ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier, Desert Bloom

ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier, Desert Bloom

The ergobaby Carrier has all the advantages of the ergo baby Original Carrier, crafted with soft 100% certified cotton twill and sateen. The carrier has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to comfortably distribute baby’s weight between your shoulders and hips. The carrier holds and cradles your baby just the way you do, with your baby’s legs properly supported in a natural sitting position. Supports baby’s head while sleeping and protects from sun and wind. Adjusts in length with 5 snap levels for growth of baby. Fill: 100% certified cotton batting in body of carrier to soften edges. Small stuff pouch, doubles as sleeping hood storage. Large zippered storage pocket holds your wallet, keys, and mobile phone. Evenly-managed baby weight between parent’s shoulders and hips for ultimate comfort. Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle. Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp. Air dry. Designed in Hawaii. Made in India. CPSIA compliant. JPMA safety certificated and conforms to ASTM F2236 safety standards. Conforms to the European standard EN13209-2:2005. Certified by CU to Global Textiles Standard (GOTS) certification. Fabrics, Dyes, and Dye House practices conform to Oko-Tex 100 standards. Factory conforms to Social Accountability Standard 8000:2008. Factory conforms to ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems. ISO 9001:2008 certified factory. OHSAS 18001:2007 certified factory.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Our tried and true 100% cotton canvas carrier has evolved to make it more comfortable than ever
  • Made from 100% organic cotton twill body with 100% organic cotton sateen lining
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle; Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp

Verified reviews


not thrilled

While the material of this carrier is very nice and I am sure would be comfortable for my son, the use of it is very complicated. My friend and I opened the instructions for the three carrying positions and found the instructions very complicated. A good suggestion would be to color code the different straps/buckles for ease of use and less confusion.

Hannah Brownton, WV

The fake vs. real battle rages on

So I purchased this item from J & A Trading fulfilled by Amazon before reading the full reviews. Once I started reading up I realized the chances of it being a counterfeit were good. Here is some information I gathered from the process;The fakes are very close. There are multiple websites claiming the differences. Well I think the counterfeiters are using those blogs to improve their fakes. All the old telltale signs like whether the label is the right color, whether there are mispellings, whether the buckles say “Stealth” or not are not reliable signs of fakes anymore.I received my carrier and things seemed legit. The only thing funny was the instruction manual was in color and I saw on one website that it should be in black and white. Also the buckles did not say “Stealth”. The stitching was reinforced in some areas but there was an area where the stitching was askew. The packaging was faded but it didn’t seem off as I purchased a Ergo organic backpack at the same time and its box looked the same in terms of print style. It came in a plastic bag which I read was a giveaway of the fake. The label was a little off color and maybe just a bit crooked. I think the big thing was that the fabric of the back pack seemed significantly softer than the carrier.Not convinced either way I contacted Ergo. This is what they told me: #1 Serial numbers don’t mean anything anymore the counterfeiters are faking that too. #2 The only way to ensure that you have the genuine article is to buy from a Ergobaby approved resaler. #3 THERE ARE CERTIFIED RETAILERS ON AMAZON! She gave me a short list as I could not pull up anything on their website. Thinkfasttoys, Healthchecksysyems, and When in doubt just call Ergo 18884164888. They are extremely helpful.I ordered another carrier from thinkfasttoys and am returning the other. It may be the real McCoy but I don’t want to risk it when it comes to carrying my son. I’ve taken pictures of it so as to compare to the new one. I’ll be back with an update!Update!I received the Ergobaby from Thinkfasttoys and oh my goodness! The ones from J & A Trading are most definitely fake! The carrier arrived in a much better quality box with no misspellings (the counterfeit misspelled “component” on the top). There was no plastic bag on the carrier. The registration card was attached to the carrier, the padding is significantly thicker, and the fabric is clearly of a better quality and softer.Make sure you check that the supplier you choose is certified from Ergobaby! Don’t make the same mistake I did and pay out the nose for an inferior product!

Krista Beach, ND

Not ergonomic

For size comparison purposes, let it be known that I am a 5’3″, 125lb mother and my baby was 7.5lbs when born. If you or your baby is drastically different from these sizes, then this review may not be relevant to you.I borrowed the ERGObaby baby carrier from a friend. I tried this product for a couple months. After struggling with it a few times, I finally threw it in the closet until I finally was able to return it to my friend.Prior to actually putting it on, the Ergobaby carrier initially seemed like a great product because there is a waist strap along with the 2 shoulder straps in order to distribute the baby’s weight onto the hips, a much better method than the baby’s weight on the wearer’s shoulders alone. The shoulder straps are thick and cushioned. The waist belt is wide and adjustable.I loved the Ergobaby carrier because I was comfortable wearing it, with great shoulder straps and waist belt. All three are easily adjustable. The carrier is machine washable.I hate this product because it forced my baby to straddle her legs in order to accommodate the width of my waist. My baby could not move her own legs, which made her constantly fuss/cry/struggle while in the Ergobaby. Obviously, she was not comfortable even though I was. Also, the clasp between the shoulder straps is difficult for me to snap/unsnap all by myself. This important flaw alone makes the carrier difficult to use. Its not like my husband is always around to snap the clasp for me! I can’t exactly ask random strangers to help snap the shoulder clasp for me just so my baby and I can go grocery shopping alone.My husband (a chiropractor) hates this carrier because he sees me and other parents at our church with the Ergobaby. He has noticed the same problem: every infant’s legs are immobilized because they are straddling the parents’ waist and do not have freedom to move their legs. This action of forcing the legs spread apart is not good for an infant’s leg and waist development (bones, muscles and all).Not ergonomic!!! I highly recommend you to buy (save the receipts): the ERGObaby carrier, a wrap carrier (ex: Moby, Boba), and a Baby Bjorn (the one with the waist belt). Then, you will see which carrier will allow your baby to swing their legs freely and uninhibited.Here is my chiropractic husband’s professional opinion:The body has a memory system. The tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bones will memorize a body position if they are always in the same position, just like a person who regularly slouches. Would you want your children to walk with their legs spread apart for the rest of their lives?The legs being spread apart is not normal. A healthy human body does not walk with their legs spread apart. So why would you want your child’s legs to remember the position to have the legs to be spread apart?If you believe in chiropractic, then you will agree that all chiropractors believe that the body has a memory system.It is common sense that it would cause bow-leggedness because the legs are forced to be so far spread apart FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME, which is the typical length of time for baby-wearers. The baby’s legs must be allowed to be free to move/dangle in a narrow crotch support. The Ergo carrier is worse than a walker, which has already been proven to cause bow-leggedness. From my schooling, walkers with a seated section are terrible for babies because walkers also spread the legs far apart. In any health profession, the institutions supporting a product can not always be trusted. You and any other concerned parent should visually evaluate how spread apart your child’s legs are forced to be while wearing the Ergo baby carrier. You will soon see that the legs are immobilized. Ask yourself: would you rather want your baby’s legs to be forced to be spread far apart or to be naturally close together? To be specific, from the hip to the knees, the legs are about 160 degrees. The knees are creating a 90 degree angle. Draw a stick figure of this position. That is the definition of bow-leggedness. If you feel that the legs being that far apart is ok with whatever association saying that it is ok, then that is your decision. For our children, we choose to find products where the legs are uninhibited from movement.

Manuela Joppa, AL


My sister got this carrier from the same amazon store a few months ago, and recently her strap broke. She called ERGOBaby to have it replaced and they told her that her serial number (even tho they let her register it) was fake and ALL carried purchased from Amazon are COUNTERFEIT and not reliable to hold your child, not break/fall apart/wear out, and will NOT be covered should anything happen to your baby or your carrier.I bought this carrier from amazon and when i tried to register it online through ERGOBaby, it also went through. I called ERGOBaby regarding what they told my sister and without telling them anything about her, i told them my carrier broke and read off my serial number. Sure enough, they informed me that the product is counterfeit and is not covered by their warranty at all.I have tried to contact this seller more than once about getting a refund for the product and they have yet to reply or acknowledge my emails. I am now going thru Amazon’s Fraud department to have this situation rectified.Please do NOT order your carrier through Amazon, the safety of your child is at risk. ERGOBaby has a list of dealers that sell the product and those are covered by the warranty and guarenteed to be safe for your child. Don’t learn the hard way like my sister (who thankfully caught her daughter before she fell out of the carrier completely) or me, now struggling to get my money back to spend on a legitimate carrier for my son.Also, ERGOBaby’s reason for allowed counterfeit products to be registered on their site is that they use a 3rd party and can’t catch all of the fake numbers. I think this is a BS excuse and i was sure to tell ERGOBaby that.Call ERGOBaby and read them your number if you have already purchased this product. You will see what I am talking about first hand.

Leola Brazoria, TX

Best carrier around! Especially for women!

I have the Baby Bjorn, the Moby wrap, a Seven Sling, AND the Ergo carrier. Although they are all great, the Moby is THE BEST by far! It is easy to take on and off alone, goes on quickly, has storage, has fun colors, and best of all… it is SO COMFORTABLE!!! For LONG periods of time!!The Baby Bjorn is simple and my husband likes it best because it looks more simple, but you have to put it on over your head and seems constricting to me. Also, it has zero back support so it really hurt my back after wearing it for hours at a kids birthday party. I had to keep sitting down. Imagine wearing a 15 pound backpack backwards.The Moby Wrap is fantastic once they are in it. Very cozy, secure, and comfy for baby. However, it is about 30 feet of fabric and once your baby starts wailing its pretty hard to do all the wrapping and adjusting. Great to wear around the house when your baby is itty bitty.The Seven Sling is very VERY simple-its just one loop you slip over your head- but its just not made for wearing it for more than a short (SHORT) time. I’ve worn it at dinner so I could actually eat, but then I retired it. Its too flimsy and baby is not secure in it at all. Also I am 5’7″ and <130 lbs and it seems too small for me- as if my shoulders are too broad. It seems like it is way too tight and it is the Large. My friend gave it to me because of this same reason, so I am not sure who it would actually fit well!The Ergo has a pocket in the front where I tuck in a diaper and a few wipes in the front, a little hood if I want to cover him (feeding or weather), a pouch that you can get for extra storage, and GREAT back support. It is also great to wear at the airport if you are traveling with baby a lot.If you have a newborn you have to buy the Infant Heart-to-Heart insert pad. (not the one with the big padding at the bottom though- that is not necessary). That heart-to-heart doubles for us as a warm cover/ blanket once we get to our destination and as a pad if I need to change him on the ground.Overall: FANTASTIC! LOVE IT!

Britney Leopold, MO

Now that baby is big enough for it I just love it!!

The baby bjorn I had, even with “lumbar support”, killed my shoulders after my baby was about 12 lbs. I bought an ergo but he did not fit in it at the supposedly-ready 5 month mark — his little legs were splayed too far apart. But now he’s taller at 6 months and he fits great and I LOVE my Ergo!! Great carrier, very comfortable. I also owned a babyhawk for about 3 days and while I adored the cute pattern on that, I didn’t feel it was as safe with the buckles (Ergo tests the buckles to high standards, they just feel more “solid”, and also the Ergo has reinforcement elastic bands just in case a buckle does ever fail it should “catch” on the elastic.)

Neva Loranger, LA

wished i would have had this carrier from the beginning

after using this for a couple of months, I still love it. I have two other soft carriers and they don’t compare. I have lower back issues and this is just what I need. I wished I would have gotten this right off the bat. I would spend the extra money for this and don’t even try others. I wished it had a facing forward position or that Ergo made another carrier that faced forward. i would buy an additional ergo for that purpose only. I really like this carrier and baby is extremely happy and safe.

Mona Baldwin, NY

too tight for baby

i tried this at various times – 5, 6, 7, 8 months – it’s just too constricting for baby and annoying to put on. i also hated the moby wrap – really awful. i think a looser "asian" type of baby carrier would be better for my baby who likes to turn and look around.

Marian Mckenzie, ND

Love my Ergo!

I am in love with this carrier! It is so comfortable on the back and shoulders. I bought this when my son was 13 months and I wish I had known about this carrier sooner! My son loves it in the front and back position. He likes to be carried so this makes it much easier for me. I like that the weight limit is 45 lbs so you can use it for quite awhile. I know I will get a lot of use out of this carrier! Such a high quality product, you will love it!

Stella Church Point, LA

great even for a 20mo

I am using this for my 20mo (~23lbs) and it is great! No back pain. If the belt does not rest well on your hips then you can feel a little pain there but nothing major and only due to misuse.I tried to use it for my 4mo (14lbs, 25in) and it is not that suitable. She is still too tiny. It would work perfectly with the infant cushion but as she will soon outgrow this, we decided not to make unecessary expenses. So she goes in the stroller and our tod in the ergo (back or front position)!4 stars instead of 5 because baby cannot face the world. But that is because they ensure the baby is in a perfect sitting position; as a result it cannot be reversible.

Evelyn Huger, SC

Best Baby Purchase

We didn’t know what we would need for our first born, and now we know we absolutely needed this. When she was tiny, tiny, we would snap her into this, go for a walk, and she would be out. For the first year, we didn’t even buy a stroller (other than the jogging stroller, which–prepare for understatement of the century–doesn’t turn well and thus is really only for running), we just went to restaurants, festivals, the airport, the beach, etc… with this. Both my 6’0, 180 lbs husband and me (5’2", various weights as I tried to lose the baby weight) could use it because it is so adjustable. Grandpa even liked it.My husband is a real sweaty thing (something which my daughter inherited), so perhaps it would have been better to buy one of those sport ones with mesh, since they would often be stuck together with sweat, but we didn’t care because our backs didn’t hurt after wearing her, and she was comfortable and slept. Just snapped the little cover thing over her head, and out she’d go. When she woke up, she could pop her head up and look around. This was not the case with other carriers we tried: various wraps just never made her happy: either she would scream or my back would. The front zippered pouch is also really useful for pacifiers, keys, phones, etc…We even found a curdled bottle in there once. Yum.Now that she is older, she does not like to ride on your belly at all–she wants to face out. The carrier will hold her until she is 45 lbs (and she’s only 22 now–at 16 months), so we could still use it with her on our backs, but she likes to walk, so that’s what she usually does. I did break down and get a nice umbrella stroller, because this carrier was annoying to take on and off if you want to try on clothes at the mall, but this was absolutely the best investment we made as first-time parents. Someone told us to wait to buy strollers, because you don’t know right away what kind of parents you will be, what you will want to do with your baby, and what your baby will tolerate. I’m so glad we listened and didn’t buy one of those big travel systems right away. This was our travel system, and it was so easy and useful.The only problem is that it is tough to learn how to click the back support clip by yourself (it’s a weird contortion), but you get the hang of it or prevail upon the nearest husband, friend, stranger, etc…We learned that if you loosened the arm straps, it makes it easier to clip the back, and then you can tighten the arm straps right back up.

Abbie Casanova, VA

Amazon is NOT an authorized Ergobaby retailer; but REAL (non-counterfeit) ERGObaby carrier is a wonderful product!

The first time I tried on the ERGObaby Organic carrier I had a few questions about how to get the best fit, so I called ERGOBbaby for advice. They asked me where I’d bought the baby carrier, and when I said Amazon, I was told that Amazon is not an authorized retailer for ERGObaby Baby Carriers. The representative said that there are many so-called suppliers out there making counterfeit “ERGObaby” carriers, and the only way to ensure that you’re getting a real ERGObaby carrier is to purchase one directly from ERGOBaby or from one of its authorized retailers. (Which are listed on the company’s website). What’s more, ERGObaby will NOT honor the warranty on any baby carriers purchased from Amazon or other unauthorized retailers. That was a deal-breaker for me, so I returned this baby carrier to Amazon and bought another ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier from an authorized retailer. I have no way of knowing for sure whether the ERGObaby Baby Carrier I’d purchased from Amazon was fake or not, but I will say that the product I purchased from the authorized brick-and-mortar store was packaged in a box, whereas the carrier I’d bought from Amazon came in a plastic bag.Once I’d purchased a REAL ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier, the product itself was wonderful. I actually purchased it to replace a Baby Bjorn carrier, which my 23 month-old had long outgrown. A major “plus” of ERGObaby carriers is that they hold children up to 45 pounds, so unlike most “baby” carriers on the market, ERGObaby carriers really do grow with your child. I used this product to carry my toddler during travel to and from a Caribbean vacation (when she got fed-up of being wheeled around in her car seat), and it performed beautifully. My little-one fell asleep shortly before our return flight landed, and she STAYED asleep while being transferred from her car seat to the ERGObaby carrier (front-carry), all the way through noisy immigration, baggage claim and customs! She remained soundly asleep, cradled against my shoulder in her comfy carrier. (I pulled the sun-cover over her head to block out the light). And despite the hot temperatures in the Caribbean and in the US when we returned, my daughter didn’t seem uncomfortably hot in this ERGObaby carrier at all, even in the black color.My daughter was not a fan of the back-carry, but I suppose that depends on the individual personality and preferences of your child. Despite my concern that she might be too curious and “wriggly” for a front carry, she actually preferred this position and the close contact with me that it provided. This ERGObaby carrier ended up being a godsend for navigating through the airport terminals quickly and easily with my toddler, and my back did not protest once. In fact, I had more back pain carrying my daughter around as a 12-pound infant in our Bjorn carrier than I did when carrying her around at almost 2 years-old and 27 lbs in the ERGObaby! I can definitely see us using this carrier again on our next trip, as well as for regular, casual use.I deducted one star from my rating because Amazon did not disclose in the product listing that it is not an authorized retailer of ERGObaby carriers, but the product itself is top-notch.Product as purchased on Amazon: CReal ERGObaby carrier itself: A+

Lula Colliersville, NY

Got to have it

This baby carrier has been a life save. We also got the newborn insert. Sometimes it was the only way to calm the little fellow down. So the pluses: good eco cotton, soft and attractive. Functional with the front pocket. Key feature is that the baby doesn’t hang from his or her delicates but is actually sitting in the sack. With a 6-month old, it remains more essential than ever. The only design issue is that with the Ergo’s the baby can’t be in front of you facing out. The front position has him/her facing in to you. For newborns that’s great but an older baby might like to look out and see more things. But would choose this over the Bjorn for the reason mentioned above — the baby is seated and not hanging.

Kate Parker, AZ


My husband and I LOVE our ERGO organic. It’s super soft, breathable, and easy to adjust. It’s also very comfortable to wear. I can’t think of a single improvement except possibly to make the hood detachable. Other than that, it’s GREAT. We bought this not knowing that it needs the infant insert for smaller babies, so we had to wait a month or two after it arrived before we could use it. But now that she fits it, it’s our favorite baby carrier. My sister borrowed it when she visited us, and she liked it so much that she went home and bought one as well. Her infant falls asleep every time she puts her in it… I guess she is just super comfortable. She can also carry her 30 lb 2 year old in it and she says it’s still comfortable and both her children love it. We highly recommend this product!

Leann New Lebanon, OH

Didn’t Work for Our Family

Wanted to love this since people say it is great and I really wanted one I could wear on my back. However, it fit my husband, but didn’t leave room for the baby (kind of barrel chested). I didn’t like the clip right between the shoulder blades – it is hard for me to reach there two handed, let alone one handed (which I’d have to do since one hand would hold the baby). We returned and got the Baby Bjorn Comfort Carriers that work great for both of us.

Patrice Mabank, TX

Great carrier!

I bought this carrier for use with my 17lb, 5 month old son, and it has worked great. Easy to adjust and get on and off, and he seems to like being carried around in it. I have only used it front carry and in the winter so far.

Yolanda Mount Cory, OH

good quality product

Good quality and happy with my purchase. Colour did not run after washing and easy to adjust straps. I hope to use this for a long time.

Winnie Alum Bridge, WV

best baby carrier

Love my Ergo, and so does my baby! I would absolutely recommend the newborn insert if you are getting an Ergo. some people don’t use it, but I felt more secure using it. I take baby to the grocery tore, for walks, etc. in this and I have mastered putting it on in a parking lot.I’ve used other carriers and this is my favorite. The other ones killed my back. I have had serious back injuries, but carrying my baby in this actually bothers my back less than just carrying her in my arms.

Stacie Newhall, IA

The best baby carrier EVER

It is REALLY comfortable, REALLy simple to use and my baby loves it so much! He falls asleep in it easily too , and the fact that it has like a little hoody to cover him from the sun and rain is great, plus it holds his head when he sleeps. I love that it has two additional pockets, woild be great if it had also like a bottle pocket (not holder, but pocket, to prevent it from the sun).Other than that….Its great!

Phoebe Milam, TX

Best carrier, period.

I LOVE this carrier. I’ve tried so many trying to get one that my daughters would like (I have a 6 month old and 2 year old) and they both like this carrier. It’s reasonably priced and comfortable for mom and baby. The only con I would say, is there needs to be back padding as well, since the back can end up digging into your lower back if you’re anything more than a size 0. There’s a pocket in the front that holds the hood, but you can easily fit a phone in there as well, and there’s a pocket on the side to tuck your keys into.

Marianne Goldthwaite, TX

Great product!

This is a great product and is easy to wear. Putting it on alone takes some practice, but the key is to make the straps loose when putting baby in, then tighten them. I have yet to put my baby on my back alone, but overall, I would recommend this product much more than the Baby Bjorn, which is very harsh on your back and shoulders. This sits on your hips and is comfortable to wear. Do know that the baby can’t face the front like the Baby Bjorn design.

Alexandria Sandy Level, VA

love it

this is very comfortable for both the parents and the 5 month old sleeps within 15 min of putting him in the carrier.. highly recommend

Francesca Judith Gap, MT

Best I’ve had

Great on my back, fits me (5’9, narrow shouldered and hipped) and my husband (6’2 and broad shouldered) equally well with adjustment to the straps. Keeps baby the perfect temperature. The material which snaps on to the shoulders to block the sun/wind/light was a fantastic idea and we’ve used it often. The pocket in the front is surprisingly big. The organic material is super, super soft and we expect this carrier to hold up nicely for baby #3. The carrier sits baby at just the right spot to make him comfortable and not be hard on my back. The shoulder pads are so well padded I barely notice them. I’ve used a number of other carriers and will never try a different one after this. We are content =)

Natasha Dinuba, CA

great carrier!

We were lucky to snag one of the last Navy blue ones, and love it. Great quality, hubby doesn’t mind wearing it either. I was surprised to see that it come with the infant insert, I wasn’t planning on using one, but I guess I’ll try it out since it came with!

Terra Kings Park, NY

To big….. Returning it today.

I understand why people love there Ergo, but for me it’s just too big. I could never get it tight enough and always felt like my baby was falling out. I’m 5′ 105lbs. I could not get the shoulder straps buckled without strain and my husband couldn’t get it to buckle at all and he’s a yogi who can do a reverse prayer. We are returning it today. I got a very nice padded Mai Tai instead that’s fully adjustable and perfect for my build.

Cara Clinton, NJ

Outgrew baby bjorn, this works great

Since birth, our baby was carried in the baby bjorn, which we loved. It only goes up to 25 pounds. The Ergo goes way past that. While we can’t have him face out, and that is the only negative, we love this. Well made, stylish, and the baby loves it.

Erika Waleska, GA

Perfect for travelling

I to reserched a lot about baby carriers. I was told from my aunt (when i was pregnant with my first child) to get the babybjorn. I did infact buy the babybjorn. All i can say about that carrier is weight. my back got so sore with it, just after 5 min or so, it was actually more easy just to carry my baby on my hip. then i heard from my friend that her “ergo” is the best ever. Her mom had bought it for her and she just loves it. So instead of just buying a ergo, i asked to use hers. I fell in love! I had it for a whole 4 days! I orderd it on the 5th day, shipped it to “ship happens” and picked it up there (im canadian) And amazon doesnt sell to canada, so thats how i got it:) To this day my ergo comes with me in the car, i use it all the time. takes 30 sec to put on, love it to pieces. Id recomend this to anyone.p.s. We just came back from travelling internacionally to family, and this is way, way, way better than an umbrella stoller. My 7 month in the ergo and my 2 1/2yr old holding my hand. Way better, and i found with buggies and strollers takes up a lot of space, especially when travelling.note: If your thinking of buying it, dont hesitate, best purchace ever!

Nettie East Grand Forks, MN

Great carrier for older infants

I got this carrier because my back was killing me carrying around my 4 month old in the Baby Bjorn. However, I feel she is currently too young to be 100% comfortable in this. Her head is level with my arm straps so she can’t see the world as much and gets a bit grizzly if I put her in this as opposed to the Bjorn. I am going to persist because my back doesn’t hurt AT ALL with this and it is s soft, comfortable and supportive for me!

Katy Lovejoy, IL

Authentic product

Hello all -Since baby is not born yet – I cannot speak to the carrier itself – but I wanted to address the reviews stating this product is a fake.I was really disappointed after purchasing this carrier – then sifting through reviews that this could be a knock off. I called amazon, and then ERGObaby to have my concerns addressed.When you receive your carrier, call ERGObaby. They can verify it’s an authentic carrier by having you tell them the product numbers on an inside tag. Easy peasy. One of my numbers was questionable to the rep at Ergo baby so she had me send her some images – and I got a response the same day that my product was authentic.Purchase away! 😉

Marietta New Rumley, OH

Essential for a high-needs baby

I have a million carriers. Not really but it seems that way. We just had our second child and we are living in temporary housing circumstances before going overseas. We don’t have much space and I need to buy as little as possible. I have a Babyhawk carrier that I love (it’s beautiful and I chose the color pattern on both sides). I use it still but this Ergo is a much, much better carrier.You can put the Ergo on much more easily and it fits to your size without requiring adjustment (or long straps). It also puts the weight all on your hips. I stand up straight without a problem. I can carry my heavy baby all day without feeling any pain. BTW, unless your baby is very small, do not bother with the infant insert. You can just fold up a baby blanket and position it around the baby’s head. The Ergo was worth every penny.

Elise Sedgwick, AR