Ergo Pouch Organic Cotton Quilt Sleepsack, White, 12-36 Months

Ergo Pouch Organic Cotton Quilt Sleepsack, White, 12-36 Months

Organic cotton quilt sleep bag developed with safety stretch inserts in top and side panels to allow babies to move freely, sleep in comfort and reduce entanglement. Double ended zipper for easy nappy access. Sleeping with natural fibers creates an optimum temperature balance and promotes a healthy sleeping environment. Cool Weight 3.5 tog. The British ‘T0G’ value is the international standard measurement of all blankets’ thermal effectiveness (how well it keeps you warm). The higher the number then the better a blanket keeps you warm. The TOG rating describes the warmth or ‘Thermal Resistance’ of a fabric, and is widely used in the UK to describe warmth levels of duvets and sleeping bags. If the room is warm enough for you to be comfortable wearing light clothing (16 – 20°c) then it is the right temperature for your baby.

Main features

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Imported
  • Developed with safety stretch inserts in top and side panels to allow babies to move freely, sleep in comfort and reduce entanglement; double ended zipper for easy nappy access, Outer sheeting: organic cotton 300 tc inner filling: pure organic cotton fiber made naturally no pesticides no chemicals hypo-allergenic keeps body temperature consistent superior breathability maximum functionality, Normal wash and dry

Verified reviews


So soft, warm, cozy, nice, great design features

I was hesitant to spend this much on a sleep sack, but I’m not comfortable putting a blanket in our 16 month old’s crib, and we live in new york, so it gets cold. This sack is so nice. It’s soft, it’s cozy, and it has a ton of great features (from zipping in both directions, to the zipper flap, to snaps on the arms, etc…).I bought it figuring that it would last a long time (I got the 12-36 month one), and that my soon to arrive baby could use it in the future too. Seems very well made and great so far!

Angelique Everett, PA

High quality and very warm, but . . .

I felt this item was a little snug in the neck and arm holes, and narrow in the body. For a newborn perhaps this will work, but as baby gets bigger and older, the sack is a little narrow and doesn’t allow for much free movement of the legs. Otherwise, there is no question the quality of the product is very high, nor is there any question that this is soft and warm. Would loved to have kept it, but returned it because I have something already with a little more room in the legs.

Vanessa Portia, AR

Worth the Money

I bought this for my daughter who is 20 months old, 95th percentile for length and 50th for weight. It fits her loosely around the arms and neck. Plus, there is still room to grown in the length department. We live in NYC and leave the heat off in the room because it gets simply too hot with the old steam radiators. On average it’s about 65 to 70 degrees. I use this for the nights when it gets 65 degrees, along with zip up pajamas and thick tights. She wakes up warm and seems content with it. I should add that my girl loves sleeps sacks. I know there are some toddlers who won’t have anything to do with them at this age.

Chrystal North Bergen, NJ

perfect for cold New England weather

This is soft and warm! The neck is soft and non abrasive and the zipper has a protective cloth cover. We live in Boston in an older home so the upstairs is cold at night. This is the best no blanket solution I have found. Our son has been in the 12-36 month size since 10 months. There is room to grow, but the sack also gives him a snug secure feeling. We used this after we stopped swaddling with success. I wash in the machine and dry in the dryer. The directions say not to use the dryer, I think it did shrink a bit but nothing serious. I highly recommend this and have since purchased a second sack so that we don’t go without on laundry day. Much warmer than Halo and GroBag.

Sue Mount Clemens, MI

I am in love with this sleepsack!

This is one of the best things I have for my 2 years old son.Our house is pretty cold in the winter because of bad windows, and small kids can’t really use blankets. This product is a life savior!It is extremely warm and cozy in the cold. And when one day our thermostat broke down and the temperature in the room climbed up to 90F, the kid wasn’t even sweatting.

Teresa Eugene, MO