ERGObaby Organic Heart2Heart Infant Insert, Blush Beige

ERGObaby Organic Heart2Heart Infant Insert, Blush Beige

This soft, ergobaby Infant Insert cushion works with any ergobaby carrier and must be inserted to support growing babies ranging from newborns to 4-5 months. The proprietary design of the ergobaby Infant Insert is comprised of a cushioned exterior with a removable pillow to keep pressure off a baby’s developing sacrum. The Infant Insert also provides the necessary head and neck support for comfortable carrying from day 1. The Infant Insert snaps around the baby, can be adjusted as needed and placed with ease inside any ergobaby carrier. Cozy and protected, your baby will be perfectly cradled with cotton next to the skin. The cushioned shell combined with the removable pillow can be used together for newborns to ensure they are seated correctly and have the head and neck support provided by cushioned outside layer (for babies from newborn to 4-5 months, and from 7 to 12 pounds). Larger newborns that still need the head and neck support can use the Infant Insert outer shell layer, without the pillow (for babies that are under 4 months, but over 12 pounds). Smaller infants that have strong head and neck control but lack the height for correct positioning in the ergobaby carrier can use the pillow without the outer layer. CPSIA compliant. Inserts into all styles of the ergobaby carrier. Provides ergonomic support for growing baby bodies. Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle. Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp. Air dry. Made from 100% cotton fabric and certified by Global Textiles Standard (GOTS) certification and compliance with Fiber Processing Standards. Certified dyes (Oeko-Tex Standard). Fabric mill and fabric and dyes are Oko-Tex certified.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Soft, comfortable and adjustable, it easily fits any ergobaby Carrier; The ergobaby Infant Insert is required for babies ranging from 7 to 12 pounds or newborns to 4-5 months
  • Made from 100% cotton poplin fabric, 100% cotton filling
  • Machine wash cold with mild detergent on gentle cycle; Dry on delicate cycle and remove when seams are still damp

Verified reviews


Works great

I live in south Texas and my son’s a little heater. We mostly used the insert in the ergo sport, worked well, still got warm at times. It was a little tricky for me to get the hang of, but the ergo is so great it was worth it. Definitely easier and cooler than the moby.I mostly used it without snapping the side strap, but I never had much of a problem with it when I did snap it, it was probably set as big as it could go though.It washes and dries easily- I haven’t tried to clean the stuffed wedge at the bottom yet. That stuffed wedge can be taken out and used as an extra prop when breastfeeding as well.

Angelique Rose City, MI

Too HOT!

This infant insert is basically a mini comforter. My son hates it, he sweats and gets heat rash – you absolutely cannot use it in warm weather. I wrote to Ergo and their response was – your son is probably big enough to not have to use it anymore (he was 3 months at the time). Well that’s great, but what about the first three months of not being able to carry him in this carrier. We opted to not buy another carrier because we spent so much on the Ergo. I would go with a different newborn carrier and possibly buy the Ergo when the baby is bigger if I had to do it again. Hopefully he will like the Ergo now without it.

Beatriz Rushmore, MN

Essential with the Ergo for newborns

We used this insert with our newborn, until he had enough head control to sit in the Ergo directly. Sometimes walking him around in this was the only thing to get him to sleep. So if you’ve opted for the Ergo, then you pretty much need and want this insert. It is soft cotton, and machine washes. The baby sits very comfortably on top of the insert cushion and surrounded and supported by its sides (not dangling from the seat of the pants like a Bjorn). Baby is snug and secure. We still use the Ergo all the time, but of course didn’t need the insert after a few months.

Bobby Woodbine, KY

Works great with one small flaw…

We were planning to use the moby wrap for our infant until she was large enough for the ergo, but after realizing the skill that it takes to get her into the moby I wanted something that was easier to use for both mom and dad – especially on the go. nothing like trying to manuever baby into the moby to run into the grocery store. this seemed much easier. in short this insert works great. my one issue is that the slide strap that buttons across the front of the insert to hold it together around baby (imagine it like a taco with baby as the filling) does not stay tight. it just slips loose as soon as you button it, so you have to balance holding it snug around the baby while also getting it tucked into the ergo. it is not a deal breaker as it still works well, but would be much easier and nicer if this would stay put. some other reviewers noted that it is hot, which could be the case, but we are using it in the middle of winter, with the ergo sport (which is supposed to be cooler) – so I haven’t seen the heat to be an issue. in fact it is much cooler than the moby wrap which makes both baby and mom sweat like crazy.

Kim Mauk, GA

Never used it

I wish I could give this a better review, but my baby hated being in this. I hope to use it with the next baby.. We couldn’t even use this once!

Rocio Pecos, NM

kept baby warm and comfortable

we loved this for our infant. we could swaddle the baby up and put in the insert and she would sleep for the duration of the walk. it is warm, so was perfect for infant in the cool weather, however I could imagine baby getting too hot in the summer. would highly recommend getting the insert if you by an Ergo carrier.

Vilma Pima, AZ

Great that I can use my Ergo with my newborn!

Yes, it is a thick padded insert and is a little warm in the summer but, not as hot as the Moby Wrap (which I had prior to the Ergo). I use my Ergo EVERY day and have since baby was born. She is now 3 months old and I still use the newborn insert with her even though she is over 12 pounds. She seems to actually like riding in it better with the insert. Great product. Highly recommend.

Jana Manhattan Beach, CA

like the product and color

a friend told me this wasn’t necessary because you don’t use it very long. My baby is 3 months old and we’ve been using it with the ergo all the time. I wouldn’t have been able to use my ergo all this time without the insert. That would be a shame! I use it in the grocery store sometimes and whenever we are outside walking around. We traveled to Boston when my son was 8 weeks old and this is all we used–no stroller, not even a car seat because we rode the metro everywhere. When we would go to restaurants we would just take my baby out of the ergo but keep him in this insert and lay him right next to us on our booth. It kept him swaddled and happy. The insert is easy to wash. Also I really like this silver/gray color!

Florine Columbiana, AL

awkward and bulky

I was disappointed with this thing for sure. It made using the ergo so awkward and I really never got my money’s worth out of it. My friend had a really broken in soft and squishy old one that I was always jealous of because her baby seemed to fit so nicely in her ergo with it even though he was much bigger than my baby. It was just too big and stiff and I wished I hadn’t wasted my money. Having her in the Moby was so much better until she could finally fit in the ergo without an insert.

Velma Fresno, OH

Awesome for the tiniest ones

We ordered our Ergo when our son was 2 weeks old and ordered this insert style at the same time.When he was at his tiniest, this was perfect for snugging him right up next to us and keeping him warm (a Winter baby). If I was inside and it was warm, I’d strip him down to a onesie for his own comfort.Now that his legs poke out and it’s getting warmer, we’ve taken the the little butt cushion insert out and use it as a ‘booster’ so he doesn’t sink down all the way and can still get a good look around.Ergo doesn’t advertise this secondary use, but it’s definitely a great bonus for baby’s ‘transition’ length.

Vivian Barnesville, PA

infant insert

I use this for my 4 mo old son and he loved it!I love my ergo carrier but this is a must if under 6 mo for the head support!

Kirsten Beaver, PA

Great for infants, pillow useful without insert during transition

Couldn’t be more happy with the Ergo and the infant insert. When baby was getting big for the insert, but too small to be in the carrier alone, we used the little pillow by itself to boost him up. Says so in the description here (which I of course missed and thought we were brilliant for coming up with it), but just wanted to reinforce it works very well.

Essie Bolivar, OH

ERGO is the best

ERGO is the best carrier our there. I wouldnt think of using any other brand. My son loves this. Puts him right to sleep

Sierra Broadview, IL

Great insert for the Ergo carrier

This is a great infant insert for the Ergo carrier, but with my newborn being born at almost 13lbs. this insert is a bit awkward to get used to when compared with a smaller baby. Typically the newborns fold their legs into the insert and then grows to have them out. Same with the head position starting off lower and then obviously growing. But having a big, and long, baby his legs can’t curl up and have to stick out from the start. I also feel as though his head falls forward somewhat because he sits a bit higher than a regular newborn and can’t get that good cushion a smaller newborn would get. Right now I’ll just use it around the house and when he has more head strength, I’ll venture out.

Aisha Lookeba, OK

Love our Ergo and its accessories!

I have the Baby Bjorn, a Seven Sling, and an Ergo Carrier. The Ergo is BY FAR THE BEST for women!!!!The Baby Bjorn is easy to put on over your head, and he loves being in it, but it kills my back after a long amount of time. The Ergo is a bit bulkier but it is SOOoooo COMFORTABLE that it is WAY better if you ask me! I wear it all the time, and my little man loves it too!!The Heart-to-Heart insert is definitely necessary for a little newborn baby as it keeps them more snug inside the carrier, and it supports their head from flopping around. I also have the insert with the padding at the bottom of it, but I didn’t really use that one because he seemed too smashed- even at 8 pounds.Summary: I LOVE the Ergo and its accessories, including the Heart-to-Heart! 🙂

Dominique Simms, MT

Ergo Baby Organic Infant Insert Heart 2 Heart – Silver

I loved it & my baby loved it, too. It seems to support well my baby.

Ericka Esmont, VA