ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert, Natural

ERGObaby Heart2Heart Infant Insert, Natural

Ergobaby Infant Inserts Our Infant Inserts are designed so you can safely carry your newborn baby from day one. Use the Infant Insert with babies 7-12lb (3. 2-5.5kg) or until baby has strong and consistent head and neck control and is comfortable in a splayed leg position. Original Infant Insert in Natural Original Infant Insert in Galaxy Grey The Ergobaby Infant Insert Grows with your Baby Infant Insert can be used from day one in your carrier. For smaller babies with good neck control, pillow can be removed and used alone in the Carrier to ensure they are ergonomically seated. For taller babies who still need head and neck support, back cushion can be used without the pillow. Ergonomic for Baby Ergonomically correct and recommended frog-leg, seated position. Head and neck support Back and neck cushion provides additional head and neck support to help ensure an upright posture. Works with any Ergobaby Carrier The Ergobaby Infant Inserts come in a many colors and fabrics. Ergobaby Infant Inserts work with all Ergobaby Baby Carriers. Performance Infant Insert in Charcoal Performance Infant Insert For an active lifestyle, the Performance Infant Insert includes wicking fabric lining and a mesh outer shell. Standard Features Must use with babies 7-12lb/3.2-5.4kg Machine washable Body Material: 100% Cotton Filling Material in Body: 100% Cotton Filling Material in Pillow: PU Foam Base/Polyester Fill Batting/100% Cotton Fill in Quilting

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Soft, comfortable and adjustable, it easily fits any ergobaby Carrier
  • Made from 100 percent cotton poplin fabric, 100 percent cotton filling
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle; Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp
  • Fabric is made with a natural/raw unbleached cotton and any flecks are a part of the fiber
  • Soft, comfortable and adjustable, it easily fits any ergobaby Carrier; The ergobaby Infant Insert is required for babies ranging from 7 to 12 pounds or newborns to 4-5 months
  • Made from 100% cotton poplin fabric, 100% cotton filling
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle; Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp
  • Fabric is made with a natural/raw unbleached cotton and any flecks are a part of the fiber

Verified reviews


Test it with your baby before buying

This is the second Ergo infant insert I’ve bought. I bought this one hoping it would work better than the old infant insert. It doesn’t. Basically, if your newborn doesn’t like the Ergo carrier, it’s likely neither insert is going to help. You should test the Ergo with your newborn before spending the money.My husband and I loved the idea of the Ergo carrier, as the hip belt helps alleviate back problems and is much like our packs for backpacking, so we registered for one. But however much we like the carrier, my eight-week-old, 10.5 pound daughter hates it. I’ve been trying to get her into the Ergo using first the old infant insert, and now the Heart 2 Heart, repeatedly ever since she was born, but with no success. The moment I put her (in the insert) into the Ergo carrier, she starts screaming and doesn’t stop until I take her out. I’ve watched the video for the old insert (note: there’s no video for the Heart 2 Heart) and am following their technique exactly, but still she just hates the carrier.Neither insert provides enough head support for my daughter, which is why I think she screams. The Heart 2 Heart in particular doesn’t work; when she’s settled into it as per the instructions, the insert doesn’t come up high enough to support her head, and she’s not a particularly long child. So her head flops forward when she tries to look around, which frustrates her.Both inserts feel like a bit of an afterthought — I’m not convinced the Ergo carrier was designed with newborns in mind. Having the baby’s feet out one side in the old insert seemed like a stopgap solution, and the Heart 2 Heart doesn’t quite solve the issue, either. Interestingly, I picked up a used Baby Bjorn as a last resort after having spent all this money on the Ergo and the inserts, and she likes the Bjorn, because it’s stiffer and provides more support. I think she won’t like the Ergo until her head’s a bit steadier; we’ll go back to the Ergo then.So it’s worth knowing before buying this insert that it may or may not be money well spent — it all just depends on whether your child likes it or not, and there’s a possibility she won’t (as I’ve now seen multiple reports on various sites saying that their newborns also don’t like the Ergo; wish I’d done this research before getting the Ergo and spending the money on the inserts). It’s worth waiting until after your baby is born and trying out the infant inserts before buying them. Otherwise, you may want to hold off on the Ergo until 4-5 months.

Jan Fishers Hill, VA

Our son loves it!!!

We have been so thankful for the heart-2-heart insert as our son has loved his time spent in it. He’s only 4 days old and the insert is just perfect for his little body. It’s supportive and comfortable for him. He sleeps like a champ whenever he’s in it 🙂 We are grateful that Ergo came out with this new insert as we were hearing that their previous insert was not really working with newborns.

Allene San Fernando, CA

A bit diffult to use/suggestion for alternative. Great for tiny babies & stircrazy parents

This was recommended to me by some friends who suggested this would allow us to use our Ergo from birth on. Our twin girls were born 6 weeks early at 4 lbs each. While they were far too small to ride in the Ergo at birth, once they hit about one month of age we were able to securely carry them in the Ergo with the insert. The insert does take some practice to figure out how to get the baby in properly. It’s best to lay the insert down on a flat surface and then place the infant on top of this and tighten the strap around them, prior to placing the insert/baby into the Ergo. Once positioned in the Ergo and strapped in, you really have to push up on the babies’ behind from below to position them properly. It takes a lot of practice, but once you figure it out, it’s pretty simple. These inserts allowed us to carry our babies from about 1 month of age until about 4 months of age (around 15 lbs). After that, they were big enough to be securely carried in the Ergo without the support. It’s a shame this product only has a useful life of several months, and I’ve since learned that many parents simply use a rolled up T-shirt or cloth and place that in the bottom of the Ergo to serve the same purpose. This may work for larger infants (e.g. 10 lbs babies), but wouldn’t have worked for our tiny girls. The infant carrier did offer us parents some sanity during the exhausting first few months of parenthood, when we were extremely sleep deprived and exhausted. Even though I was suffering from sheer exhaustion at the time, I will cherish the times we spent walking along the beach with our newborns in the Ergos. For that alone, the insert was worth its weight in gold.

Emilia Camp Hill, PA

This product is not safe!!!!

This product is not safe!!!!this carrier is horrable! Its cozy for the adult but bad for a baby. I doesnt truly fit infants. the insert only smashes, and contorts the babys legs into carrier, and maks baby unconfortable. if you try put the legs out, it pushes out on babys legs in a way to slowly injure there knees. this carrier will not work until your baby is practly old enough to walk on his/her own! Its also to hot with the insert, your baby could get heat stroke. I wish i kept the reciept so I could get my money back.

Bettie Indian Springs, NV

Comfy, but impractical for diaper changes on the go

This insert is definitely needed for newborns, as the regular Ergo (without insert) does not support baby’s head adequately if he/she hasn’t developed good head control. It’s also extremely comfortable for the baby, almost like a little reclining chair with a seat cushion. Snug as a bug. My six-week-old son falls fast asleep in the Ergo and sleeps soundly for hours, and I enjoy the close contact with him. The Ergo + insert combo couldn’t be more comfortable and secure to wear, and I can get into and out of it myself.One drawback (and I consider it significant) is that having a separate insert makes it very difficult to change a diaper when away from home. You first have to take the baby + insert out of the Ergo, then find some place to put the insert while changing the diaper (I balance it between my knees so it doesn’t fall to the floor) and then get the whole production together again while in a cramped, dirty bathroom. There is the option of putting baby back in the insert by resting the insert on the changing table, but this isn’t very sanitary.The same dilemma occurs when trying to feed the baby, as this involves taking baby out and repositioning him. Same problem when baby simply gets fussy and needs to get out of the carrier for a while. In each case, you’re stuck holding the insert with one hand or finding some place to put it down.I would prefer it if Ergo would find a way to Velcro the insert into the carrier, once it’s properly positioned, so that you could just take out the baby without having to take out the insert and find some place to put it.

Nadia Hallock, MN

I don’t understand how this thing is supposed to work

I bought the new infant insert like everyone else on here hoping it would support my baby in the ergobaby. The ergobaby seems like it will be great for when my son gets older, but this infant insert just doesn’t make any sense. My son is squished and hot. Not to mention it doesn’t support his head at all. When he’s leaning backwards he looks like he is straining his neck as it doesn’t offer much support. I don’t know if I’m just doing it wrong but he’s looking straight up towards the sky, that can’t be comfortable! If he leans forward he is right under my chin so I can’t look around and I’m afraid he can’t breathe. To be honest my son and I both hate this stupid thing. I wish they would come out with better instructions on how to use it. I might try what others have said they did and just use the cushion, but at 4 weeks I don’t think he’ll have enough head control for that. Maybe down the line it’ll work. I’m excited to use the carrier without the insert.

Velma Grandin, FL

won’t work in warm weather

This infant insert makes the baby very hot and sweaty. I can only imagine being able to use this insert during cool/cold weather. I have a baby who was born in the Spring and he can only stay in this insert in the carrier for very short periods of time before getting too hot and sweating.

Blanca Ellaville, GA

perfect for little ones

So far I like this product. My little girl is 7 weeks old and she fits perfect in this (not sure her height and weight, dr appointment next week, but she was 7lb4oz and 20 inches 4 weeks ago). I could see how this could get hot in the summer months though, but for the cooler months it is nice and snuggly. My only problem with this product,is sometimes I feel like my baby’s feet are getting squished. The neck support is great, but if she falls asleep sometimes her head will come crashing into my chest- maybe I am just not putting the ergo carrier on right, will need to experiment more I guess.

Connie Gibsonton, FL

Snug as a bug

I already had an Ergo carrier that I bought when my older son was about 4 months old, but I bought the insert to use with my newborn son. It’s very secure and he loves it. Falls asleep instantly. I love my carrier and this insert helps make the earliest days a bit easier!

Katrina Morrisonville, WI

Perfect for newborns

This insert came just as described, it snuggles and comforts my newborn perfectly so that we were able to use our ergo carrier when he was just born. Without it, he would slip through and would not be comfortable. This item complements the ergo carrier perfectly!

Tara Coquille, OR

Wish The Ergo Carrier Included This!

I have a 7 week old daughter & an almost 4 year-old. My active toddler needs my time & attention. I was thrilled to have received an Ergo as a gift & immediately opened it after the birth of my daughter. I wanted to “wear” my newborn while playing with my toddler…but I couldn’t put her in it! I found out that we needed an infant insert! I was so disappointed & annoyed.After buying this I was excited to use this so I could get off the couch! Cuddling with my newborn is wonderful, but not at all practical.I only used the pillow insert once. After that I couldn’t get my daughter to sit on the pillow in the “fetal position”. She now almost stands in this carrier with just her ankles crossed. The fluffy top of this carrier is like a pillow for my sleeping daughter’s head.I used the Ergo several times a week & have continued to use this Infant Insert. I don’t know when I will remove it, but it continues to work well for us!I think that this Infant Insert should be included with the Ergo. I found it ridiculous that we had to spend $25 more for our Ergo to work for our newborn!

Cecelia Westville, IL

Necessity after my mom left!

My mom was here for the first two weeks after my son was born, and since then I have been ever-so-grateful for my Ergo and infant insert! The insert allows me to safely and comfortably carry my still-small son around the house with me as I do chores (at -15degF, it’s still too cold to head outside with him!). He is so comfortable in this insert. He can sleep snuggled up against my chest, and while he is awake, he has room to move his head around and check out the surroundings. If I feel like his head is wiggling around too much (he still has trouble supporting it in certain positions), I just stick a burp cloth between by chest and him to limit the space in which he can move. If he falls asleep while in the Ergo and I want to take him out, the insert allows me to pull him out of the Ergo without awakening him, and then I can just lay him in his crib while still in the insert. It’s an awesome product!!

Eloise Grosse Tete, LA

Love Ergobaby!

It wasn’t until the second time I used this insert that I really felt like things were positioned well. I had to read the instructions two or three times, not because they are difficult to understand, but rather because I wanted to make sure my baby was positioned correctly. Make sure you follow the directions to avoid blocking any airways.My girl was snug as a bug in this. Even when it is kind of chilly I know she is nice and warm up against my body. She sleeps so comfy and I’m confident you could breastfeed with this on, I just haven’t tried it.Great to free up my hands so I can chase my toddler around when we go out!

Jaclyn Dyess Afb, TX

Baby seems to like it

My LO is 2 months about 10.5 lbs. This insert does lift her up in the Ergo Baby so that she is chin height and not buried down in the carrier. My problems are the same as everyone else’s: it’s too hot, her feet and knees are awkward, it sinks down so you have to keep adjusting it, and the snap on the strap does not stay closed. I received this as a gift but still probably would have bought it for myself since it does its job and makes the Ergo Baby usable sooner.

Bonita Whitmore Lake, MI

No use

I got my ergo when my daughter was over a year so I didn’t know how to use it with my newborn son. I got this and can’t say it did any good. I could never get a natural, comfortable hold. I used my moby for the newborn days.

Katina Coltons Point, MD

didn’t use it

When my 1st baby was a newborn, we tried the insert. He just didn’t seem very comfortable. Maybe because we were new parents, we couldn’t figure out how to get him in there right. He was 7lbs 9oz at birth. It seemed ok the first few times we tried, but then he seemed to grow out of it in a week. We took the bottom pillow out, but then he seemed too small. He just seemed a lot more comfortable in the Moby wrap. We went back to using the Ergo more when he was 5 or 6 months old. With our second, who is more chunky and growing faster than our 1st, we started using the Ergo without the insert at 3 months.

Mayra Ardara, PA

Perfect for Infants

Our daughter lived in the Ergo the first year of her life. When she was tiny, I assumed I would use the Moby wrap or a sling, but she hated all of those. We decided to try the infant insert, and she loved it! It allowed us to walk our dog on the coldest days and go snowshoeing up in the mountains because she would just snuggle down and sleep in it. It was so nice, too because my husband liked the fit of the Ergo, so he was able to carry her a lot.

Jacklyn Dresden, NY

like it

this has very short life span outgrew it at 4and half month..but u need this absolutely if u plan to use a ergo early on coz it provides much needed support to their little bodies.. it gets a little hot too with this

Brandi Pearl City, IL

Tough call

My baby was a 6 pounder so I couldn’t have used the ergo without this. That being said its usefulness was short-lived because he was born in the summer and it was simply too hot to put him into this cozy quilted cocoon. Plus he grew out of it quickly. I think the design could use some improvement. For example the snap is hard to do and undo with one hand. Also I am not convinced it really offers added neck support. I ended up holding his neck with my hand anyway when moving around a lot. My gut says buy one used or borrow one as you won’t need it for long.

Lora Johannesburg, MI

Works like a charm!

This insert is soft, cozy, and helpful. It is a must with the Ergobaby carrier unless you like a floppy head.

Anna Sarahsville, OH

Not worth the money

My baby was over 8 pounds when he was born. I had this, but found it easier to just tuck a blanket under his butt. This is like a huge winter coat that wraps around them & you still have the Ergo around them too. I found it way too hot & bulky. I just took a swaddle blanket, tucked it under his butt & it worked much better! And as he grew I could change the amount of blanket under him so it was actually adjustable.

Emilia Vails Gate, NY

you won’t regret this purchase if you have the ERGO

Being able to carry your newborn baby close to you is priceless! You won’t be able to put your new baby in this carrier without it because of neck strength and size. In this insert, however, your baby will be snuggly and warm against your body while you have your hands free. You don’t just need this for walking or going to the store…you can use this at home even to free your hands up while folding laundry or doing dishes or whatever you need to do. The material is oh so soft.

Lynn Elm Grove, LA

Very comfy for baby

I used this a lot with my baby and was glad to see that the "booster seat" portion is removable. My baby is tall so we didn’t use that part for long. The insert is very soft and I felt like it also added some extra warmth for the baby. A must have if you want to use the Ergo for a newborn

Tabitha Alexander, ND

Works great but HOT

This worked pretty well for us. The only problem is that the baby and the person carrying her would be covered in sweat pretty quickly. We live in Germany and it was very cold and snowing during Christmas, and we still had to take breaks and let the baby cool off – and usually change her into dry clothes.

Tabitha Carbon, IA

Not right for me

This was not right for me. I use a carrier very frequently and I need it to be able to go on and come off quickly/easily. I also need to be able to do it myself since I often use them when I’m the only adult. I love my ergobaby carrier for my older son, but when I bought this insert to use for my infant, it was waay to complicated for me. I also have a bjorn carrier and I guess I will continue to use that one for my infant since it is soo easy to throw on and off. However, I like that the ergobaby carrier allows me to carry them on my hip when they get bigger.I returned the insert. It may be right for some people, but it wasn’t right for what I needed.

Phyllis Hinton, WV

Too Hot For Summer Babies

My daughter was born in July and hated this infant insert. It was way too hot for her, and she cried every time we tried to put her in it. We used the Moby wrap instead, which we both love. We do like the Ergo carrier a lot, but will have to wait until she is older to use it. Dad particularly likes the Ergo.

Patty Wyckoff, NJ

Newborn Loves Ergo!

My son adores being carried in the ergo. There’s no crying episode this thing can’t tame! He was 6 lbs when born so the insert was a must and works perfectly. I especially love how warm the insert keeps baby, it’s like a down comforter around the baby. You can even fold the top part down and let the baby see better, or keep it up for extra protection. My son has enjoyed many naps still wrapped in the insert when I lay him down. Without the insert he would not have fit, he’s over 9 lbs now and I still use the insert. It’s was money well spent.

Jeannie West Liberty, WV

Perfect for your tiny one

I decided to buy this for my daughter after reading the reviews. I am glad that I bought this instead of using an alternative method with her in the ergo. She is almost 3 months old but still needs the extra support that this provides. She is not holding her head up on her own completely so this is perfect for her.

Toni Springerville, AZ

Helpful but not perfect.

The ERGObaby <3 2 <3 Infant insert is quite helpful.. it raises the baby up higher to fit the carrier at a comfortable level for both parent and child. Without it my 9 1/2lb 22in long LO would be swallowed by our Sport carrier. The only problem I find is the strap that encloses the insert snug around the baby. It has a small plastic snap button that keeps it together. It doesn’t. I know it’s for smaller infants but just picking up the insert by that strap with no baby in it.. (just reaching for it for use) it unsnaps.. how would that stay attached with a baby in it? Oh well.. my LO does not need it. But if you do, be careful.. It will come undone.It also gets very hot in there.. It’s nice and cushy but that means more insulation around baby.. and depending on the weather you and the baby will be sweaty… or the baby may even overheat.

Tamara Woods Hole, MA

You probably don’t need this

My baby was 9# at discharge from the hospital and was too big from the start for this insert. 12# my foot. Especially in cooler months when baby will be bundled in some ridiculously adorable fuzzy outerwear, this thing just isn’t necessary. My long baby was even too high for head support with the pillow/insert in there. Without it she can scoot low enough as a scrunched newborn to have the Ergo support her head.For what it’s worth, I do love the Ergo so far. Every time I put her in it she falls asleep.

Gina Wilsie, WV