ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Aussie Khaki

ERGObaby Original Collection Baby Carrier, Aussie Khaki

The Ergobaby Original Carrier has evolved to make it more comfortable than ever. Made of durable cotton canvas with high-density padding and straps that adjust for the perfect mutual fit. Ergobaby carriers keep baby safe, close, and comfortable.

Main features

  • Baby’s weight is evenly distributed between the wearer’s hips and shoulders
  • Baby is ergonomically cradled in a natural sitting position
  • Front, back, and hip carry positions
  • The only carrier you’ll ever need
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Not great for petite wearers

I have worn and loved my original Ergo for nearly 3 years. Now that I have a summer baby, I ordered the sport version for its lightweight fabric—thinking it would be exactly the same as the original except for fabric and longer straps. This isn’t the case. The Sport is cut for a larger frame. For me there is too much unpadded area on the front of the straps such that the padded part just barely covers my shoulders (I am 5 foot 2). In addition, with front carry, I’m unable to reach behind my back and secure the strap that connects the 2 shoulder straps to prevent them from slipping. I have to ask someone to buckle the strap for me or do some serious contortion (and sweating) to do it myself. Also, the sport version is wider than the original so my infant really has to straddle my entire torso rather than letting his legs dangle a little. In addition, despite the lighter fabric, it’s still hot. No matter what fabric a carrier is made of, having two bodies touch in 80+ degree weather causes some serious heat so don’t expect miracles. I’m keeping this simply because we need 2 carriers for our 2 kids and my husband can wear this comfortably. For me, the original is better. Lastly, one of the snaps on the hood has already popped off and it’s only been a few days. Hopefully Ergo customer service will send out a new one.

Maura Nassawadox, VA

Returned it

We bought a couple of the "strap the baby to you" baby carriers, and just couldn’t figure out how to make it work with our infant.I mean, I saw how to put a baby in it, but it didn’t seem practical for a baby who wasn’t holding her head well yet. Now our petite princess is 29 pounds and holding everything well but I’ve gotten good at holding her with one arm, so I still don’t really see the utility of it.I’m sure they’re good for some parents, just not us.

Jeanette Clinton, IL

Has no equal

We own two ergo carriers, the organic one in brown with the matching backpack and this one. I’ve tried the moby wrap and two different sling carriers and I have to say, nothing gets it done like this. I’ve thought about trying the other brands of carriers that have a similar style of support, but their reviews just aren’t as good.** If heat IS NOT a factor and you are petit / have a small baby that is old enough to not use the infant insert, I recommend getting an original ergo cut, the sport is cut for larger people and babies. I’m only 5’2″ 108lbs and the sport works awesome for me- but I only use it more than the other because of the heat, I have it ALMOST to the smallest settings in every way, so it will adjust, but the original is just a little more comfortable padding-wise for me.Also, don’t expect miracles- NO carrier is going to stay comfortable in 90+ degree weather for more than 20 min, if that, even with an umbrella. Maybe if ur LO is only wearing a diaper…. Carriers in general suck in the heat- that proximity to a body is always gna roast those involved, there’s no escaping body heat.Pros:-Fast to put on-You can put it on by yourself-The most comfortable for the longest. I can go for about two hours before this thing starts to irritate. Sometimes it’s too tight in the waist and I have to readjust, but it’s all about making those adjustments.-Adjustments are EASY. Once you get used to it you start to figure out where it needs to be adjusted relative to the discomfort. When the other carriers get uncomfortable, you’re screwed.-I nurse in this thing all the time, and once you get the hang of it you can do it really discreetly- with the infant insert, I haven’t tried without yet- and even while you are walking. That’s one of my favorite features, to not have to take him out to feed on demand. My son is 17 lbs at 4 months and I haven’t been able to nurse him in the slings comfortably. To nurse it helps if you lower the waist and then lower the arm straps, lowering the strap more on the side you’re going to nurse helps to not have to preform boob gymnastics, but you have to hang on to baby, they start to slide out that way.-Grocery shopping, house work, I take my son to work with me and actually get stuff done. The pocket makes it a lot easier to not have to carry an extra bag if you are just going to the grocery store, you can keep your money- not neccesarily your wallet, phone-I squeeze my iphone in there, and car KEY.-I love how if I decide to take the carrier off I can roll it up and snap it all together, with the infant insert inside it and velcro it to the backpack with the straps that you usually use to attach it to the other carriers.Complaints (this thing is so great, and has made life so much easier that it doesn’t lower my rating):- Wish the pocket was bigger like the size on the other ergo carriers, I think it’s because it makes it look more sleek…it does look nice, but I sacrifice for function.-The ergo backpack doesn’t seem to attach to this- if someone figures out how, please comment me.-It’s a tad bulky to carry with you when not in use, but they do squeeze it into that box that you get it in….-keep in mind that if you have a smaller baby, she will be spreading her legs around you as the width of this carrier is slightly wider than the original ergo- maybe bc it gives more support- may need to use the infant insert for longer. I’ve found that babies are very flexible this way though and it doesn’t seem to bother them as it would bother an inflexible adult- just my opinion- there could be other effects on bone development.My LO is pretty big and I think this will fit him the longest. Right now we are still using it with the infant insert.We live in south tx so I got this one because we needed something that would have good air flow, its just too hot to walk outside with a baby wrapped around you in one of the wrap style carriers. While you can only do about 20 min in 90+ weather its still better than the others.Update:My LO is 8 months old now and this thing is still being used like crazy. He’s 20 lbs and I can still cart him around for about about 45 min while he naps. Since he’s teething sometimes he has a lot of trouble staying asleep and the closeness seems to make him feel a lot better- The sucking pads are a must at this age.Not only that, but they get really shy around this age and it makes him a lot more comfortable in situations where he doesn’t know who everyone is. I still nurse him / put him to bed in it too. I freaking love this thing.

Carey Rush City, MN

My go to carrier

I have owned a plethora of baby carriers (wraps, slings, bjron, etc) and this one is my favorite. I have a 30lb 18 month old who loves her “back”. I use this when traveling, cooking, cleaning, shopping- you name it. She has been in this since about 8 months old. It is light enough in our Houston heat to keep her cool when we are briefly outside, but sturdy enough that I know she is safe. The buckles are fully adjustable on both front and back carry and the hood has been a lifesaver when she is asleep. I will say that it can cause alarm when people see my putting her on my back, but with practice it is so easy and safe. I am not sure I would want to live without my ergo sport!UPDATE:My daughter is now 21 months old and over 30lbs. I continue to use this when she falls asleep in the car during a shopping trip, we travel through airports (often!), or when she just wants a little snuggle time. She doesn’t sit on my front any longer and hasn’t since about 10 months. She sleeps happily on my back with the hood up which helps hold her neck steady. It has been a godsend during these hot summer months in Houston, but make no mistake…it’s still quite warm carrying any child, but better than the original. Very easy to use and lasting quality.

Cecile Pinesdale, MT

The light weight airport savior!

I bought this to help us manage the airport for several trips where we didn’t want to lug a stroller along but I wanted to be able to contain my daughter so she couldn’t run off on me (traveling alone with at 18 month old). It was soooo comfortable, the straps were nice and wide, and the hip belt definitely carried most of her weight. I’m a larger gal (size 16/18) so having the longer straps was nice. I’ve had some TSA people make me take it off, others would have let me wear it right through, but I had my purse strapped on underneath it so your milage will vary.My daughter refuses to ride in it back pack style, but she snuggles right into the front carry. We call it her "snuggle ride" so she can be close to us but we still have our hands free. Great for going through customs

Caroline Patton, CA

Great product, But costly for what you get

I have been baby wearing my 5 month old son since he was born. Now that he is larger i had to switch to a soft structured carrier vs. the wraps and slings. I do really like this ergo; my son is a VERY sweaty baby, and the vented slit really does do a lot for temperature control. It has great support in the shoulders, back and hips for both my (5’8") and my husband (who is 6’2"), it really fits both of us well which is hard to find in a carrier. But over $100 is very expensive. That is my only issue with this product. I highly doubt it costs anywhere NEAR $100 to make.

Katelyn Alhambra, CA

Love it!

I purchased a Moby wrap and an Ergo carrier to use with my newborn. I have 1 year old twins that can go around in their double stroller, but thought an excellent solution for taking the new one about with them would be wearing him. The Ergo carrier is easy to use and to take the baby in and out of. It is also very comfortable and not as hot to wear on warm days as the Moby. I also bought the extension strap because I am a very large Mommy and it fits very well and is also very comfortable. I feel very comfortable that the baby is secure when I am wearing it. I really love this and look forward to using it all of the time in the future.

Reva West Van Lear, KY

Awesome carrier!

I love this carrier for my son. He is 5 months and over 20 lbs and it works great for us. He loves being close to me and falls asleep in no time. I purchased the teething pads and am so glad I did since he started to bite on the straps the second I put him into the carrier.

Clarice Arctic Village, AK

Best carrier out there!

This is my third carrier and I’ve finally ended my search. I started with a Moby, which was ok but it was a lot of fabric and HOT!! Plus as my son got heavier, it was less useful. I moved to a Babyhawk Mei Tai, which I liked, but my son never felt 100% secure in it. Plus the straps would drag on the ground – which sucks if its wet.Then I finally decided to spring for this one. I’d been eyeballing it for a while and I should’ve bought it first. I got the Sport because we live in FL and my son is a sweaty Betty. He absolutely loves it! I have arthritis in my back and bursitis in my hips and was worried about how long I’d be able to carry him before I was in pain. The answer is pretty much all day. I did feel it the next day in my hips, but hey – I was carrying around a wriggly human who weighs around 25lbs! I take this whenever we go shopping because he tends to get irritable towards the end and is done sitting in the cart. Once he’s in this sucker he’s content. He’s even fallen asleep a couple of times.I do wish it had the extra pocket that the other Ergos do, but the trade off is that there is a vent in the carrier to allow his back to breathe. Oh and the part that he sits in isn’t as thick as the regular one (please don’t think that makes it any less sturdy!).Lastly I got the chew pads because he’s teething and they’ve been wonderful. They had mixed reviews so I wasn’t sure. Glad I got them and I would recommend them for anyone’s little turkey that likes to nibble.

Ronda Moulton, IA

Best carrier!

This is a great carrier… I’ve used several with three children. Playtex, Eddie Bauer etc. This ERGObaby is very comfortable – I can wear it without a backache! It’s easy to put on and take off and the baby feels comfortable. At some point, baby may like to look out, but it seems like a more comfortable position to be ‘hugging’ me. Lastly, the quality is solid – soft material and looks like it will hold up over time. I also purchased the teething padsErgobaby Organic Sucking Pads – Natural – Set of 2because baby was chewing on the carrier – works great.

Lourdes Myra, TX

Love it.

I love it and I have been using it for 2 years. Even now, when my son is 32 lbs and 37 in tall, he still fits into it just fine.I have a back and neck problem and with the heavy kid in the carrier – not an ounce of pain. It’s magic!!!!! And little one goes to sleep instantly.The only thing I strongly dislike is the stupid buckle between the straps in the back. Unless you are extremely flexible and agile (which I am not), you can hardly reach it to buckle it up. When our kid was smaller, it was doable, but now – not a chance. They should have put it between the shoulder blades, so you could reach it with both hands. Now it’s on the right side.

Luann Savanna, IL

Definately Worth Buying

I originally bought an Original Bjorn because of the price and it was the next best carrier in the reviews I read. But after 4 months of using the Bjorn my back started having pain and spasms that sometimes made it impossible for me to pick up my baby. After meeting a woman with this same carrier (she loved it, of course), I decided I had to have one. I was very lucky to find a one day sale for this carrier at very great price (which made up for my purchase of the Bjorn). If you are going to carry your baby with you a lot, you seriously need to consider investing in the ERGO. With the Bjorn, my baby was strapped on top of my chest and his weight was pulling underneath my shoulder blades. Plus, my breasts are on the larger side and they sort of stuck out on the sides after tightening the straps to secure baby. Larger busts also make it a bit harder to buckle the carrier on, (imagine a tight fitting bra with holes cut in the cups where your breasts are supposed to be held in, THEN a baby strapped in the middle). The Ergo allows the baby to sit lower with the weight resting on your hips. What a relief that is! I’ve been wearing it when I go out for the last 2 weeks and a couple hours at the mall is no problem. If you’re wearing a nursing shirt, you don’t need to take the baby out for breasfeeding. The hood works as a good cover as well. When my baby falls asleep, I button it on the tightest button so his head doesn’t fall back. He is so calm and content in this carrier. Even though he cannot sit facing front, he is able to look around just fine. It is very easy to wash(tumble dry low). You also have the option to get the teething pads(if your little one likes to chew the straps… mine does) to reduce the amount of washes to the carrier. The shoulder straps and hip support are very well padded and do not dig at all into my skin. I can’t imagine anyway this carrier could be better!

Lauren Canton, NC

Amazing Baby Carrier!

My son LOVES this carrier. We started using it when he was about 3 months old with the infant insert. Even though he has great head/neck control, he’s still super small at 7 months and we’re still using the insert. If something happened to my Ergo, I would be buying a new one without hesitation. I use this daily and hardly use the stroller in my car because my son wants to be close to me, not alone in the stroller.Pros:- I can easily carry him in the front position for hours without being in pain.- My son sees the world at a nearly adult level. He’s fond of seeing people’s faces and the view from a stroller is of people’s booties.- My husband will wear our son with this carrier, but refused with the Moby.- I didn’t find it too hot (even with the insert) during a So Cal summer. When I took him off, you could see the sweat on our shirts, but it never felt like either of us were overheating.- I truly believe that my son’s happy personality is furthered by being carried by me over being left in a car seat/stroller.Cons:- If the straps aren’t adjusted properly for you and your body shape, it can be uncomfortable.- Getting baby into the back carry position is a bit challenging. I haven’t mastered the skill yet.

Tia Snow, OK

life saver

our daughter enjoys being in this and the best part is that I can easily put this on. I have a bad back and hips but I have not discomfort walking with her in this. The bonus is both me and my husband can use it (he’s 6’5" while I’m 5′ 3").

Lynette Black Diamond, WA

Too many buckles!

It took 2 of us to get my son in this carrier and if he was squirmy it didn’t work at all. When we were successful he was very comfy and seemed to enjoy it. I much prefer my Moby wrap…I can carry him front, side, or back without any help or trouble.

Kimberlee Trenton, IL

I’ve tried the rest – Get the ERGO!

I’ve been through a few baby carriers only to finally spring for the best and I am very pleased I did it. I started with the Moby, which was a favorite until my son got heavier. It was comfortable for a newborn, but didn’t provide the support I needed for a toddler. I also have a jeep front carrier and a chico hiking frame carrier. None are very comfortable and my husband and I both had a hard time wearing them for long. Just when I had given up on them all I decided I might as well give the Ergo a try. I strapped my 27 pound toddler on my back and it was like night and day. The cushioned straps are so comfy and somehow it positions his weight perfectly to take the pressure off my shoulders. I can see myself using this for years to come with our future children. Don’t waste your money trying cheaper carriers, just buy the Ergo first. Baby carriers are a lifesaver! We are going to yellowstone this summer and this will be the first thing I pack!

Francesca Paterson, WA

Decent Carrier

Now I never knew they actually made a carrier past the infant age, but Ergo Baby showed me other wise! So this was exciting. Now at first the carrier seems a bit confusing on how to use. Luckily, they included a step by step instructions book on how to use it. It was easy to follow and I also learned that you can use the carrier in multiple ways. Baby can be in the front, back or hip! The carrier was comfortable to wear as well, even with Sophia in it! I put Sophia in without any problems and it held her without any problems! Not even a hint of too much weight! Wow! Plus, at Sophia’s age, she thought it was fun to be on my back!Then the backpack I was sent matched my carrier. It has 2 inner zip pockets, 1 outer zip pocket and 2 outer buckle pockets. There’s also a place for a cup holder on it as well. It’s about 1/2 the size of a regular size school bag. A cool feature of this, it actually can be attached onto your baby carrier! Then, when it’s not in use, you can tuck the back pack straps behind a piece of material attached to the backpack to have them hidden. It’s a pretty neat and unique feature. And of course, it fits comfortably! It’s enough space to hold all the things for the little one as well any needs I may have.My stuff shipped quickly & was well packaged. The customer service was great! I fully enjoyed my experience with this company & I think you would too!READ FULL REVIEW: […]

Graciela Tiger, GA

love this

i love it we use it all the time and the baby loves it i could not live without it

Winifred Palermo, ND

Best baby carrier

I have the baby bjorn carrier too and this is by far superior to the bjorn. It was a little tricky to get on and off at first without feeling i was going to drop the baby for me, but then I got the hang of it! My back never hurt while using it. Only thing I wish was that it was somehow cooler for me and the baby. I’m not sure how the other versions work, but I bought the sport one so it would be cooler, but I think the only reason it’s "cooler" is because it has a little vent. This doesn’t keep the body cool. But I live in HI so I’m sure none of the carriers keep you cool!

Angel Valmora, NM

if i could give this one million stars…

i baby is 13 months old and i am still using this to get him to sleep. this is a golden baby product. worth every single penny. if it was a million dollars and i had a million dollars, i would buy it. i have a bad back and i’m secretly gloating inside while my annoying co-worker complains of back problems with her baby.

Dena Hydesville, CA


I love my ergo sport! I originally had the infantino wrap and tie for wearing my son on my back, but he never felt quite secure enough and the straps hurt my shoulders. In the ergo sport I feel like my kiddo is secure and my shoulders don’t suffer because there is more than enough padding. I like the slit for additional coolness for baby. The material is also thinner than the other ergo models which is great for the hot climate. We recently took a trip to Disney World and neither my husband or myself felt too hot while wearing out son. It’s great to put him front wearing if I want him to nap on the go and back wearing when he want to look around. I’ve been using this since my son was 9mo and he is now 14mos and still fits very comfortably. The sleeping hood is a great addition for not only keeping it dark while baby is sleeping, but also for protection from the sun and other elements. The only downside is that you cannot wear baby facing out in this which is kind of dissapointing if baby wants to look around and see things before being old enough for back wearing. Overall, this is one of my favorite carriers that I own and I always keep it handy in the car ready to baby wear.

Mia South Boston, VA

A bit pricey, but totally worth it!

This is worth every penny! We often go places where strollers are difficult to take and this is the perfect! I use it for my 2 year old (who weighs about 25 lbs) and it’s very comfortable. It does take another person to help me get her totally strapped in on my back, or side. It’s nice sturdy fabric and the clips are also very high quality. It also can be rolled up very small for storage/carrying. Overall, I’m very pleased and although I thought it was too expensive, I’m very happy and definitely think it’s worth the money!

Meagan Red Oak, OK

It’s ok

I like this product I just struggle to use it by myself. If you don’t have someone near I can’t figure out how you use it as a back pack. I usually have to ask some random stranger it give me a hand.

Marylou Eutawville, SC

One of my favorite items…ever

I love my Ergo….so much that I own two of them- the blue Sport and the regular pink heart rose edition. It is extremely comfortable, and has copious amounts of sleepydust. My daughter falls asleep rather often while in the Ergo. The sleep hood really comes in handy! I usually carry her on my back, which is very easy to do after minimal practice.I recommend this carrier to anyone and everyone! Happy babywearing!

Ophelia Loves Park, IL

So easy to use.

I tried a regular ergo baby carrier and fell in love with it. We had baby Bjorn and never used it b/c it was so hard to get the baby in and out. This carrier is sheer genius- simple and stylish. We absolutely love it.

Daphne Bancroft, MI


By the time i bought this, my baby was 5 mths old and he basically hated being in this, so it has worked out a very expensive and unused product. He did not like having to face me and wanted to look out which he couldn’t do. He was too small to go on my back in this too. It looks nice and some of my friends have been happy but i should have bought a Baby Bjorn where he could have faced both ways and felt more secure, rather than have his face rubbed by the sides of the carrier. What a shame.

Colleen Rowley, IA