Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier Galaxy Grey

Ergobaby Original Bundle of Joy Baby Carrier Galaxy Grey

The ERGObaby Bundle of Joy series combines one of our ERGObaby Original collection carriers with a matched Infant Insert, making the perfect package for new parents.

Main features

  • Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the wearer’s hips and shoulders
  • Baby is ergonomically cradled in a natural sitting position
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


So So

Baby outgrew it super fast. This is really just for a new baby or very small one. We were able to use it until he was about 2.5 months old, then had to just move to the Baby Bjorn because he wouldn’t fit in it anymore. You really have to look at the instructions and try a youtube video to get comfortable with how baby is supposed to sit in this thing.

Roxanne Kitzmiller, MD

I have four different carriers and this is the best by far for comfort, style, and length of use

The Ergo Baby is a bit more expensive than wraps and slings, but it is so worth it. The infant insert makes it possible to use when your baby is just born and the head cover is awesome for sun shade and privacy. I also feel like this is the most comfortable compared to the Baby Bjorn or sling wraps which don’t have as much padding on the shoulders or any form of back support. I also love the pockets to keep keys and pacifiers.If you’re looking for more tips on selecting a baby carrier or a must have baby registry list, check out the website It’s got down to earth reviews by a perfectionist mom that does a ton of research. You’ll also find information on what to expect during delivery and after recovery from the big event, what to pack in your hospital bag, and how to get the most sleep in the first few months postpartum. You’ll even find the Baby Carrier Guide or stroller shopping guide under “baby essentials.”

Jean Garibaldi, OR

Wish I never bought it.

ERGO is hugely popular and there is a lot of hype built up around the brand, so when I found out I was pregnant with number two I just had to have it. I tried it on, and it seemed comfortable enough, but when I tried it with him in it with the infant insert at a month old he hated it. I tried again about a week later. Still he protested. So I waited for him to grow a bit so we could try it without the insert, still he screamed whenever I put him in. I kept it for several months, trying it every week, but no matter how I adjusted him or the ERGO I could not get my baby comfortable in this thing. Other options like Infantino and BabyBjorn he’s peaceful as can be, but the ergo he hated. I finally gave up and passed it on to another mother. Hopefully she’s had more luck.

Ronda Cory, IN

Baby Carrier

I have a Baby Bjorn and the ERGO baby carrier. I love them both. The Baby Bjorn gives better back and head support, but my baby sleeps more comfortably in the ERGO. It is also more comfortable for me to carry my baby around in as the shoulder pads are nicely padded. I used the infant insert only a few times. My baby is now almost 3 months, 15 lbs and still loves being in it! I like that it’s easy to remove him from it as once he falls asleep in the carrier, I try to lay him down to nap. This is impossible to do in the Baby Bjorn carrier.

Angela Colwell, IA

NOT for newborns

Love this, I’m sure it will work well at some point. But my newborn’s head flops all over the place even with the newborn insert. She’s not a fan – disappointed in the purchase but I’m sure it will be great when she’s older.

Tonya Tok, AK


Easy to put on, great built in hood and zipper pocket, comfortable, butterfingers and spaz proof. Love this carrier! Awesome!

Yvette Richfield, PA

Great for newborn and mom!

I LOVE my Ergo carrier. I have been using this carrier since my son was 7 lbs and he absolutely loves it–with the cozy insert, he feels like he’s back in womb :o) I have a colicky baby and the only place guaranteed to sooth him is this carrier; he is asleep within 5 minutes. The insert provides great neck and head support. I’ve taken him for long walks and have no aches or pains–the weight falls at your hips, leaving your back and shoulders free and comfortable. Definitely worth the money, and the galaxy pattern is adorable–I’ve received many compliments.

Aileen Newburgh, NY

Don’t leave home without it!

I absolutely love the Ergo carrier! I barely feel the weight of my baby while I am wearing her in this carrier. I thought that it might be tricky to get my baby in there by myself but it’s a breeze. I also have a K’tan which is comfortable but it doesn’t come close to the comfort of the Ergo for me and my baby. What I like about the K’tan that I can’t do with the Ergo is wear baby forward facing. Not being able to wear her forward facing isnt a big a deal at the moment but I will be trying to wear her on my hip once she has better body control. I didn’t find the infant insert very useful, my baby didn’t like it at all but I use the little pillow that comes with the insert every time. I suppose you could just roll up a blanket or towel to prop your little one up but I like that the pillow fits and supports baby perfectly in the Ergo. The Ergo makes quick shopping trips, strolling the mall and hiking around so much easier for me and my 4 month old. It is worth the money, I promise that!

Trina Offerman, GA

Love this

I really enjoy and love this carrier. It gives me the freedom to do things around the house and out and about while shopping. My baby likes it as well.

Violet Stanton, IA

Love Love Love

We had tried all the other sling type carriers and I just never felt comfortable letting go of the bottom. My baby would sleep in them, but she looked contorted and so uncomfortable. I saw a lady at the grocery store wearing one of these and asked her for her opinion and she told me she loved it and was using it with her 2nd baby. I ordered ours that day!We have worn the baby while getting things done around the house, going for walks outside and grocery shopping. She loves being that close to us and we love feeling secure with her in it. It is also very easy to get this on & off alone.

Harriett New Haven, KY

Good but complicated

This carrier distributes the weight evenly and makes carrying baby outdoors convenient. This is not however something you will toss on to allow you to do things around the house. It takes 2 people to get it adjusted and the baby in it.

Luisa Springer, OK

it is very comfortable for the mother

All they say is true: it is very comfortable for the mother. But my baby used it for its 2 month and then he got too big for the insert. As he was too young to sit on the Ergo Baby Carrier without the insert (legs spread), we had to wait 4 more months to start wearing it. It is a good carrier, but don’t expect it will work from newborn till todler without ups and downs..

Kaitlyn Wayan, ID

My baby can’t do the splits

I am confused that no one else has an issue with this, but my baby hates being carried in this thing. Whether I face her forward or toward me she has to spread her legs so much to sit in it. She just gets mad and looks uncomfortable. The only way I was able to where this was to point her legs straight down so they are poking out the bottom (which is not exactly safe)I am so disapointed I researched so many baby slings, this one had such steller reviews I thought it would be the best. It is pretty expensive and now is just sitting in the closet. I am hoping to try it out on baby#2 someday.It is super cute, and obviously well made. (so I gave in an extra star for that) I just don’t understand how to get a baby comfortable in this thing?

Candice Gerber, CA

Love my Ergo

I love my Ergo. I am an active stay at home mom with multiple children. I also "Baby Wear" on a daily basis. This product is durable , totally cute, and worth every penny. I really like that I can put it on myself and take off by myself without feeling tangled up in it. Easy to nurse in as well. This also was a life saver on our vacation to Disneyland. I refer to all my friends and expecting moms.

Wendy Webster, IN

Baby Bjorn or which of three types of Ergos? From a mom of twins with doctor’s tips

The Ergo is a wonderful carrier that you, your spouse and baby can use comfortably for hours, whether you’re running errands, traveling, hiking or just hanging out with your baby at home. I have used them with all my three kids from the time they were born – there are three basic types:(1)ERGObaby Original Baby Carrier, Black/Camel), made of thick canvas-like cotton with soft flexible shoulder straps and a soft lining. It has a roomy pocket in front with a zipper for your wallet, keys, cell phone, passport, etc. I had this one for 4 years with 3 kids, still going strong. It can be used even with older toddlers as it goes to 40 lbs if needed.(2)Ergobaby Performance Collection Charcoal Grey Carrier- this carrier has a more snug fit with thick, stiff contoured straps – I found this one very uncomfortable, with much more fabric covering my child than the original Ergo. The space for my baby was less roomy, so I returned it. However, many parents do like it.(3)ERGObaby Original Collection Sport Baby Carrier – Black- this is a lightweight version of the original, with a streamlined design. Great for summer, has longer straps than the original, but it doesn’t have the storage pocket in front for personal items. The original Ergo (#1) provides more coverage & warmth for the baby.Some models are sold with extender belts, for people with larger frames. Make sure it is in the description if you need this.The Ergos can be used with young babies if you use it with aERGObaby Original Infant Insert, Natural- this works well up till about 4-5 months. After this you can use the Ergo by itself. You can nurse with it on in privacy (with attached hood/ cover) and your baby can nap as well – with or without the insert.There is anErgobaby Baby Carrier Winter Weather Cover – Blackavailable that attaches to the Ergo – expensive but very thick and good for winter months, but not waterproof. If you can find it, there is also a Ergo Baby ERG-WCR414 Water-Resistant Weather Cover that is basically a thin outer shell that snaps into this fleece cover – great for rain. These are worth it if you have twins or are outdoors a lot – I wish I had gotten both early on instead of struggling with snowsuits, big bulky coats and trying to push a stroller while holding an umbrella. I also wish they were less expensive! I found over time that wearing a big coat or a thick blanket worked just as well.Washing is straightforward, just cold water, mild detergent and drip dry, infrequently though. Spot cleaning is recommended. All my kids loved to bite the straps so puttingDiono Soft Wraps Car Seat Harness Pads (Formerly Sunshine Kids) – Blackon them kept the carrier from getting dirty – the strap covers are easy to wash and fairly inexpensive, so have a second pair as a backup and you’re set.In terms of resale, the Ergos were a great investment, as they are in high demand among other twin moms (you can use two, one front one in back and carry two babies!). I recovered about 40 percent of what I paid new, both for the Ergo Sport and for an Original Ergo. I still have one Ergo original left for travel (airports, etc) and for emergencies (we’ve been evacuated twice due to hurricanes, very hard with little kids). At age three, my twins no longer use the Ergo but it’s good to know they can if needed. So in terms of how long you can use it- figure up to age four or so.BABY BJORNIf you are comparing any of the Ergo’s with theBABYBJORN Baby Carrier Active, Black/Silver, which offers lumbar support, the Ergo is a better option simply because past 20 lbs (about a yeal old), the baby’s frontward facing position and weight will cause a lot of strain on your shoulders, making it painful to carry bigger babies for an extended period of time. I found the lumbar support did little to help. Likewise, the thick padding is very hot in warmer weather for your child. TheBABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One – Black, Meshhas a lighter weight material but offers even less support is very cold in winter months.Neither of the Baby Bjorns did not work for me past age one, and was difficult to use with my preemies as they were too small.In terms of resale, the Baby Bjorn looks fairly new after washing if you do it with cold water, mild soap and drip dry. I recovered a third of what I paid for it, but as these are more common, prices vary widely and you may get less. Some sell for much less.A DOCTOR’S OPINIONLastly, I had an orthopaedic surgeon look at the Ergo carrier – he considered the positioning of both my babies ideal in promoting their proper hip development, as the child is in a natural sitting position. The Baby Bjorn, not as good as the baby’s basically hanging, and not recommended at all, any type of carrier that keeps the baby’s legs straight and together.Why ask for a doctor’s input? Both my preemie twins had developmental issues that affected their mobility, so being able to carry them around easily was critical (my daughter was born with hip dysplasia and wore a pavlik harness for three months, while my son had severe hypotonia which made him unable to walk until he was two). I was able to use the carrier with both children, even when my daughter was immobilized in the harness. The carrier made getting around with our twins much more comfortable for them and for us.So there you go – my experience as a mom of twins that needed to carry my children for extended periods, who has owned all five carriers and accessories described above. If I had to do it over, I would only buy the Ergo carrier, either the Original or the Sport.

Ginger Unionville, MD

LOVE the Ergo

I am 5′ 8" and husband is 6′ 2" and the Ergo fits us both really well. I love the feeling of my little one nuzzled into me (I use the Ergo and Moby) and it makes doing things around the house so much easier. The infant insert is easy and keeps her snug (she was preemie so we used it for awhile). When she is all strapped in, she is very secure. It is easy to get her into the Ergo. The only challenge is clipping the latch behind my shoulder blades – if you’re not flexible in your shoulders, this will be a challenge. I have to clip it for my husband as he can’t reach and I can just barely do it. That said, it is this latch along with the waist support that makes carrying her easy.

Susanne Evansdale, IA

comfortable, saved my back

I first tried the baby Bjorn that I got fo a shower gift. I didn’t like that so I got the ergo. I loved it. It was so much easier on my back and my baby was more comfortable too. Very easy to use.

Jessie Pollock Pines, CA

love love love this carrier

i absolutely love my Ergo. I started out with a Moby wrap which i liked but it’s quite a skill to figure out how to work the Moby wrap and then do it everytime. i love that i can just clip this on and the baby feels safe and secure and she loves being snuggled in. she’s almost a year now and we still use this almost exclusively. I almost never use my stroller. i also like the pockets and the little rain cover for her head. i just wish the cover for her head was made out of something that was at least water resistant.

Jerri Lincoln, KS