Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Baby Carrier Grey

The revolutionary Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier gives parents 4 comfortable and ergonomic ways to wear their babies: Back, Hip, Front Inward, and Front Outward positions.

Main features

  • Correct Baby Ergonomics Babies like frog-leg, seated position with knees and spine in curved “C” position
  • Maximum parent comfort (from petite moms to dads)
  • Versatility with four wearing positions
  • Baby weight range 7 to 33 pounds
  • Correct Baby Ergonomics Babies will always be in an ergonomic frog-leg, seated position with knees even to or above hips, and spine in curved “C” position
  • Maximum parent comfort (from petite moms to dads)
  • Versatility with four wearing positions
  • Baby weight range: 7- 33lbs (newborn with infant insert)

Verified reviews


Very Versatile

I’ll preface this with the admonishment that I do not have an infant to try it on. With that caveat, I am an experienced parent and grandparent. We made extensive use of the back pack type of baby carrier 37 years ago. I have used carriers since when baby sitting grandkids. This carrier seems very high quality. The materials are top notch. I particularly like the versatility of the product. It has the front forward position that I have found is favored by infants after the first month or so of development. The versatility and the quality of construction insure I will be using this with the next grandkid due in several months. Keep in mind, it is expensive.

Maryann Lenox, MO

We love our ergos

Slimmer style ergo, my original ergo has been put through the wringer and it still is in perfect shape. I was so excited to get this new style. More like a baby bjorn with hopefully better hip placement for baby. I hate those crotch danglers. So far this one does great! My only complaint so far is that the hip carry, is too complicated. I still can’t quite figure out how to place the straps to make the hip carry happen. It comes with a picture manual, but I still couldn’t figure the hip carry out. Such a bummer because that was one of the features that I was most looking forward to. All in all, I love our ergos. This will definitely replace our older style!

Cherry North Lakewood, WA

Nicely made, but a bit difficult to use.

This is the second Ergobaby carrier that I’ve tried and it’s the one I like the best. The fabric for the carrier is very nice and soft which is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. The straps on this carrier are very nicely padded which is good if you will be wearing the baby for more than a few minutes. I like the versatility of this carrier and the different ways you can use it to carry the baby, but I felt the picture instruction booklet was a bit difficult to follow. In particular, the instructions for using this carrier to hold the baby on your hip are rather complicated. So with regards to ease of use, I’d say this carrier isn’t the easiest one to use, but maybe I’m just spoiled by the super easy to use Bjorn carriers which I’ve used for my last three babies.I do feel this carrier is best suited for babies in the 4+ month range if you intend to use this during the summer months. With a younger baby you will have to use the newborn insert which is way too bulky and warm to use when it is hot out.

Deirdre Jefferson, NH

Good Carrier

I have many baby carriers. I use them for my 11 month old (21lbs.) and my 2 year old (35lbs.). I love the rugged fabric of this carrier. It is a little on the short side, so it does not work as well for my 2 year old as my Beco Soleil.This carrier is much wider than the Beco Gemini, so if you’re choosing between those two, this would be the better option. The way the seat folds, it creates a little shelf for the baby to sit on. Plenty of butt room, even for cloth diapered booty. The hood is permanently sewn into the zipper pouch and is very light weight. You can wear baby facing forward, like the Beco Gemini. But this carrier puts the baby’s legs in a much better position for forward facing. It really helps bend their hips. Now, on a toddler, it doesn’t work so well forward facing.I would have given this 5 stars, but there are 2 things I don’t like about this carrier. The waistband is wide and velcros around you, which is really comfortable, but the snap strap sometimes gets wonky around the waist and is very difficult to tighten while wearing it. I also dislike the buttons. They take too long to unbutton. I woke the baby up several times trying to unbutton the hood area.Overall, a good, solid carrier. Very padded. Very comfortable for adult and baby.

Mia Hulen, KY

So lucky to have gotten this before it sold out!

I feel so fortunate that I found this on Amazon before it sold out. I didn’t realize it is sold out in stores as well. I LOVE THIS THING! When my son was a newborn we had the original ergo, but I was uncomfortable having him face inward. When he turned 4 months, someone handed down the Bjorn which we used and he really enjoyed facing out but it hurt my back and I wasn’t a fan of how his legs just dangled. My son is now 6 months and 2 weeks ago I decided to give the Ergo another shot, and as I was browsing Amazon I found the 360 model and bought it. Since getting it I no longer use his stroller. We both love this. When he sits in the Ergo 360 he is always smiling and laughing and swinging his legs. And this is soooo much more comfortable for me due to the supportive waist strap. I love love love it and highly recommend it. Pricey but well worth it.

Maxine Elk Park, NC

Great chemical-free carrier

The first thing I did when I received this was to email the company and ask if it was free of flame-retardants. And it is!!! I was in love with my Beco Gemini until I realized (after my son had chewed on the shoulder straps for 5 months) that it was treated with them. So, I am very careful now of what I will use. When I saw this I wanted to try it right away.Here is the issue. It does not come with the infant insert and I’m not about to purchase it. So, I tried it out with my 22-month-old. He has not been in a carrier for a year, and it did not work out for him. I tried a back carry and he flipped out. So…..I will have to wait until we are past the insert stage to try it for real.The black fabric does seem to attract lint, much like my Beco did. I plan to soak the carrier in white vinegar overnight and then wash it to preserve the color and make sure it doesn’t fade. I did that with my Beco and I never had issues.This carrier fits my 5’11 frame well, and my 6’2 husband liked it, too. Can’t wait to use it!

Jeanne Adolph, MN

Extremely comfortable for both me and my babies

Having twins – I can call myself an expert at carrying babies around.The best and the safest way to carry them around is still with a stroller & car seat – when would you really use this baby carrier ? I use baby carriers more as a soothing/touching way of carrying them, when I go to the mall, want to walk around while doing household work .. The warmth of carrying a baby in a carrying is comforting both for the parent as well as the baby.I have 3 baby carries and the ERGO baby along with my Bjorn carrier are the top picks – do not even think of anything else. What I really like about this (ERGO baby) is that it can easily fit my 26 lb baby boys who are 1.5 years old. It says it can fit about 33 lbs, but do not try unless you have a physique which can support that kind of weight and able to walk around without losing weight.The biggest strain is on your back since the weight of the baby pulls you forward and strains your lower back. The ERGO baby comes with a nice and well fitting back support – do make sure to wear it right.Overall – I would highly recommend this baby carrier.

Cathryn Newland, NC

A winner for larger/taller people

I am not a small person (5’7", 230 pounds) and neither is my wife, who is pretty tall (5’10" and 200 pounds) and this carrier worked great for both of us.We have 3 kids, a 2.5 year old and 1.5 year old twins. One of the twins is pretty clingy, so we have been using this to carry her on my back, while the other two ride in our double stroller. We also tried this with our older daughter (also in the back wearing position) who doesn’t weight much more than our heavier twin (around 30 pounds), and it worked… although she is a bit too independent to want to be carried!The material is soft, yet sturdy and the entire carrier is very well made. The shoulder straps are padded so they are comfortable, but yet not bulky. The feature that really works well with this is the wide adjustable waistband. It has a strap that securely keeps the waist strap closed, and then velcro that makes it super adjustable. Since it’s adjustable, I made my sister try it with my nephew as well (she is only 5’3" and 130 pounds) and she liked it as well – so much so that she is planning on buying one for herself.Although it is not a small carrier, the material is soft enough that it folds up easily so that we can put it in the diaper bag when needed. Stiffer ones have been difficult to do that with since they would not fold up as easily.

Glenna Allendale, MO

Even better than the original (and without the tummy bulge)

I used the original Ergo with my daughter from birth (with the infant insert) to present (20 months) and have been very happy with it.This new Ergo is even better!Here’s why:Stiffer, wider belt with initial velcro attachment (plus adustable strap for security/tightening) really moves the weight from your back to your legs. The first time I put this one one, I could feel my baby’s weight completely shift to my legs. With the old Ergo, I’d still get a bit of a strain on my back with a long carry once my baby reached about 20 pounds. With this version, it’s all on my legs. Not only is it easier on my back, but I can feel my legs getting a workout as well.Much more flattering. I know this is superficial, but the flat, wide belt doesn’t roll or bunch, and doesn’t push out your soft, squishy post-pregnancy tummy. Though I’ve lost my baby weight, I still have the squishy belly, and I hate it. The old ergo, when tightened properly, made my squishy tummy kind of squeeze out over the top, looking dreadful in knits. This one doesn’t do that. Not sure if it’s because the belt is wider or stiffer, but I’m happy not to look fat and sloppy when I’m wearing the kid.Front-facing position with hip support. I would have appreciated this more with the smaller baby, as having a big baby on front isn’t always practical (these days, I mostly wear her when I need to TCB and can’t have a toddler underfoot, so having her on my back and out of the way makes more sense), but she really likes the new perspective. I think it would be great for a 9-month to 1-year baby, when they’re very curious and confident, but still light and small enough for a front carry not to be burdensome.The one thing I don’t like about the new version is the black nap hood. I’m not comfortable putting a black cloth over the baby’s head on a sunny day, even when it’s cool and breezy. The older version had a light colored hood, which made much more sense. Due to the other improvements, I can’t knock of a full star for that alone, because it’s a really wonderful carrier, but it’s really annoying. I’m hoping since this is an early version of the new design, that they’ll fix that.

Angelica Tonasket, WA

Great carrier

The ERGObaby 360 is a great carrier. It is light weight and does not cause me back pain or discomfort. I have used the ERGObaby 360 facing inwards and facing front outwards with my 5 month old son who weighs 19 pounds. I have yet to be able to try it with him on my hip or back since he needs to be 6 months old. I received this after he was heavier than 12 lbs, so he was past needing the infant insert. The infant insert needs to be purchased separately.The ERGObaby 360 carrier, has a narrower shape so I am able to fold it up to fit in my diaper bag. The ERGObaby has a Velcro strap that goes around your waist with an additional buckle for safety. This allows people of different sizes to use the carrier comfortably. I have used it, my wife has used it, and even my 5 ft tall mother has used it. My mother said it was more comfortable to use the ERGObaby than carrying my son in her arms because of his size. This carrier does not cause me back pain. It took me some time and repeated use to familiarize myself with the different setting and to feel at ease putting my son securely in this carrier.Some people have had trouble with the instruction manual. The ERGObaby website has videos that link to YouTube on how to use the carrier. I found these videos to be very helpful. I had previously never used an ERGObaby carrier and the videos helped me to understand the button positioning for inward facing vs outward facing. The hip wearing video was especially useful. Since the straps need be connected in a specific way to make the carrier safe to use on your hip. What the instruction manual didn’t mention was the sleeping hood. The extendable back panel (the fabric in front that folds up for neck support when facing inwards) has a zipper compartment. When you unzip it, unrolls a thin piece of fabric with snaps on the side. When your child is facing inwards you can put this over their head to protect them from the sun or for privacy when they are sleeping or breastfeeding. The snaps attach to the snaps on your shoulder straps. It is a great feature that we have used many times.I also have a Babybjorn One carrier. The ERGObaby requires an infant insert that is sold separately in order to use it with a baby under four months. The Babybjorn One carrier has a zipper that allowed us to use it when our son was an infant. It was nice that the Babybjorn goes from infant to 33lbs without any additional accessories. I really like both carriers and use them both frequently. For both carriers, you need to hold the carrier with one arm and place the baby in with the other arm. When inserting the baby into the carrier, I feel the Babybjorn is more secure with the extra buckles. But once the baby is properly in, both carriers feel secure. I highly recommend both.If you are looking at getting an ERGObaby carrier, get the 360 carrier. I like that the ERGObaby has the bucket shape for the baby’s hips and spine. Being able to carrier your baby in so many different positions makes it worth the money. It is comfortable and easy to use. The sleeping hood shields my son when sleeping from prying eyes and the sun. It is lightweight and when used properly securely holds my son. I highly recommend it.

Joyce Shirley, IN

Sturdy and comfy

Up to getting this carrier, I was a very happy user of a wrap. My husband had a carrier such as this for him, but I found the wraps much comfier while still offering plenty of support.Well, I was able to use this, quite comfortable, to hike with my daughter through a cave for over an hour.The support is exceptional and the weight is distributed nicely across my shoulders and torso. The materials is both soft and strong. Nicest of all, this is fairly idiot-proof when it comes to getting the baby through the spectrum of positions.

Opal Cobalt, CT

Fantastic baby carrier.

We received theBABYBJORN Baby Carrier Miracle, Black/Silver, Cotton Mixas a registry gift, but my wife was not impressed with it for various reasons. But she fell in love with this new carrier from Ergo called the 360. Our baby is 4 months old and is on the lighter and taller end, and she fit perfectly into the 360 (there is an infant insert). Due to her small size, we kept her in the position facing our chest, which was very comfortable. More important, she did not fuss at all and seemed to enjoy her time in there.The carrier feels much lighter than the Bjorn. Weight support is excellent, and there was no back pain to speak of (and my wife has back issues in general). I like that it folds up small, so we are able to fit it in our diaper bag without any issues. I also liked the neutral light gray color. The material keeps baby cool and it’s easy to wash.The only con I can think of is that it’s slightly difficult to put on. I found that having someone assist made the process easier. Overall though, this is a fantastic baby carrier.

Deloris Lake City, CO

There is not another one like this, It’s Awesome,

I got this for my Granddaughter’s baby. She loves it, and baby loves it.The ERGO Baby carrier is comfortable.You can have the baby on your back facing forward, on your hip, on yourChest facing you, or facing forward.As it says, 0 to 4 months,(&older;) baby is in front toward you..So this can be used right away.This Carrier does not hurt your back. It is Very Comfortable in any position.This is a bit pricy, but worth the money, its made to last for a few more children.

Margaret Stehekin, WA

It’s a nice baby carrier

and unlike several other baby carriers (such as the Baby Bjorn), this one has four different options for carrying your child, including the common forward and backward options that most chest carriers have. Unlike many others, this one has options for carrying your child on your hip or on your back. This can be a refreshing change, particularly for smaller framed parents who develop muscle pains from carrying growing children in the same position over and over.One of the biggest problems that I had with this carrier is that it is useless for newborns. Although you can purchase an infant insert for this, which I have obtained, it doesn’t help at all.Also, I found the instruction manual to be a disaster. It was impossible to follow, and we eventually gave up. We had a friend who’s used one teach us how, and then we could review it. Super confusing instructions and worthless for little little ones, this loses a star.

Melissa Meredith, CO

Pretty Good

[Good]It’s ergonomic and comfy for both you and the baby.Very easy to use: Unlike other carriers like Baby Bjorn, I didn’t even need read the instructions. (Your mileage may vary.) There’s only four things you need to know: 1. put the two backpack straps on your shoulders, 2. attach the strong velcro wrap to your waist, and 3. secure the nylon straps near the backpack straps and the velco wrapThere is an attachment that helps secure an asleep baby’s head.Versatile: This carrier allows you to carry your baby on your side, on your back, as well as the traditional front carry.[Ok]It’s not as comfortable for the baby compared to the Ergobaby Wrap.Side carrying is nice, but I’m not sure if we’ll every use the back carrying position. Even if it is well tested, it just feels like too many things can go wrong, but that’s just us. Other people may find it useful.[Bad]It’s not so easy to put on if you don’t pre-secure the nylon strap by the backpack straps before you attempt to wear it. Having to connect that nylon strap is really hard if you don’t do so beforehand because it’s behind your shoulder blades. Thankfully, you can do this before hand.It does not include an attachment that allows newborns to use this. It’s sold separately. It’s not an issue for us anymore, but if I had a newborn I would probably be frustrated that I’d have to buy something extra. It’s not so much that I have to spend extra money, it’s the fact that I’d have to either order another thing online and wait for it in the mail, or I’d have to drive back to the store again. My time is worth something. I’m sure others feel the same way.[Verdict]This is solid, quality carrier. Just remember to buy the newborn attachment.

Kristie Somers, MT


We had a competitors baby carrier. I hadn’t used it a lot because it wasn’t the most comfortable and it limited forward arm movement. We were planning a hiking trip and wasn’t looking forward to it. Once we got the ERGObaby I put it on for a test run. It still holds the baby a bit away from your body but the weight is centered way different. It settles on your hips and is an excellent improvement over our old carrier with I no longer believe can compete with the ERGObaby at all.I recommend it to anyone as a more comfortable way to carry.

Jeri Queensbury, NY

Worthwhile upgrade…

My daughter loves being able to face forward in this carrier. She seems to feel like she is more a part of what our older children are doing by being able to see what is going on. I am thrilled to be able use this with my third baby. We have several acres of land so it is so nice to just strap this on and take a walk. Even my husband does not mind using this carrier.

Evangeline Evadale, TX

The Best Ever!

The Best Ever!Can’t say enough positive things about this carrier! With so many similar items on the market from which to choose, it’s easy to get discouraged and confused when it comes to choosing correctly. We got lucky with this one– it’s a classic, so simple in its design and yet perfectly innovative in its ergonomics.I got this along with the Ergobaby Infant Insert to use with my new grandson. What can I say– it’s impeccably constructed, good looking, easy to put on and take off, and comfortable enough for both of us grandparents (ages 59 and 63) to wear comfortably for hours.Look no further!

Mildred Navarre, FL

roomy and comfortable

This ERGObaby carrier is great, compared to a standard ERGO this allows for more carry positions which is nice. The seat is roomy enough for a chunky baby or toddler and it is comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. I love the design of the black and cream color, it is very stylish as far as carriers go, and the way the carrier is made allows for comfortable leg/hip positioning for the child.

Alissa Corona Del Mar, CA

Facing Forward Baby!

Perfect timing! My child (6 months) loves facing forward but prior to this we didn’t have the choice with the basic Ergo. Now, he has a much better time seeing the world! The Velcro band fits me (Male, 180lbs – 5’10) and my wife (Female, 130lbs, 5’11) easily. This Ergo also seems to distribute his weight better and as a result, is much more comfortable and easy on our muscles/joints. Additionally, because it’s versatile, you can mix up the positions to and set it to where your child is sitting on one of your hips, sort of like a laptop messenger bag.Note: this product does not come with the infant insert which it mentions in the product description. That is an additional purchase it would seem.If your baby likes facing forward, this is a must buy!

Kris Jasonville, IN

a definite must-have item on the baby registry

This baby carrier is fantastic and your baby will love being able to face out.It’s durable, washes well, and holds the baby comfortable. It is also easy to put on and easy to wear.If possible, put this one on your baby registry — you’ll be glad you did!

Georgia O Brien, TX

Love this four position ERGO baby carrier …

I seriously love everything about this ERGObaby carrier. I scouted out all the "real" features on their site and put them below. I love everything about the carrier, especially the versatility factor. I’ve had one baby carrier that was a simple front and back facing one, but not quite as sturdy. It appeared to be part wrap and carrier. It worked great and was used for a long time, but this one is so much better.The high-quality material is very sturdy, very well sewn and because it’s 100% cotton, can be tossed in the washer. If you’re planning on using this with an infant you can add theERGObaby Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert. Once a baby hits four months you won’t need it. That’s the only drawback I can find, but because it can be used with an older baby, adding one that might not be used would make it cost prohibitive.I do like the photographic visuals in the booklet that show proper step-by-step usage, options, and ways to remove the baby. The directions also talk about the different ages and ways to carry. After a while it will be intuitive. I’ve put a link to video instructionals in my comments. Awesome carrier that’s pricey, but well worth the money. The different carrying ways include:1) Front Carry – Front Inward2) Front Carry – Front Outward3) Hip Carry4) Back CarryFEATURES:► STRUCTURED BUCKET SEAT – Keeps baby ergonomically seated in all 4 positions, with knees even to or above hips, with baby’s spine in curved "C" position. Button adjustments let parents adapt the seat width to the baby’s size & position.► EXTRA WIDE VELCRO WAISTBAND – Exceptionally comfortable waistband can be worn high or low on the waist depending on preference and provides extra support for the low back.► EXTENDABLE BACK PANEL – Can be rolled down for front-outward, or upwards for the inward facing positions to provide extra head, neck and back support for baby.► PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS – Helps evenly distribute baby’s weight in combination with the wide waistband to maximize parent comfort.► SLEEPING HOOD – Provides support for baby’s head while sleeping, protection from sun and added privacy while nursing. A parent favorite features.► Baby weight range: 7- 33lbs (newborn with infant insert)ERGO BABY:ERGObaby Original Baby CarrierERGObaby Organic Infant InsertERGObaby Performance Collection Baby CarrierERGObaby Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant InsertERGO Baby Original Carrier Black/Camel with Natural InsertErgobaby Organic Baby CarrierERGObaby Original Baby Carrier with New LogoERGO Baby Carrier Bundle of Joy – Original Galaxy Grey with Galaxy Grey Insert

Millie Simpson, KS

Even better ERGO baby carrier

When we had our first kid we could choose between a Boba carrier and an ERGObaby, which at the time were quite similiar, being soft structured carriers.This new ERGObaby carrier is even better, with hip support, more structure in the right places, and overall just improved look and design. I believe the other thing is the child can be facing out at a much younger age, which is great for some kids who throw a fit if they can’t see what is going on.Basically it’s better than the original.

Robyn Manchester Center, VT

I love this carrier

I love this carrier. It is lightweight and not too hot for summer. The really nice thing about it is the multiple positions in which you can carry baby. This is great for my two-year-old. I had stopped using my other ergo because he was too heavy for my front and disliked the back. However, I love being able to have something support him on my hip.

Fannie Leola, SD


My third child is now 5 months old. I’ve had the original Ergo for four years, bought it when my oldest was a baby. We have loved the original Ergo and it’s still in great condition. When I saw the new 360, I really wanted it because my baby loves it when we carry her facing forward, but didn’t know if I wanted to splurge that much, considering we might only have one more baby. But, I decided that since it would make my life easier, it would be worth it. I’ve loved it so far, and so does my baby. Seems to be the same great quality. The new velcro waistband doesn’t bother me. It fits both me (5 ft. tall, 110 lbs) and my husband (6 ft. tall, 160 lbs) very well. Great product!

Pat Muscle Shoals, AL

The rolls royce of baby carriers

The 360 has everything you could want in a soft form carrier. I love the versatility of the carrier! One of the greatest and newest features to the Ergo line is the outward facing option. Interestingly this carrier spreads their legs apart and distributes the weight evenly throughout their thighs and bottom and avoids the controversial "crotch dangling" that you might hear about with some other carriers. The 360 is absolutely comfortable for babies. In every position my daughter was comfortable and content. I even put my 3.5 year old son in this carrier on my back and he was comfortable, so the longevity of this product is fantastic. The only drawback to me is the velcro. I like to be able to take this off when the baby falls asleep, but the velrco is so loud it wakes her up so I have to wear it until she wakes up.I do not think there is a better long term investment baby carrier on the market. If you are buying this for your newborn, be sure to get the infant insert, that works with all the ergo carriers.

Patty Boyceville, WI

Fantastic baby carrier with simple instructions!

We have a baby bjorn and a regular ERGObaby (facing inward) but this ERGObaby 360 is great because you can use it in 4 different positions. It is more money but is much more versatile. The instructions were simple to understand with the pictures except the hip one. While not hard, the hip one definitely seemed a little more confusing. In terms of comfort our 8 month old definitely looks more comfortable in this carrier than the baby bjorn. The only negative we could see is that in the back carrying position if you have long hair, your baby will be constantly pulling on your hair! Overall, a great carrier though!

Taylor Plattekill, NY

Pricey, but worth it if you have the $ and need a carrier.

Of the three carriers we’ve tried with our little one, this is by far the favorite. It’s soft, padded, supportive, and well designed and built. It’s also the most pricey carrier I’ve tried, but I certainly appreciate the thought that went into designing this, and making it as ergonomic as possible for both the parent (I almost typed mom, but I’m the dad, and use it just as much as she does) and the child.The variety of carrying positions are nice. I haven’t used the original ergobaby carrier for comparison, but this one certainly offers more options than either of the other two carriers we’ve tried, and is even suitable for extended trips and hikes.It’s a keeper.

Claudette Marshall, OK


I’m a huge fan of ERGO products and was so excited to be given the opportunity to try this carrier. I’ve used other ERGO carriers and they are fantastic: they’re built to last, designed to adjust to a perfect fit and are great at distributing the weight down to your waist and off of your back and shoulders. This 360 carrier delivers in every way of its predecessor with the added feature of forward facing. Forward facing is a great way of introducing your baby to the world around him/her while still feeling the security of mom or dad. This carrier is comfortable for both my husband and I and our little one loves it. After carrying him for a few hours I don’t feel fatigued in my back/shoulders as with every other brand of carrier I’ve tried. ERGO carriers come with a steep price tag but they are worth every penny. Like I said, they’re built to last and stand the test of time. These carriers are really an investment that will last through multiple children. When it comes to the plethora of baby products out there only a handful are really worth purchasing and at least for us this one lands near the top of the list. Excellent product!

Pansy Only, TN

Great quality.

I’ve tried several baby carriers for my 2 kids from baby ktan, becco gemini, bjorn and slings. They all have pluses and minuses and I have them for different purposes (easy storage, easy on and off etc).This one is so comfortable that I can take the bulkiness when I travel and on the go. Baby loves it, I like the 4 position option and I don’t experience any discomfort, while wearing it, even for prolonged time.I thought it will be just another carrier but definitely it’s worth investment if you carry baby a lot. Very ergonomic, good for moms and babies.

Meredith Tokeland, WA