller for as long as possible and the ErgoBaby Carrier seemed like a great compromise. And the infant insert worked perfectly for our newborn. When our son was only three days old, we took him on his first walk through the neighborhood using the ErgoBaby Sport with this Infant Insert. There was still snow on the ground and it was cold outside, but this helped keep him warm and stabilized.

Robbie Lock Springs, MO

Great for a newborn baby

I started using my ergo carrier with the infant insert when my son was only a few weeks old. Yes, it does make us warm, but not unbearable..and I’ve been carrying him around outside in the summer! I think it really gives a newborn baby the support it needs for the ergo carrier – I wouldn’t be comfortable using the carrier without the insert for little babies until they can support their own head.

Carissa Pikeville, KY

great for my newborn… but the strap is not effective

This thing works perfectly for a newborn! But the little strap that goes across does not do a thing. It won’t stay tightened and it does not hold the baby snug in there. But once you get it in the carrier, it’s not a problem.

Josefina La Crosse, IN

While it is a good idea, and important for very young babies

While it is a good idea, and important for very young babies, my baby used it for a very short while. He got too big and didn’t fit in it anymore and we were not able to use the Ergo Baby carrier for a few months, because he was still to young to sit with open legs.

Frances Clearwater, FL

This was awesome

This is a great infant insert. My daughter was very fussy when she was little but once I put her in this she would fall right to sleep. She loved being bundled up in this. It is easy to use and very soft. I would put her in her ergo with this insert for grocery shopping because she hated her car seat. This worked very well. It was worth the money. The only con was when I was in hot weather she would get sweaty in it. Other than that it is great!

Estella Othello, WA

works well

This product helped me feel secure with our newborn. It worked perfectly. It kept him from slipping as an infant.

Kathi Central Lake, MI

Did not work for me.

This did not work for 7-9 lb infant. Maybe it is designed for premie babies. Seemed to only work sideways without pillow or infant was coming out the top and then leg holes did not line up. Gave up and went to different carrier until she was bigger.

Monica Pattonsburg, MO