Ergobaby 4D Stretch Baby Wrap Carrier, Clay

Ergobaby 4D Stretch Baby Wrap Carrier, Clay

The Ergobaby Baby Wrap Carrier is made from 4D Stretch material that flexes in all directions for the perfect fit! This premium fabric holds shape and won’t sag through the day from baby’s weight! It accomodates babies from 8-35 lbs and can be pretied and left on durnig the day, without need to re-tie as you take baby in or out. Center pocket and contrast stiching help guide tying and its soft, moisture-absorbent fabric provides all day comfort for you and baby.

Main features

  • Ultra soft 4D Stretch fabric provides all day comfort and long lasting support
  • For newborns & infants 8-35 lbs (3.6 -15.9 kg)
  • 5 easy tie positions, can be pretied before putting baby in
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

Verified reviews


comfy hold

I am a big fan and user of theBaby K’tan Baby Carrierand was intrigued by another sort of wrap (having used no other.) All in all, this one is certainly worthy of being considered for a wrap-style carrier, though I found it not quite as likable to me as my Baby K’tan (I prefer the adaptability of this one, a feature this wrap just didn’t quite match.)That being said, this is wonderfully soft material and the eventual hold is very secure for your little one. I found it comfortable for short errands–I don’t think I’d wear it too long for older babies. I love this particular palette of colors. It’s fairly easy to put on once one is past the learning curve.So, in the end, not too difficult to use and comfortable for both parent and baby.

Roxie Clayton, NM

Great wrap style carrier!

This is one long piece of material that you must wrap and pull in several steps to create a carrier. I knew what this product was when I ordered it and I have used other similar wraps (ie: Moby) so I was interested in seeing how the ERGObaby wrap stacks up. As far as wraps go, this is probably the best one I’ve used. The material is really high quality, combining softness with durability and just the right amount of stretch. It holds baby snugly and securely while allowing baby enough movement to remain comfortable. The material is breathable and I love the eucalyptus color. As far as wraps go this one is a top notch product. I’ve come to have high expectations of ERGO products and this item does not disappoint.With that said, make sure you’re going to be a fan of this style of carrier before investing in one of these. They’re not for everyone. Like I said it’s a several step process to get this thing wrapped and pulled and positioned just right. My biggest complaint about this product is the included instructions. For a seasoned wrap user a page of photos may be enough but if you’re new to wraps you’re going to find the "instructions" infuriating. ERGO does have video instructions posted online that new users will find incredibly helpful.Overall this is a great product and if you’re a wrap person I highly recommend it. ERGO makes quality products and this wrap is no exception. If you’re not sure if a wrap carrier is for you, I suggest heading to a local store that sells these types of products and trying a few on to see which type of carrier works best for you and your child.

Janna Immokalee, FL

High quality but a pain to put on.

Ergobaby Wrap, ClayOut-of-the-box this is a beautiful wrap. The fabric is most excellent, being soft and incredibly flexible with quality stitching. Its color and styling are also very appealing; I have the clay/black combination which is casual but modern, with a gentle “washed” appearance.I wanted to love this product and it’s surely very desirable for those who have the patience and tenacity to endure the time and process of adjustment required to get comfortable and secure in it with baby. I watched several instructional videos online to prepare myself before I had even removed it from the box, which in itself seems ridiculous, but nevertheless necessary, as this thing is more challenging to put on than a ceremonial sari.My husband and I tried it out for the first time together– we were both entertained and did some hearty laughing at the absurdity of the challenge. We are talking about wrangling 2.5 pounds of fabric (I weighed it with my kitchen scale) measuring in at 17 feet (I measured it with a sewing tape)! Unless you are The Jolly Green Giant, this length seems entirely extraneous. (I was also curious if this extra fabric is what shoots the price tag above comparable products.) Anyhow, even if one had the process down pat, one would have to put it on in a clean place, ie not in public, as it’s impossible to avoid dragging the fabric all over the ground during “application”.In the end, I found a video by Meg Collins whose method was easier, although she applied the wrap differently than Ergobaby instructs in their videos and pictorial instructions.I’m sure there are people willing to fuss with and perfect using this product. I feel there are similar products available which are much more user-friendly.

Judith Gray, IA

Great! (if you like the wrap-style carrier)

This is a great wrap, if you like the wrap style carrier. I am a Moby-user and this is a huge swath of material, just like the Mob wrap and if you have never used one before it can be somewhat overwhelming. If you do like the wrap-style carrier, this is a GREAT wrap. High quality material, quality stitching, sturdy fit. Since it is a lot of material, it can be pretty warm in the summer. I personally have felt that this wrap works best for babies under 6 months (best for newborns) where you can hold them close to your body before they get too big/heavy and start moving around a lot more. I have found that my Moby no longer works for my 10-month old (24 lbs) because the fabric sags after wearing 10-15 minutes and I have to re-adjust. I LOVE my Ergo Baby carrier, it is much sturdier and more comfortable to wear with a larger/older baby.If you are a first-time mom, I would suggest doing your research before purchasing and try out a few different styles of carrier before you determine what you like best. If you decide you like the wrap-style carrier, I would definitely recommend the ErgoBaby Wrap!(Review written by my wife who actually uses this)

Corinne Ventress, LA

Not for short people

While this seems like the perfect baby carrier, it is the complete opposite.The carrier has more fabric than needed making it useless and frustrating ifyou are short like myself at 5′-0".It takes too long for you to figure out how to wrap your baby. The only thing I cansuggest is buy it before you have your baby and practice maybe by then you’llbe able to have any experience with it to do it quicker.I would prefer a more standard baby carrier than this excessive fabric.

Leta Deerfield, NH

These things just don’t work…

The issue I have with these wraps is that they just are not convenient. Unless you are using this for the first three months, before your baby starts to really move around and not want to sleep all the time, then this is kind of pointless. I prefer these carriers to be more universal; more long lasting. First, it takes ten minutes to get this thing on. That’s a slight exaggeration, but slight is the key word. Ten feet of fabric is excessive, if you ask me. One of the worst aspects of this is that your child really has to face you at all times. Outward facing, while doable, is not comfortable and not really as stable as I’d like it to be. The child leans forward and the fabric stretches and it all feels so unsteady. But, once your child is over six months, they don’t want to look at you. They want to see the world. So, ten minutes to strap this on, four hands to get your child in, all for about seven minutes before your kid starts to get irritated…it just doesn’t make any sense to me.Yes, this material is nicer than the Moby Wrap we already had, but it’s the same thing and neither one are good.

Terrie Shubuta, MS

Wonderful baby wrap

When I first received this, I thought it looked quite complex…I guess it is to a certain extent. Some people don’t have the best of coordination, but if you have some sense of your body, surroundings and spatial awareness, the illustrations become quite clear. It actually becomes quite easy for you to use this all by yourself. I’m not sure entirely how effective it is for all the stated age ranges, but for us, we’re thinking anything under 2 years. Your mileage may vary. 🙂

Jackie Mary Esther, FL

Superior to its Competition

Let me start off by saying that I would never solely rely on this wrap alone. This wrap is great for doing chores around the house or breastfeeding in public when the baby is relatively small enough to conceal. However, the act of putting on this wrap is a bit of a chore. It doesn’t take years to put on, but it would not be convenient if you running errands and kept having to place and remove the baby from a car seat for example. I keep a normal buckle front carrier in the car just for that purpose. There are tutorials on youtube which demonstrate how to use the wrap to wear your baby, which is helpful for us visual learners The material this wrap is constructed of, is a bit more lightweight and breathable compared to the jersey which brands such as moby are constructed of. Another difference between this wrap and it’s less expensive counterparts is the pocket placed over wear the baby sits. The pocket is fine for storing loose cash but anything other than that may affect the comfort of your baby in my opinion. Overall, the wrap is comparable to the Moby Wrap minus the quality of the material it is constructed of which more breathable, durable, and remains taunt with the weight of the baby. I would recommend this product!

Sherrie Abbott, TX

Great Concept – Recommended

This "ERGObaby Wrap, Clay" is a cleverly designed wrap for carrying around a baby! While we were somewhat skeptical about the ability to put this on without a whole support team, it is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Here are our observations:+ Comfort; once this is on, it is great for both the adult and the infant+ Material; quit pleased with how soft and durable this is+ Ease of Use; with practice, it is manageable but not "fast" to put on or take offOverall, not sure I would buy it for our own use but this makes a great gift!Recommended!CFH

Leigh Sagaponack, NY

Very nice

I really like this wrap. The material is nice and stretchy. I found it to be much nicer than similar wraps. I also felt it was cooler and easier to wrap than the Moby. The pocket adds a nice touch. My only complaint is it claims to hold up to 31 pounds. My son is almost 27 pounds and I didn’t feel like it held him well. He seemed too heavy and I was worried he wasn’t secure. I’ll stick to buckle wraps for him, but I’m eager to use this with our little one arriving later this year.

Michell Carlton, TX

Stylish, easy to use and very comfortable for both parent and baby.

Being able to keep baby close while having your hands free is great, but it requires a good wrap or carrier to be able to feel comfortable doing it. The ERGObaby Wrap is easy to put on and use with baby and it definitely feels secure. It felt very comfortable and as they state, I didn’t notice any sagging throughout use. Because style is going to be important to most women and even men, it’s nice that it comes in three different color schemes. Overall this is a big step up from the basic carrier I used with my kids and I’m happy to have updated it for use with my Grand-kids.

Pauline Randall, MN

I love anything ERGObaby and this beautifully made wrap is no exception …

Obviously the wraps are not for everyone, so if you’d rather have a quick carry solution, head for the carriers. If you want that extra closeness with your baby, wraps are the way to go. Both mothers and fathers can snuggle with their babies and hold them close as they grow.There are several different ways to wrap, including the one instructional included in the box. I’ve included a link to any instructional video in my comments section. The Ergo Baby Wrap is a soft and luxurious material that’s quite comfortable. What I especially like about the wraps is that they can be used for quite a long time.I had a carrier that baby James used and it was similar to the Ergo on one level because his parents were able to use it until he became a toddler. The closeness factor is really nice and I know whenever I used to swaddle my baby he tended to be less fussy.FEATURES:► The Perfect Fit: The right amount of stretch makes it easy to tie right► Long Lasting Support: Doesn’t sag throughout the day from baby’s weight► Exceptional Comfort: Moves in every direction with you and your baby► 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex► Machine washableYes, the Ergo Baby Wrap is pricey, but so worth it. It’s well-designed, has a high comfort level, and will last a couple of years. Obviously I’d hesitate to purchase one for myself, but as a grandmother I’d wouldn’t hesitate to add this one to my list. Great gift, great product.ERGO BABY:ERGObaby Original Baby CarrierERGObaby Organic Infant InsertERGObaby Performance Collection Baby CarrierERGObaby Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant InsertERGOBaby Original Carrier Black/Camel with Natural InsertERGObaby Organic Baby CarrierERGObaby Original Baby Carrier with New LogoERGObaby Carrier Bundle of Joy – Original Galaxy Grey with Galaxy Grey InsertERGObaby Organic Teething Pads with Snaps

Iris Williams Bay, WI

Snug, Warm Wrap

The ERGObaby Wrap is a nice attractive wrap that holds the baby tight. I would compare it to the Baby Bjorn which holds the baby a lot looser and requires a larger child. There is big issue with wraps that sets it apart from the Baby Bjorn and that’s putting it on. All these wraps are very complicated unlike the Bjorn. Also, my wife is very petite and had a lot of extra fabric. If you want the baby super snug the Ergo Wrap is pretty much like a swaddle but if you want to put a baby holder on quickly the Baby Bjorn is a lot easier.

Frankie Girdwood, AK

Comfortable Wrap

Words from my wife:This is my first time using a wrap and was very pleased. I’ve always been a little leery of the learning curve so have always shied away from wraps. This wrap has worked great and I can see why so many parents and caregivers like them. I can see this as being better for smaller infants. I would be a bit afraid of it holding out for heavier kids. My 3 month old fits perfectly at 15 lbs and I love how it keeps him so close. I love how versatile it is with so many possible carry positions. Overall a very nice wrap that I would recommend to any new parent.Words from me:It is an expensive piece of material (basically all it is is a long piece of cloth/fabric). But it is easy to not have to worry about making your own, and material quality is good. Buy it for the convenience factor vs cutting your own piece of material. Also, the material is a bit stretchy so not sure if you could easily find something similar.

Judith Northampton, PA

A little more stretchy than the Moby wrap, and love the pocket

I’ve had mixed feelings about my Moby wrap, because while I love the idea of a wrap and being able to use it in multiple ways, I find it confusing to use and the fabric is so thick that I always feel constrained and get overly hot when wearing it.While this wrap is comparable in most ways to the Moby, the difference is that the fabric is softer and less thick, so it is more comfortable to wear on a hot day, and it feels stretch ear and more giving. This is good if you are wearing a newborn and would like to be comfortable and allow the baby to wiggle or settle in and not be too constrained or uncomfortable. However, if you are wearing a 25 pound baby like I am, you will find that the baby tends to slowly sink lower and lower. Maybe I’m just not wrapping it tight enough. However, my baby cannot stand being in the Moby and immediately starts to cry because he feels too confined, while in this wrap, he stays put happily for about a half-hour, at which point he’s usually sinking down and I am holding him up, so I take him out of my own volition.The pocket on the front is a really nice touch and makes it a lot easier to use than the Moby as you can see where the center is supposed to be. It’s also great that I can put my cell phone and some Kleenex in there.Overall, I would recommend this over the Moby if you have a newborn, particularly if you live in a warm climate or have given birth in spring or summer. If you have a larger baby, I would recommend sticking with the normal ergo and not the wrap. The ergo is my go to carrier for most situations now that my little one is larger.

Simone Rogue River, OR

You, and you Baby will love this wrap/

Got this for my Granddaughters new baby.They love it.It is soft, comfortable for you and the baby.You do not get a back ache from wearing this.This is big, and will fit a man also…This come with pictures that shows you how to wrap you and your baby. It does take a little practice, but it is worth the time.Once you get the hang of it, it is a piece of cake.I think this is more for the new born.I also got her the ERGO baby carrier, which is a bit heavier then this one , and is more for a older baby etc.Enjoy…

Allyson Turners, MO

Not what I hoped for

I thought that this was going to allow me to carry my baby in the Ergo Baby carrier. It doesn’t. (Or, if it does, I still haven’t figured out how.) I’m sure this is probably a great solution for people who are willing to spend the hours of research and years of yogic practice required to be able to meditatively warp this thing around yourself while your colicky two month old child screams, but for the rest of us, Ergo Baby carrier, or the Baby Bjorn (which I prefer) are probably better options. This, two hearts, beating as one hippy stuff probably doesn’t have much merit. I’m sure the infant can hear your heart beat, even if there is a thin layer of cloth between the two of you.As my partner said, "It’s probably fine if you can make it past the initial trauma of opening it, finding out what you have to do, going and crying somewhere, and eventually figuring out how to use it…all while having a newborn scream at you."

Francine Bedias, TX

Nice comfortable wrap for both mom and baby!

We also own the Moby Wrap and our 8 month old likes both of these wraps but it does take a little getting used to in terms of wrapping it out in public. The instructions for the ERGO wrap does not say it can be used front facing which the Moby Wrap can do that. My wife did find that the material was stretchier than the Moby Wrap so it seemed like the baby sat lower. Overall this is a good wrap but my wife prefers the Moby Wrap.

Imelda Covington, OH

Easy to wrap

We were really wanting this wrap for the baby, but were not sure it was worth the extra money. Because of the pocket it is about 20 dollars more than other baby wraps. But so far, in practicing, we have found it well worth the price. We watched a few YouTube videos on how to wrap the baby and have practiced a lot in anticipation of our new addition. If you are having troubles figuring out the fabric, watch a few videos and after a few practices it will feel easy.

Daphne Loco, OK

You have to like wraps

[Good]The quality is great. The fabric and design seem solid.Your baby will more likely feel more comfortable in this wrap, as opposed to a traditional baby carrier. He won’t have to straddle anything. It’ll be just like holding him. Your baby will probably complain a lot less when using this wrap versus a normal baby carrier.This is nice for places with colder weather. Both you and your baby will be warmer.[Bad]Do you like origami? Do you mind memorizing a bunch of complicated folds? If yes, then you’ll have no issues. Personally we do not, especially with a fussy baby.If you make a mistake in the folding, which is very possible given the complicated steps, then it’s not very safe.If your location’s climate is warm or hot, then both you and your baby will begin to steam and bake. This is not good for warmer climates. Babies will be more likely to overheat than get cold. This is not safe or comfortable for warmer weather.[Verdict]I would look at the instructions online first, to see if you’re even willing to learn the routine. This is a good baby carrier alternative, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

Loraine Springfield Gardens, NY

Best of the wraps I have tried

I have tried several wraps and this one is, by far, my favorite. It is really easy to put on and provides great support for my newborn. The color is nice and neutral, so I don’t have to worry about clashing. It is a little big on me, but I’m really small (4’10"), so most things are. The construction and materials seem to be pretty good quality and I think it is well worth the expense.

Lawanda Dumas, AR

Nice wrap – a little pricy – could use some instructions

I am an experienced baby-wearer, and it took me a few tries to figure out how to wrap this correctly, but once you get it, you’ve got it. You can find youtube videos by searching for how to tie a baby wrap carrier, but it would have been nice of the manufacturer to include detailed instructions for first timers.Fold it in half, lengthwise, and line up the middle with your belly (the logo on the pocket is where the middle is). Wrap it around you, front first, with the pocket in the center of your abdomen, like you’re putting on an apron.Most people will tell you to just cross the tails behind your back in an X. I go right ahead and tie them (just once over, not in a knot), and then cross the tails over my shoulders with the fabric fold to the outside and the two fabric edges – the open sides (which make more pockets) – toward my neck.Bring the tails down and tuck them under the "apron" front you made, then cross them, wrap them around you again, and tie the wrap.In hug position, the baby will be facing you with the "apron" behind her bum, the front shoulder wraps behind her shoulders, and the last crossover you did in front between her legs. For newborns, tuck them into the side pockets you made from the open fabric edges facing your neck.I like this wrap better than others I have used, because it is stretchy and ties securely without being heavy. I deducted one star, because a first time mom would need more help getting started.

Emma Kinston, NC

Nice Wrap

Different baby carriers all have their place in this family. I am glad to see Ergo reaching out to do something other than a soft structured carrier. While SSCs are great, sometimes you just need a wrap (or a ring sling, ahem). This wrap is really long, so you’ve got plenty of fabric to work with even if you aren’t on the small side. The fabric is stretchy, but doesn’t get stretched out easily. It was plenty strong enough to hold my 20 lb. 11 month old. Wraps do have a higher learning curve than a SSC, but are worth it to learn.Reasons to wrap: Small baby. Easier for breastfeeding. Better in places where you’ll be sitting and standing (or just sitting). More versatile than a SSC.

Donna Maurice, LA

Great for summer! Not as difficult to use as I feared.

I was a bit apprehensive about ordering a tie wrap; I’ve only ever used pre-tied wrap and worried it would be difficult. I watched instructional videos on Youtube before trying it and after a few times I feel more comfortable tying it myself. The whole process from start to finish takes me about five minutes.I love the pocket in the front; it is so wonderful to not have to carry a purse in addition to the baby. It’s big enough to hold my debit card, ID and phone. On hot summer days I want to carry as little as possible, so the pocket was a real treat. In addition, the material is very breathable. It doesn’t leave me feeling sticky or sweaty or wishing I could take it off. It stays cool and comfortable, which is an absolute must for family outings in the summer.I’m very happy with this wrap! I would order it again in a heartbeat.

Stacie Currie, NC

I really wanted to like this baby wrap

I really wanted to like this baby wrap, and maybe I will with time, but not now. It’s a huge, synthetic material (larger than I expected), and the process of wrapping it is very convoluted and hard to get aligned. There’s so much fabric that it would be much too warm in warm weather. It might work better with a slightly larger baby.

Octavia Hopkins, MN

Has great versatility and easy to clean but consider all your options

The good:This wrap shows great versatility. You can use it for front, side or back carrying and it’s good for newborns up to 31 pounds. You can even use it as a pregnancy wrap, which I tried (when I was very big at 36 weeks) to help ease the pain on your lower back.The wrap is machine washable, which adds to the convenience of using it, and the extra pocket in front is a nice touch. I got the eucalyptus color and it’s a very nice, soft, bluish green tint that is somewhat neutral.The other things of note:There is a lot of material for this wrap. A lot. I’m five feet tall and there is no way to put this on where both ends don’t drag the ground. That being said, it’s incredible that even though there is so much material, by the time you’ve wrapped it around yourself several times, the ends don’t drag down that low. In fact when I did the pregnancy wrap, I almost ran out of material and had to *really* pull to get everything tied.The bad:Although the wrap is rated for babies up to 31 pounds, the company website itself recommends you switch out to the carrier at 6 months because the carrier gives more structure and comfort. If that’s the case, why not just start with the carrier instead? At this price point, you really want something that will be used longer than 6 months.Also, despite having a TOG rating of 0.4, I am still hesitant to use this for my baby during the summer months, especially if we’re spending time outdoors. In order to get the right amount of support, you have to wrap your baby under three layers and there isn’t much ventilation holes. I know the material itself is supposed to be breathable but how breathable is it with three layers on baby?In summary, I think this is a good wrap for any season other than summer. It does have versatility and it’s easily cleaned. But in light of the advice from the company website to switch to the Ergobaby carrier at 6 months, I would consider just getting that one instead.

Georgina Townville, SC

An AWESOME alternative to other popular stretchy wraps.

Babywearing is a HUGE interest of mine (I am a VBE of a local babywearing group), so I jumped at the chance to try out ERGObaby’s new wrap. I started my wrapping days with a stretchy wrap, and I’ve tried a wide variety of wraps with my three children. Unlike other popular stretchy wraps, the ERGObaby wrap WILL work with a heavier baby, and even on your back. More on that later.The ERGObaby comes in a few color choices, and includes a pocket. As for most baby carrier “pockets” I’ve tried, you can’t really stuff a bunch of things inside, or anything especially bulky or poky, but it’s a nice little add on for small things. It also helps you collapse the ERGObaby wrap when it’s not being worn. I really liked the color of the Eucalyptus and Pepper wraps and found them both a good gender neutral color. Inside is an instruction manual with one type of front carry. I appreciate that ERGObaby doesn’t intimidate the newer babywearer that might pick one of these up with lots of instructions. Their webpage has a few more instructions, and, like I mentioned above, unlike other popular stretchy wraps, since the ERGObaby wrap is a
• hybrid
• , it is safe for back carries
• . I personally liked the double hammock (DH) carry.I tried the wrap out with my 5 year old and my friend’s 6 month old daughter. It was okay with my daughter (she’s very leggy even if she’s not very heavy), but it definitely worked well for my friend’s daughter. The nice thing about the hybrid wrap is that it’s stretchy without being too stretchy or saggy. My friend, anxious to try out the wrap, used it on her 4 year old son in a DH and really enjoyed the way it wrapped. She even borrowed the wrap and used it for hours with her youngest, and she said that even with a sloppy pocket wrap cross carry, it was comfortable the whole time.It is a bit more expensive than some other stretchy wraps, but it’s worth every penny. Most stretchy wraps sag too much when your baby gets bigger, but the ERGObaby wrap doesn’t! It’s also cheaper than most woven wraps, and can do many of the carries that woven wraps offer. It is definitely a great baby shower present! I wish the wraps came in other colors and patterns, but it’s a very small complaint for such a great carrier. The other small complaint some might have is that the fabric isn’t going to be especially breathable (though it’s definitely better than some other carriers), though no multi-layer carrier is going to really be cool when you’re wrapping it around yourself and a warm baby. The other huge drawback for some is that wraps have a large learning curve and the amount of fabric can be intimidating to some, though it’s usually an obstacle that can be overcome with practice.
• Please be cautious when learning how to back wrap. I personally recommend attending a local babywearing group if you can, but if you can’t, there are great videos online to help teach you how to back wrap. You might want to practice over a bed or a soft couch and/or with a spotter to help ensure your child’s safety, or practice with a stuffed animal or pillow. Unless an experienced wrapper, I would not recommend back wrapping with a newborn.

Joann Lynxville, WI

More of a hassle but worth?

Though you get better at judging the wrap technique the more you do it, your baby also grows, and I’ve found it difficult to adjust a wrap. Usually you have to unwrap, and rewrap tighter/looser, which is way more involved than the other types of carriers where you just adjust a strap.On the other hand this carrier is extremely comfortable, all soft fabric with nothing that’s going to dig into your side or back or chafe. You don’t feel as stupid if you leave the carrier on while you drive between locations. It seems to breathe well enough and cleans easily in the washer.

Billie Norwood, CO

Great Carrier, but Pricey!

I am very pleased with the product.Admittedly, I was a bit nervous with using this wrap because I had a hard time picturing how it would support our little one since it is really a long piece of super stretchy and durable fabric with a pocket on the front. I did watch the video on the ERGObaby website which had a step by step guide that was super easy to follow. It was a bit clearer than the instruction manual and made me feel more secure with putting my little one in the wrap.I did practice a few times putting the wrap on before putting our little one in it. The first time, only because I am an overly cautious new mom, I did have my husband help me to make sure that I had the wrap on correctly before we put her in. She absolutely loves the wrap, even more than a typical carrier because she is so naturally able to curl up against my chest and sleep comfortably.You are limited to only wearing the wrap with the baby on your chest, but she enjoys it so much (as do I) that we are fine with that. There is a pocket that the wrap is supposed to fit back inside for easy storage, but it is a bit difficult to get the entire wrap back in securely. The wrap is easy to clean because it is machine washable. It washes and dries very nicely without showing wear on the fabric.It is a great product and I’m glad I gave it a try!

Tabitha Mineral Wells, WV

Well made, comfy, though not for everyone

This is a rather nice wrap. It’s sturdy, soft, and has ample (maybe too much) length. All in all, it’s very good for what it is. The challenge comes in just that, what it is. Tying is can be a bit of a process, though the videos and practice help. It just will never be as quick as other solutions that don’t require tying or similar steps. If you’ll be carrying your little one for a while, this shouldn’t be an issue, but for a short and quick uses, you may want to have another solution.The quality is top notch, as it has survived numerous washes and tons of use. It’s still doing a great job holding on, and I’m quite happy with it.

Lucile Waverly, IL