Ergobaby Bundle of Joy Carrier & Insert – Black/Camel

Ergobaby Bundle of Joy Carrier & Insert – Black/Camel

The Ergobaby Bundle of Joy series combines one of our Ergobaby Original or Organic collection carriers with a matched Infant Insert, making the perfect package for new parents.

Main features

  • Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the wearer’s hips and shoulders
  • Baby is ergonomically cradled in a natural sitting position
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions
  • The only carrier you’ll ever need
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Not good if you have breast

For my husband the ergo baby with the insert is great!!! but for me not. I have normal breast and my baby is never comfortable there. I cant wear it. Lets see once she is big enough to not use the insert anymore.

Delores Penns Grove, NJ

great for shopping/traveling

We use this product to go grocery shopping and sightseeing/traveling or whenever baby wants to be carried or worn. It has 2 pockets, an outside one to tuck the hood into but I usually use it for sunglasses and my cell phone. The second pocket is a zippered pocket that I can fit a wristlet and my keys in without it being uncomfortable for babes. If you have a really thick wallet, it’s not so great. It’s also hard to carry a bag while wearing this so we try to stay pretty minimal on carrying items. It’s easy to adjust and the videos on YouTube are really easy to understand. We only wear on the front right now but this also allows you to back carry and hip carry. We chose this carrier specifically because it’s designed to support babies hips by not allowing them to dangle while facing outward. This carrier adjusts so that you can back carry instead which supports babies hips and you can carry high by bringing the waist belt up on your torso which would allow the child to see over your shoulder. Carriers that allow a baby to face forward and dangle put tremendous pressure on the developing hips and pelvis of the child and it’s typically frowned upon to wear them like that (even though the baby might like to “see the world”). If the child wants to face forward, wear them on your back or hip carry and this carrier supports both of the functions.I can nurse with this (with some finagling) and also cover up my son when he falls asleep. We used the infant insert when he was tiny but he’s comfortable in it on his own. After the insert, we used just the pillow to prop him up just a little bit. I’m 5′ tall so I wear the belt around my hips and it can get uncomfortable if I’m not conscious of my posture. If I’m hunching over, my back is killing me but if I stand up straighter, I’m pretty comfortable for a few hours. I’m a 14/16 right now postpartum and I don’t need an extender to clip the waist clip. Sometimes it is difficult to clip the shoulder straps if I didn’t check them before putting the carrier on, but I have short arms. I can put my son in this carrier in a parking lot next to my car before we go into the store. He loves riding in it and I prefer to wear him than try to carry him through the store when he freaks out.It’s a great carrier, very sturdy and easy to clean if there is an accident. We love this thing. We’re getting a ring sling next for more versatility and a comfy hip carry. The price on this may seem a little high but you will be able to use it for years and it’s one of the better toddler carriers in comparison.

Earnestine Carrolls, WA

super comfy

I’m so glad I bought this carrier. My 6 week old infant is sleeping comfortably as I’m writing this review. She’s quite attached to us so it’s hard to leave her around while we are doing stuff around the house. She would cry if we leave her for more than 10 minutes. My husband was skeptical and raised his eyebrows when I first told him about the purchase. He LOVES it now. He can carry her while still able to work in front of his computer!!! I spent quite some time to read all the reviews for different brands. I’m so glad I picked this product! I was hesitant as whether to buy this one or the sport version. We live in New England so I decided to stay with this one as Fall and Winter are approaching! We often go out for a walk carrying her in this in stead of the stroller. She just sleeps right through most of the time.

Ina Roslyn Heights, NY

Just What I Wanted!

For some reason, I couldn’t wait to have a baby carrier, even before I had a baby! I knew exactly what I wanted, in terms of looks, comfort and safety! After research and trying on my friends’ carriers, I knew hands-down I wanted this one.It is comfortable, easy to use, and I feel the baby is safe in it. I have gone hiking with the carrier, and my back doesn’t hurt the way my friends’ do! I convinced TWO of my friends to return their carriers (one of the “leading” brands) and get the Ergo, and they love it!

Susie Metaline, WA

The only carrier you need!

If only I had known this would be the only carrier I’d need I could have saved $100! Not only did I purchase this carrier, I also bought a moby and k’tan.I didn’t put my baby into the ergo until she was a few weeks old. She was already 11lbs by that time and wasnt in the newborn cocoon for very long since its limit is around 13lbs. She is now 4 months and 17 lbs and we prefer the side carrying position.I haven’t a single complaint about the Ergo. It’s well designed and the baby’s weight isn’t being supported by their crotch like a lot of other carriers. It has a zip pouch at the front where I can stash my wallet so I don’t even need to bring my purse. Only thing is, if there’s a blowout it’s a huge mess!!!

Pamela Preston, GA

Comfortable fit for different heights

This carrier fits both me (~5′) and my husband (5’9″) comfortably. It does not strain your upper back and shoulder blades like the Bjorn carrier. It is easy to get into, and has the double security of a clip and an elastic catch in case the clip slips. I own both ErgoBaby and Bjorn, and the two shortcomings with ErgoBaby are: 1) baby can’t face out and has limited visibility, and 2) baby gets hot sitting in this. The black fabric is a cat hair magnet; I ended up swapping it for organic cotton which is fur friendlier. The infant insert is bulky, and easier to just roll up a blanket and put under the baby’s bottom.

Olivia Wolfforth, TX

Okay but…

I have been carrying around my baby often in this carrier and I was really happy with it until, well, now. My baby is now 5 months, and she’s a pretty curious baby, she likes to look around, observe everything and everyone, and honestly from that point of view the ergo is pretty annoying. So I put her in my other carrier, a Belle baby carrier, she can travel facing out and she’s as happy as can be. So yes the ergo is nice but it would be nicer if babies could also change position in it.

Leanne Ray City, GA

Yes, It Is All That

This is the best carrier we own – way more comfortable than the Bjorn or slings, easier to use than the Baby k’Tan. It’s very well-designed so your back and shoulders feel no pressure due to the thick strap that goes around your waist as well as thick, padded shoulder straps. I can wear this carrier for literally hours and still feel fine when I take it off.I also like the hood for baby, as well as zip pouch on the front for keys, etc. I can’t comment on the infant insert because we didn’t use it. I thought my baby might not like facing me since he faces outward in the Bjorn and enjoys looking out at the world, but his head gets good mobility in the Ergo and he can look around pretty well. So he enjoys the Ergo and he can look up at me as well as look at the surroundings.I actually own 6 baby carriers due to an older child, hand-me-downs, and buying 2 new slings. So my husband rolled his eyes when, after hearing great things from other parents, I bought the Ergo, but we are in agreement now that this carrier is by far the best. If I were to only get one carrier, this would be the one I’d choose.

Juliette Embarrass, WI

Great carrier, BUT…I exchanged for the more lightweight model

I absolutely love the Ergo…however, since my baby was born in Feb we will mainly be using it this spring/summer. This carrier is HOT! If you don’t live in a warm place or plan on using indoors a lot, it’s perfect. But in my opinion, the lightweight “travel” Ergo (Ergobaby Travel Collection Carrier, Navy) is so much more comfortable for both baby & myself.

Florine Fayette, MS

Great, but hot!

This carrier is nice and quality, but it is too hot. It also doesn’t have a long enough back for extremely tall, but light weight babies. I prefer a cooler and longer carrier for our needs, but I do like the Ergo.

Alice Amboy, MN

Good product…just a bit hard/complicated to use

I really wanted to love it. It’s an expensive thing and I was expecting it to be what Apple computers are in the computer world. I am disappointed by how hard it is to actually do it yourself: meaning putting the baby in and strap it all safely. I did watch the DIY and all that…still not getting much better. My mom has actually purchased a much cheaper version to use it when my son is with her…she does not want to use the ERGObaby…It is a good quality product and has all these good solutions for the baby safety and health but the "user experience" side gets a C from me.

Darla Birmingham, MI

Newborn loves this. Comfortable!

I love this and so does our infant girl. Very comfortable and good for a short torso. Easy for both of us to wear and the insert works well with our 1 month old!

Robbie Mexico, ME

Stop here and buy the Ergo

Stop wasting your time researching and just buy the Ergo. Way better than anything else on the market. So comfortable and versatile. I hiked up the Hollywood hills to the Hollywood sign with my 5 year old on my back in this thing. It is amazing. The infant insert is handy, just watch a video online on how to use it and you are set.

Meredith Warrensburg, IL

Good, but Boba’s Better

Love this. The insert is great,as is just using it with the​ cushion only. It is a "MUST HAVE" in our baby arsenal. The boba carrier is better, more comfortable, and more versatile, though.

Beatriz Romeoville, IL

Great Carrier

I really love this carrier and use it all the time. It is easy to use and feels nice and secure. I used the newborn insert, but wonder if it is necessary. I didn’t mind it though because it is like a big down coat wrapped around the baby, meaning it was nice and toasty warm for winter dog walks.My only gripe is it doesn’t allow for forward facing. As the little one got bigger she wanted to see a little more of the world so we got her a used Baby Bjorn for walks. Still, when we are going to be walking all day or if she needs a nap, the Ergo is the best!

Angeline Dulzura, CA