ERGObaby Front Pouch, Camel

ERGObaby Front Pouch, Camel

Canvas Front Pouch easily attaches to any ergobaby carrier and allows you convenient access to all of your essentials. The Mini-Pouch is perfect for stowing items such as a wallet, cell phone, sunglasses, keys, pacifier or MP3 player. Attach it to your ergobaby carrier’s waist belt or use it without the carrier with the shoulder strap. Features 100% cotton canvas body construction. Nylon lining. Zipper closure for secure storage. Velcro attaches to all ergobaby carrier waist belts. Removable, adjustable shoulder strap for use without a carrier. Interior key chain hook included. Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle. Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp. Air dry.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Front Pouch easily attaches to the waist belt of any ergobaby carrier and allows you convenient access to all of your essentials
  • 100% cotton canvas body construction
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle; Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp

Verified reviews


hardly use it

I hardly use this item…I bought it for when I go traveling so I can store items in the pouch without having to take my purse. I haven’t traveled yet.

Dominique Lewis, CO

It does what it says

I “had” to have this to go with my carrier. It does what it says but…Its kinda small. You could fit a phone and a small wallet, boarding passes etc. but it isn’t big enough to put a diaper or anything like that for a quick trip. Also, it feels like a fanny pack. I wanted to put it on my hip, but once it was on the carrier, it pretty much sat like a fanny pack. Long story short… it is what it is and I am still searching for the perfect baby carrier accessory bag.

Martina Little Switzerland, NC

Good little bag, but there are quality issues.

First, the good: This bag is a very good size for using with the carrier and every day. I hate moving my stuff back and forth from a “real” pocketbook to something I can wear with a carrier. I’d be doing it at least twice a day, so I got this little bag for all the time.I carry a (men’s) bifold wallet, keys, folding knife, emery board, and lip balm in the main zippered compartment. There’s a zippered change pocket in there, too, but I try to keep it empty or the bag would be too heavy. In the outside zippered pocket, I carry my phone. The phone doesn’t fill the pocket, but I don’t want to overstuff the space and/or scratch the screen. There’s also an open outside packet between the two pockets. I don’t keep anything permanently in there, but it’s a good space to stuff a receipt or a couple of tissues.When I need to convert the bag for use with the carrier, I unclip one of the ends of the strap and tuck it into the main zippered pocket. Then I put the wide velcro flap over the corresponding horizontal strap under the main carrier pouch. (I front carry my eight-month-old.) It’s sometimes hard to put the bag on the carrier when you’re loaded up with kid, but it can be done. It’s easier to do it before I put the carrier on.A word of warning–if the pouch is overloaded, it’ll hang awkwardly and bang against you as you move. I suspect it’s the weight of my knife that’s causing it, but if you have a lot of change in there or more keys than I carry, you’ll have the same problem. It doesn’t make the attachment less secure, it’s just annoying.The bad: The logo label is huge and ugly. You can remove it with a seam ripper or sharp scissors, but you’ll want to wash the pouch after, to help the holes in the canvas close up. I’d do this before I wore it at all., following the same washing instructions as for the carrier itself.I’ve only had the pouch for three months and it’s already fraying. The top part of the velcro flap on the back side is coming out of the seam on both sides. I don’t know how much longer it’ll last. This makes me really sad, because I use it as a cross-body bag every day. It’s a little strange, too, because I don’t actually attach it to the carrier every day, so that part of the bag gets stresses relatively seldom. Either way, it should be holding up far better than it is.Bottom line: If you own anERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, you need this little bag to tote your most important stuff (other than your baby!). Be gentle when you attach it to and remove it from the carrier and hope it lasts.

Jordan Pine Knot, KY

Ergo at its BEST!!!!!!!

This is a small item, but its uses are huge! Love that I can wear it around my waist or if I want as a crossbody. It fits everything a Mommy needs to eliminate the constant digging in the diaper bag. I absolutely love this and my only regret is that I did not order it sooner. FYI, it also matches my Ergo Carrier that I purchased in 2009, I think that color was Moss green.

Deanna Dalton, PA

Love this front pouch!

This is perfect to use as a small purse while on short trips out. It isn’t super fashionable, but is totally functional and useful. When it’s full to the brim, it hangs a little low, but it has never bothered me. I keep everything in this pouch, then stick it into a purse when I go out sans-baby. The velcro attachment is still super strong after months of daily use.

Deanne Thurston, OH

Small but Mighty

This pouch is smaller than I imagined, but holds a ton! I can hold a diaper, wipes, my keys, phone, bib, and spare paci in it! There is an outer zippered pocket with a clip inside to attach keys to; an outer padded, but not zippered, pocket that is great to stick your phone for easy access; the main compartment for misc. items; a zippered inner pocket for smaller items. It easily attaches to theErgo Baby Carrier, Cranberryvia Velcro on the back, but if it is too full it droops unattractively. Also comes with a shoulder strap-super convenient.One problem: The pouch did not exactly match the color of my brand new cranberry carrier, only truly noticeable in sunlight.

Helga Heber, AZ

Tiny, nice fabric, poor quality zipper

For the price ($31), it’s insanely expensive for this tiny little pouch that can at best hold a bi-fold wallet, a small pair of sunglasses, a tube of lipstick and front pocket can hold keys and i can slip in my iphone as well. I guess this would be sufficient for taking walks where you want minimal load. But then I can fit the same items minus tge sunglasses into the side zippered pocket of my organic ergo carrier W/o causing at discomfort to my baby so this renders the tiny pouch near useless for my purposes. The pouch I received was missing the adjustable carrier strap. If not for the missing strap and if it was priced at 1/3 the price, I may have considered keeping it. But the zippers are of poor quality, difficult to zip around, not smooth zip and they just feel and look as if they will not hold up well with use. This pouch will not touch my baby’s skin so it doesn’t need to be organic, I am considering the non-organic pouch at half the price of this organic pouch…

Dixie Mount Union, IA

Black organic front pouch with embroidery- Love it!

I purchased a black embroidered organic Ergo and realized later that it did not have a pocket like other Ergos. I thus got the pouch off of Amazon. The pouch is worth the money and it much more versatile than initially anticipated. You can attach it to the front of the pack, the back of the pack (waist straps) with velcro, or you can carry it with the strap that comes with it. The strap itself is adjustable and features a handy clip with which you can quickly attack and detach the strap. Fantastic design. You have one zippered front pocket, an open pocket behind that, then the main zippered pocket and a small zippered compartment within that. I keep some doggy bags, my wallet, my iphone, ipod, keys, a burp cloth, a pacifier, a pack of kleenex and my rescue inhaler in it. There is room to spare, too. It has turned into my “mommy purse.” I keep it in whichever diaper bag I am using and is the only thing I take with me if I have to run a quick errand by myself. Definitely a great addition to the Ergo pack or just on its own.

Barbra Onia, AR

good item, but…

Handy and coordinates with the ergo. Can also be used on its own. Seems good quality with several useful sections. I think it is a little small and also pricey though. Still, I like it.

Michelle Baker, WV

Great colors and extra storage with great accessibility!

Great organic colors that seem to go w/anything. Love the extra storage with great accessibility! Versatile as can be easily swapped out as a purse when the ergo is not needed.

Carla Bridgton, ME

Very useful

This was useful on the Ergo, but it’s quickly turned into my everyday purse now that I don’t use the Ergo regularly. It can hold a lot for a small one and it’s a nice everyday purse to throw in my bag. It has an adjustable shoulder strap – I can throw it over the stroller handlebar, in my bag, etc.

Leanna Vernon Rockville, CT

Great little pouch

I’ve been using this as a purse since I got it two days ago. The strap is a perfect length for a crossbody carry and it’s so tiny I don’t even have to take it off when I get in the car. It also velcros around the strap of my Beco Gemini, on a side or back of the waist strap (beco doesn’t make a comparable product). I will mostly use it on the carrier when we travel on airlines, and it will work fine for that, boarding passes will fit in folded in half. For reference, my cell phone is the size of an Iphone, and it fits comfortably and completely in the open pocket, but a larger tablet crossbreed like a Galaxy OneNote would probably only fit inside the big compartment. The big compartment is only wide enough to hold a pair of sunglasses or something similar. A newborn or maybe a size one diaper might fit, but you would have to really smoosh it in, but I didn’t buy it for a diaper bag replacement, so I don’t care about that personally.

Rene Ambridge, PA