Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier Black Camel

Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier Black Camel

The ERGObaby Bundle of Joy series combines one of our ERGObaby Original collection carriers with a matched Infant Insert, making the perfect package for new parents.

Main features

  • Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the wearer’s hips and shoulders
  • Baby is ergonomically cradled in a natural sitting position
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Good, but not great…let me explain

This carrier was bought for me when my now 11 month old was born. I tried to use it with the infant insert and all she would do was cry! She hated to be in it. I didn’t understand, so I went to many different people and places that sold this product and had them explain how to put it on with baby and what not. I was doing it right, this thing was just not comfortable for my daughter. She wasn’t big either! She weighed 6lbs and was 18.5 in long…in other words, TINY! I then bought a Baby Bjorn and love, as does my daughter! She still loves going in it and she is 11 months old! My back doesn’t hurt using it, so maybe it’s because my daughter is smaller than most people’s kids. This carrier was also incredibly big! I guess your supposed to be able to use it when your children are toddlers, but I personally don’t want to be carring my kids on my back, when they an walk…also that is what strollers are for. Another thing I didn’t like was that the child was never outward facing. They are either inward facing your chest our inward facing your back. They can’t see over your shoulder much adn if they are in front, they can only see your chest! For how expensive it is, you would think that they would do something so that the child could have some sort of vision of the world around them. To those who like it, great, but to those who want a great carrier that your child will enjoy as well, try the Baby Bjorn…and for those of you who have “heavy” children, get the Baby Bjorn with the back support, still much cheaper than this carrier!

Lou Portage, ME

Awesome carrier

We bought this carrier because we were looking for something that would hold our bigger-than-average baby boy while we went hiking and more specifically because we were doing some travelling to Europe and wanted a hands-free option at the airport. We had previously had a Baby-Bjorn but my son outgrew it by the time he was 3/4 months old. Enter Ergo Baby. This carrier did exactly what we hoped it would do. It supported his body beautifully and mine/my husbands! We swapped between us without too many problems: the carrier adjusts to both our sizes. We took it to Europe and it proved invaluable. My son would nap in it every day, even when we came home, I’d pop him in it if he was fussy or tired and he always calmed right down. When he got a little bigger, his will and wriggliness sometimes made it awkward to carry him in it initially, but after 10-15mins of walking he’d usually fall asleep!We rarely use it now my son is 19 months old, and wants to run everywhere, but we could as it holds kids up to 40lbs!All in all, a great buy. I would definitely recommend it. The only problem I could foresee is with larger bodied adults: My father-in-law is 6’4″ and couldn’t get himself AND the baby in the carrier at the same time!

Lela Mirror Lake, NH

love ergo baby!

OMG i totally love ergo baby! it works very well starting around 10Lbs babies unto 40Lbs preschoolers! and it offers to best discreet breastfeeding situation! I have bought ergo babies for 2 of my sister-in-laws and will probably by a second one for myself now that i have babies 10 months apart (one for me one for the hubby). My husband regularly takes our 15 month old to the mall in the ergo baby! they both love it!

Tina Steens, MS

Ergo Go Go Go!

I was looking for a carrier for my little one that was sturdy and last for a while, while allowing my little one to grow. This was recommended by a friend and so I decided to take the leap and buy it. Currently my little one is 5 months old and I have only just started putting him in the back position. I as of yet can’t get him there on my own but I think that may be due to me being a little nervous and him still being little. However once there he is as happy as can be. I love being around horses and so this carrier allows me to run around the barn, feeding and grooming without my little one getting underfoot. Also I have found that he doesn’t feel as heavy and I can do a lot more. I am a little on the small size and so the straps are on the bulky side as the other reviewer pointed out, however since this carrier takes up to 40lbs I think, I would rather have bulky to spread out the weight than thin and not as useful. If want attractive and pretty then this isn’t the thing for you however if you want a sturdy carrier that gets the job done. BUY BUY BUY

Darla Georgetown, ID

The one item I’d bring to a deserted island for my baby

Perfect for errands, hiking, or traveling, the Ergo Baby carrier is soft, lightweight and extremely comfortable for mom and baby, especially after they hit 20 lbs. I wish I had known about the Ergo carrier sooner. I would have saved me so much money!
• Your baby can be carried in front facing you or in back, and will be in a sitting position, unlike other carriers.
• There’s a sleeping hood included that allows your child to nap comfortably.
• You can nurse in public and no one will know.
• Machine washable
• It’s easy to adjust the shoulder and waist straps so it fits both mom and dad.
• There’s an Ergo insert (sold separately) that lets you use it with infants.
• Strength tested to hold up to 90 lbs
• Available in many colorsI used the Ergo since my child was a year old, sometimes for several hours at a time, with no difficulty. I used it more than the stroller.Before this, I had the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier. It’s more comfortable than the Baby Bjorn original because it distributes weight better. However, when our baby hit 20 lbs or so, my shoulders and back started to hurt. The padding also made the Baby Bjorn too warm for baby in the summer.For warmer weather I bought theBabyBjörn Baby Carrier Air – Gray/White(it comes in blue as well). The mesh cover is cooler for baby but I had even more difficulty using it after my baby hit 20 lbs, because it lacks the back support. It’s a very expensive product for the short time I used it.I also tried the Infantino Sling Rider Baby Carrier in Black Toile but returned it. It didn’t support my baby well and was very uncomfortable. There was a recall of this Sling Rider in 2007, so if you have a hand me down, don’t use it.In short, I wish I had known about the Ergo carrier sooner. I would have saved me so much money!

Paulette Forest Grove, OR

Wanted to love the Ergo but couldn’t

I bought the Ergo with every intention of loving it. My first born would only ride facing outward, so the Ergo didn’t work and for him I used a Bjorn. My second child was more amenable to facing in as a newborn and was happy to ride in a wrap carrier, so I eagerly tried the Ergo again with her, since I’d heard such great things about them and hoped I’d be able to use it for at least a couple of years. Unfortunately, while she still loves her wrap carrier at over a year, she refuses to ride in the Ergo. This makes two kids in a row who screamed nonstop in it. With my son he refused to ride in anything that wasn’t forward-facing. My daughter also insisted on being forward facing after about six months, but even before that she refused to use the Ergo. Even in the hip carry position, which “kind of” allowed her to face out, she was miserable and screamed to get out.I think the problem is that the way it’s positioned to sit on your hips — which is helpful for your own comfort! – positions the baby lower on my body than most carriers, and lower than she wanted to be. She likes to ride up closer to my head and shoulders, so she can know I’m there. The Ergo requires that she ride down near my belly, with her head at chest level, and she was NOT happy about it. The wrap carrier now allows for kids to be wrapped facing out (called the “kangaroo wrap” style), and my one year old daughter will quite happily be toted around that way for an hour or so, strapped to my chest. If you have a child who is 1) happy to be facing inward even as they get older, and 2) happy to be held down on the lower half of your torso, then this carrier is comfortable and versatile. If you have higher energy kids who want to face out and interact with the world constantly, try a wrap or a Bjorn.

Lauren Dana, IN

Great Purchase

We just bought this carrier 2 weeks ago for our 5 month old son. We previously had the baby bjorn but he would cry every time we put him in it. I don’ think he was very comfortable hanging in the front of us. He does not hang in this carrier…he sits in it. It seems much more comfortable for him. I also love that this carrier works on the hip and back as well.

Shannon East Chatham, NY

I really like it.

I had been using a moby wrap until my child got to be about 19 lbs. and then I needed something that supported him differently. We are going to Yellowstone in a few days and I wanted to do some hiking. He is not sitting up on his own otherwise I would have bought the Kelty Child Carrier (III, I think). He is 5 months and falls asleep in it everytime. I have seen moms carrying their toddlers in them. It seems more comfortable for him than the Moby, though that was PERFECT when he was a newborn. Seems definitely more comfortable than the Bjorn since the hips and shoulders share the weight. Still not as comfortable as an external frame backpack.

Jeri Park Hill, OK